Inordinate use of air conditioners invades dangerous conditions.

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Global warming is enhancing in colorful countries including Pakistan. Due to lack of energy and increase in cargo slipping, it’s getting delicate for the citizens to lead a diurnal life.

In similar cases the use of air conditioners is adding day by day. Until some time agone, people used to consider installing AC as a luxury, but now it’s considered as a necessity of life. Why do not we install AC?
Still, there are some disadvantages to overuse of AC that you need to be apprehensive of. Problems can also arise.

Respiratory problems.

Living in an AC can get relieve of the heat but its constant cooling affects the lungs. Which can lead to disinclinations and other ails.


Dogfaces, a complaint that affects the respiratory system caused by a specific type of bacterium Legionella pneumophilia, may also be uncommon. Requires great care.

Head and shoulders.

Air conditioner cooling the causes constant pain in the head and shoulders Its cooling affects the muscles and joints of the body. It affects different corridor of the body and this cooling settles in the body.

Especially if the cooling of the AC is high also it becomes more dangerous because when you get out of this cooling and come to the outside temperature it’s further dangerous to health. The body temperature is constantly low and high. Is that which affects your body.


Try not to stay in the AC all day long but keep your body at normal temperature for some time so that the effect of deep freeze is lessened.

Do not keep the AC temperature low Utmost people have a habit of preferring too important cooling so they keep the air conditioner temperature between 16 and 22 which is dangerous to the body. Too numerous cooling joints. Affects and causes common pain.

do you know?

Did you know that those who live in a endless air conditioner get old snappily? The skin of the hair also becomes dry and therefore wrinkles start appearing.


To avoid this it’s necessary to increase the use of water or use a room humidifier that maintains the moisture in the room.


Successful treatment of diabetes with the help of ultrasound.

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Diabetes is on the rise all over the world and work is being done in various fields for its treatment, one of which is a new development in the form of ultrasound.

A joint study by experts from various US research institutes and universities in the latest issue of the research journal Nature Biomedical Engineering shows that the amount of insulin and sugar in the blood of animals can be determined by focusing ultrasound waves on certain nerves in the liver for only three minutes. Significantly decreased. These experiments were performed on mice and pigs.

Research has shown that portal hepatitis, a part of the liver, contains a nerve clot called the hepatoportal nerve plexus, which transmits information to the brain about glucose and nutritional status. Both glucose and insulin levels fluctuate, while the nerve endings are so small that it is difficult to control their activity from the outside. This technique emerged a few years ago as a new possibility.

Raymond Herzog, a Yale School of Medicine endocrinologist working on the project, explained that ultrasound neuromodulation would be an exciting and completely new addition to the treatment of our patients if ongoing clinical trials confirmed the research.

We are now in the midst of human feasibility trials with a group of subjects with type 2 diabetes who are beginning to move towards clinical translation using ultrasound said Christopher Plio, author of the new study and senior biomedical engineer at GE Research. It could be a game changer in how biotechnologies are used and applied to diseases like type 2 diabetes in the future.


Amazing Benefits of Chico Kernels.

Chico is a veritably delicious and healthy fruit but its kernels are no lower than a blessing which has amazing benefits.

Chiko is a veritably useful fruit for good taste and health which is eaten by every human being whether it’s a child or an old person. Talk about rubbing swab in my injuries-d’oh! This is a awful thing to do.

There’s a well- known illustration of the price of mango kernels. This illustration is generally used on the occasion when a veritably precious item is being attained at a veritably cheap price or a huge profit is fluently attained. This illustration also applies to chico seeds Is.

Inside the chico is a black seed or kernel and utmost people throw it in the trash when they eat chico but they say that Allah Almighty has hidden some or the other benefit of humanity in everything so it’s black Elongated seeds also have amazing benefits that can help people get relieve of numerous conditions.
Blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a common complaint in every ménage and some people in every ménage suffer from this complaint which is also called silent killer but it can be cured by using chico seeds. Soak the chicory kernels in water overnight and drink this water in the morning, also this magically effective water will maintain the balance of your blood pressure.

The growing problems of life have troubled everyone and when these worries overwhelm the brain it takes the form of depression which can occasionally be veritably serious. It’s salutary to use.

