Protect chapped and dry lips in winter.

Drink plenty of water so that your body has plenty of water and is perfect for sensitive lips.

With the onset of winter, our skin begins to become dry and rough and these effects become clear and noticeable not only on the skin but also on the lips. And sometimes they burst to such an extent that blood starts to flow. With the onset of winter, start lip care.

When winter comes we cover everything on our body but the mouth is mostly open and mostly in front of the wind and most importantly the skin of the Various lip from the skin of the rest of your body. Skin of the lips is very thin. And it is sensitive and needs some extra care. Dry lip out ten times faster than the rest of the skin.

Petroleum jelly

Moisturize your lips to keep them locked and prevent them from cracking. An ointment containing oil, glycerin or petroleum jelly will act as a jacket for your lips.

Sing it

There are some ointments that contain camphor eucalyptus and menthol. They are very comfortable for a while but actually make them drier than before so you have to apply it again and again.

Sun Block

There are sunblocks in which the weather is cold and your lips get burnt when you go out in the sun, so like the rest of the skin, always cover your lips with sunblock.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water so that your body has plenty of water and is perfect for your sensitive lips.

not wet the lips with the tongue.

Some people start lip treatment naturally and stick to their tongue to avoid dry lips but the truth is that as soon as your saliva touches the lips the lips become more dry but it contains such ingredients. Which help digestion and cause more pain when it touches the lips.


London invents a drug that works against omega crona.

British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) says its new drug Sotrovimab Corona is also proving effective against the new variant Omi croon.

GSK says it is working with US company VIR biotechnology on Sotrovimab, an effective drug against corona virus, and research so far has shown that Sotrovimab also works against Corona’s Omi Crohn’s variant.

gsk says that corona therapy pre-clinical analysis has shown positive results against sotrovimab omi cron variant and further tests will be done to get more solid results of antibody treatment against omi cron variant.


Omi cron has taken over more than 20 countries.

According to a foreign news agency, the new strain of corona virus, Omi Cron, is spreading rapidly around the world and is considered to be the most dangerous strain of corona virus that can be transmitted in just 15 seconds.

According to experts, the risk of recurrent infections with omega croner is higher than all other types and it is spreading rapidly in one country after another.

The new type of corona omi croon has reached more than 20 countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Japan and Israel.

The genetic makeup of Omi cron

Scientists say that more than 50 changes have been observed in Omi croon while only 2 changes have been found in the most dangerous type Delta.

The new strain of coronavirus technically has the technical name B.One.One Five-Nine, and this new strain has a higher risk of infection than other strains, which is why the World Health Organization has declared the Omi Crohn’s variant of concern. Earlier, four strains of the corona virus were reported as a cause for concern.

In May 2020, cases of the new Corona variety Beta were reported from South Africa. These variants spread to 146 countries around the world and 10 changes were noted in its spike protein.

From September 20 to November 19, 2021, the prevalence rate was less than 0.1%, followed by a new report from the UK in September 2020 called Alpha.

The spread of this type of corona virus spread to 197 countries of the world was less than 0.1% from 20 September to 19 November 2021. However, 11 changes were seen in its spike protein.

Cases of the new strain of Corona, Gamma, were reported from Brazil in November 2020. The strain spread to 103 countries around the world, and the prevalence of the virus in available samples from September 20 to November 19, 2021 was 0.1%.

12 changes in gamma spike protein were noted. In October 2020, a new type of corona delta emerged from India which enveloped 196 countries of the world. Ten changes were observed in its spike protein.

However, the virus spread rapidly and samples tested from 20 September to 19 November 2021 showed a 99.8% presence of the virus.

Unlike Delta, cases of omecron from South Africa in November 2021 have so far been reported from more than a dozen countries, and research has so far revealed 32 changes in its spike protein.

How to avoid omecron.

Due to a lack of research and information, nothing can be said about the effects of omecron. According to the World Health Organization, scientists are trying to find out.

