The Prime Minister once again gave a blunt answer to the United States.

PM Imran khan Addressing in National Assembly

Addressing the National Assembly, PM Imran Khan said that he was ready to listen to the suggestions of the opposition on electoral reforms. He would request the opposition that electoral reforms are the future of democracy. Electronic machines are essential for transparent elections in the country. All the elections have been controversial. In 2013, 4 constituencies were requested to be opened and after two and a half years, fraud was found in all the four constituencies. If elections are not carried out, then every election will be like this.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when our government came, the biggest problem was current account deficit. We had to make difficult decisions to improve the economy. In difficult times, Saudi Arabia and China helped us. China and Saudi Arabia helped Pakistan. Saved
We tried our best not to go to the IMF but to avoid bankruptcy we had to go to the IMF.

The Prime Minister said that they were coming out of the challenge that the Corona virus had come and that the Corona had affected the entire world economy. During Corona, Asad Omar’s team showed remarkable performance and the army also helped.
Poverty has increased everywhere in the world where the lockdown has taken place. The opposition has called for a complete lockdown and criticized the government.
We gave money to 1.5 crore families during Corona. We saved the economically weaker sections from the smart lockdown.

The Prime Minister said that it has a record production of wheat, maize and rice. We decided that the farmers would get the money for sugarcane on time.
In the past no attention was paid to agriculture. We are focusing on exports. Machinery is being imported for export. We are paying special attention to small and medium industries. Now we have to import Chinese pulses.

One person in each family will be given technical training. Under the program, loans will be given to youth for business. Loans up to Rs. 3 lakh will be given to small farmers without interest. Under the program, loans will be given without interest.

Bringing a program called Successful Pakistan Pakistan is now moving towards an Islamic welfare state Punjab will give health cards to all families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan Goes up where the rule of law prevails.

Giving Scholarships to Poor Classes, Ghee Flour, Sugar Pulses to 12 Million Families
Karachi has 30 to 40% slums. Slums are spreading inside the cities. For the first time, NAB is laying hands on big people. Occupy mafia in Lahore. The reason is money laundering.

When Sindh MNA went to arrest NAB, people killed NAB officials. Supreme Court is independent. We don’t call any judge. Occupy groups are defended in Pakistan. There are no occupation groups in European countries. Occupancy of government land in Lahore So it was said that oppression is happening.

Occasion Speaking on the the Prime Minister said, What did we get from the US war? Musharraf took money and sent his people to Guantanamo Bay. We sent our army to the tribal areas behind a few hundred al-Qaeda members when I said that What is going wrong is that they made me Taliban Khan. Don’t know we who is the enemy and who is the friend. America was our friend but he was carrying out drone attacks in our country. If his wife and children died, he would attack Pakistanis.

The Prime Minister said that our terrorist has been sitting in London for 30 years. Will they allow us to carry out drone strikes? First we allowed drone strikes and then we condemned. We did not have the courage to admit drone strikes. Said in an open hearing that the drone strikes were carried out with the permission of the Pakistani government. Admiral Mullen said that the Pakistani government lies to its people. What is wrong with the United States? We allowed our own people to be killed.

He further said that when the operation against Osama bin Laden took place, the most humiliation was borne by the Pakistanis abroad. After the operation against Osama bin Laden, we did not have any dignity in our own eyes. The world does not respect him.

We are having a difficult time because of Afghanistan. We and the United States have the same interest in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has never tolerated foreign intervention. The United States has given a date for withdrawal from Afghanistan in the absence of a military solution. The Afghan peace brought to the negotiating table is in our interest. Do not we want strategic depth in Afghanistan. We can partner in peace with the United States, not in war.

If everyone pays a little bit of tax, we will not face any problem. Those who deliberately do not pay taxes will be imprisoned. In the United States, tax fraud means imprisonment. I appeal to the business community to pay taxes honestly. Overseas I want to tell Pakistanis that this is your country and we will fix the FBR.