Dry sugar.
Grind the kernels and add it to the mustard canvas and also apply this canvas in the hair, it’ll help in removing the blankness of the crown.

Addition in the water of chicory kernels provides protection against all kinds of disinclinations and stomach pangs.
So are you still going to eat sweet chicory and throw its nuts in the trash or benefit from it?


Use these excellent sources of protein rather of meat.

Protein is the base of the diet. It’s an important element of the diet that plays a crucial part in the functioning of colorful systems in the body.

The body needs 20 different amino acids and they combine to form a chain of proteins.
Proteins increase the body’s capability to repair apkins and insure that chemical dispatches reach cell towel and other organs, as well as balancing the body’s pH position.

Meat is considered to be the most effective source of protein, but currently due to the spread of conditions in beef and flesh and because of the high cost of scapegoat meat the maturity are suffering from insufficiency of this important component which causes numerous conditions in the body.

Has been It’s veritably important to include 46 to 56 grams of protein diurnal throughout the day so that all the functions of the body continue to serve in a better and healthier manner and you can also get it from indispensable sources of meat which are listed below.

Eggs and dairy products play an important part in carrying protein as they contain all the amino acids, while factory- deduced proteins are deprived of essential amino acids, although they’re also rich in protein.

All sap including soybeans, red sap, also known as order sap, are rich in protein. They’re also considered the stylish meat cover for protein. They give you with 14 to 29 grams of protein throughout the day. ۔

Peanuts Almonds cashews and pistachios are rich in protein. They’re also an excellent source of amino acids, fiber antioxidants similar as vitamin A and heart adipose acids. You can get 4 to 9 grams of protein. ۔

Sunflower Pumpkin Flax seeds and sesame seeds are the stylish source of protein. Using them, 6 to 15 grams of protein can be attained.

Dairy Milk and dairy products are high in protein similar as cheddar and cabin rubbish eggs, ice cream etc Foods are also an effective source of calcium along with protein. Is attained.

Grain Stiff grains are high in protein which plays an important part in structure muscle. They give 4 to 9 grams of protein throughout the day.


Warning Tea bags Tea is harmful to your health.

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According to reports, German scientists say that tea bags contain ingredients that could be harmful to human health.

German researchers say the paper from which the tea bag is made contains substances harmful to human health and in some cases can cause cancer.

The tea bags of 6 companies were examined in different ways, three of which were expensive and three tea bags were from the cheap company. Research has shown that a substance called epichlorohydine is included in the paper which is used to make tea bags and this is what makes it harmful to health.

Wrapping tea bags in bags and putting them in boiling water contains harmful substances in the water which can cause cancer. It is better to use tea leaves directly than tea bags.


Increased hearing impairment from sounds that affect the nerves.

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The increasing number of hearing-impaired people in developing countries, including Pakistan, is due to increased noise pollution.

According to the report, the experts of Otolaryngology have warned the world that the current number of people suffering from hearing ailments is 450 million which will increase to 900 million by 2050.

Speaking a seminar at Ojha Campus OPD Block on the occasion of World Hearing Day health experts said that the increase in the number of hearing impaired people in developing countries in including Pakistan due to noise pollution which we are hearing impaired without control. Can’t reduce the number of people.

The WHO has also expressed concern that one billion people worldwide may soon suffer from hearing problems.

The global epidemic has led to a sharp rise in the number of people working online from home leading to fears that online workers may often have hearing problems as they work online. During the use of hearing aids such as headphones.

Online workers are advised to take a 10 minute break after every hour of work as the use of hands-free and headphones etc. more is dangerous for hearing than loudspeakers.

Its because while listening through a loudspeaker the attention can be diverted while the hands-free microphone keeps all the attention on one side and there is constant pressure on hearing causes which the sounds to go straight to the brain. Affects hearing and hearing.


Never make the mistake of using yogurt.

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Yogurt has been a part of our diet and our ancestors since ancient times.

Yogurt contains a variety of bacteria that improve our digestive system and boost overall immunity. It also serves as a healthy milk substitute for those who do not tolerate lactose and calcium and phosphorus. Take care of the need.

Riboflavin Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic Acid Powerhouse Yogurt also contains lactic acid which helps in absorption of nutrients.

According to experts what mistakes should we avoid when using yogurt.