In Pakistan as in other countries around the world, there is an urgent need to speed up the vaccination process against omega-3s and to provide vaccines to those who are still deprived of the vaccine. Implementing precautionary measures against corona can also help prevent omekron, ie wearing a mask and taking care of social distances.


What are the symptoms of the new type of corona omecron?

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases South Africa announced Corona’s B1.1,529 type on November 25 this month.

Doctors in Cape Town, South Africa, say the symptoms of the new type of corona virus, Omecron, are very mild, affecting people up to the age of 40.

Dr Angelique Kotzi, head of the South African Department of Health, said Omekron’s symptoms were very different from those of the Delta variant, which was brought to the patient for treatment.

Dr. Kotzi said that such symptoms are more common in patients with a common viral infection, and that such patients can be treated at home. Fifty percent of those analyzed have not been vaccinated against corona. Was

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) called the new type of Corona omecron a matter of concern and appealed to the people to be cautious.

It should be kept in mind that the National Institute of Communicable Diseases South Africa had declared Corona B1.1.529 on November 25 this month. ۔

The world’s major airlines have taken immediate steps to curb the spread of Omekron and have imposed restrictions on passengers arriving from South Africa. It is feared that similar travel restrictions may be imposed on other countries. The system will stop again.

This can be gauged from the fact that the shares of international airlines have started falling. However, it has seen an improvement in the last few days.

The head of the US Federal Reserve, Jeremy Powell, has commented on the uncertainty surrounding the discovery of a new type of Corona, warning that the world should be prepared for inflation. Economic activity and employment are once again at stake.

Jeremy Powell said that if the spread of Omicron was not stopped, the supply chain would be severely affected and the labor market could slow down.

On the other hand, global economic rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch Ratings have warned that the arrival of Omekron has severely affected the prospects for economic recovery.

US President Joe Biden has said in a statement to the public that “there is no need to panic. We are working with medical companies to fix this new type of corona. However, it is important to get a vaccination booster shot and wear a mask.


Pakistan imposes travel ban on 6 African countries.

Travel bans have been imposed on six African countries and Hong Kong following the arrival of a new variant of the corona virus from Pakistan.

According to the notification issued by the National Command and Operations Center, the countries that have been banned include South Africa, Hong Kong, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swatini.

NCOC these countries have been included in Category C after the emergence of a new variant of Corona virus and direct and indirect domestic travel from these countries has been immediately banned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the new strain of coronavirus is a matter of grave concern, and preliminary evidence suggests that the new strain has a higher risk of infection than other strains.

This new type of corona is called omicorn and its first cases were discovered in South Africa.very countries have imposed travel bans on various African countries, including South Africa, following reports of a new variant of the corona virus spreading rapidly in South Africa.


Corona confirmed among 61 passengers arriving in Amsterdam from South Africa.

According to a statement issued by the Dutch Department of Health, 61 passengers on two flights from South Africa have tested positive for the corona virus.

According to officials, a new type of corona, Omi Crone variant, is being tested on corona virus positive people from South Africa. All corona patients have been kept in quarantine at the hotel.

What is the new type of corona virus?

Different strains of the corona virus have so far emerged, which the World Health Organization has named as Alpha and Delta.

The new type of corona, omecorn, was confirmed in South Africa on Wednesday, and has since been found in Botswana, Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel.

With the emergence of this new strain of corona virus, fears are once again growing that all efforts to combat the epidemic may be insufficient, and if scientists’ fears about this new strain are correct, a new wave of corona could spark around the world. Is.

The key to the discovery of this new strain of corona is that there are so many changes in the genetic makeup of this virus. Dangerous than all the viruses that come in handy.

Travel bans on African countries
Following the introduction of this new species, the United Kingdom has imposed new travel bans on six African countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Aswatini.

Oman and Thailand have also imposed travel bans on South Africa.

It should be noted that this new type has emerged at a time when new sanctions are being considered again in view of the threat of the fourth wave of Corona in Europe.


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