Never heat yogurt as heat loses the properties of yogurt.

Avoid yogurt in case of obesity and inflammation.

Do not use yogurt at night while sleeping and do not use yogurt daily. You can eat it daily in different ways like putting lassi in raita curry etc.

Likewise never use yogurt with fruit.

Yogurt is not at all compatible with meat and fish. Any mixture of yogurt cooked with meat like chicken mutton or fish will produce toxic substances in the body, so if you want to eat yogurt, eat it occasionally in the afternoon and in moderation.

Yogurt is very useful in gastrointestinal and liver diseases. You can use yogurt frequently in all stomach ailments. Yogurt is also very useful in diseases like insomnia.


Blood Test Utilizing New Method Detects Lung Cancer With 90% Accuracy.

Would cellular breakdown in the lungs be able to be identified by a blood test? Chinese researchers guarantee to have as of now fostered a method for identifying cellular breakdown in the lungs utilizing blood tests. The most amazing aspect? The blood test being referred to can distinguish cellular breakdown in the lungs in its beginning phases, inferring that endless lives could be saved utilizing this strategy.

What’s more, the review’s outcomes are amazingly sure – with more than 90% exactness in distinguishing malignant growths in examples taken from patients.

Early location can save lives

Disease is best treated whenever distinguished in the beginning stage. Assuming dangerous growths are recognized in later stages, the chance of endurance for patients are low. The current technique to distinguish cellular breakdown in the lungs is subject to low-portion CT examines consistently. These are suggested for those with history of smoking or the people who smoke.

Sadly, the strategy isn’t totally solid, for it very well may be incredibly costly and ping bogus up-sides, Gizmodo announced.

Study’s creator Yuxin Yin from the Peking University People’s Hospital let Gizmodo know that distinguishing disease in its beginning phases is “earnestly expected to work on the endurance of [patients with] cellular breakdown in the lungs.”
The test created by Yin’s group is called Lung Cancer Artificial Intelligence Detector or LCAID. By leading a progression of tests, they made a bunch of nine biomarkers that run high among patients with cellular breakdown in the lungs. This information was then used to make a man-made consciousness calculation.

The aftereffects of the review were distributed in Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday after the test was led on north of 1,000 patients. Comparative with customary strategies, the test had a responsiveness of 90% and an explicitness of 92% for identifying cellular breakdown in the lungs.

The AI-based methodology could likewise be utilized to identify different types of malignant growth, its makers are certain.

How treat contemplate this clever strategy to identify cellular breakdown in the lungs? Tell us in the remarks beneath. For additional in the realm of innovation and science, continue to peruse


Seoul South Korea Launch Unique Mask.

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Wearing a unique mask will make it easier to breathe. In South Korea, a mask has come on the market that only covers people’s noses.

Some people are against masks. They say that we wear masks and take our oxygen back inside ourselves which is harmful but now these people need not worry.

In Korea, it sells Corona masks, which cover only the nose in the form of a bandage called Kosk, while the mouth and nose must be tightly covered to avoid the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In the local Korean language, ko means nose, in which the last two letters of the mask are combined to form the name Kosk Also prevents entry.

Medical experts have called it a foolish act. Not only has it become popular in Korea but it has even reached Mexico.


Which milk is best for our health?

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Many companies in Pakistan are selling tetrapack or canned milk as healthy milk which is wrong.

In comparison, pasteurized milk is more nutritious.

Canned food contains large amounts of a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A which can be harmful to health. This chemical called BPA or bisphenol A is used in the protective coating of cans and cans.

This suggests that even tetra packed milk is not good for our health

In contrast, the pasteurization of milk also maintains its nutritional value and kills germs.

Through pasteurization, milk is cooled and filled into cans and bottles by machines.

Most people prefer to drink boiled milk so that the germs that are harmful to human health in milk die. By doing so, the germs as well as the beneficial components of milk are lost.

By using the milk provided by the cows
The pasteurization process kills the germs as well as the beneficial ingredients in the milk so they prefer to use pure milk while this is not the case at all.

In contrast, pasteurization of milk also maintains its nutritional value and kills germs. Pasteurization is used to cool milk and fill it into cans and bottles by machines.

Canned food contains large amounts of a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A which can be harmful to health. That tetra pack packing is also not very useful for us.