Facebook has introduced new smart glasses.

Facebook has Introduced smart glasses.

According to the company, there are five megapixel cameras on either side of the lens, which can be used to take pictures and videos.
Music can be listened to through smart glasses while phone calls are also available. Glasses weighing 50 grams can be charged from a case made of pure leather.

Equipped with facial recognition, the Smart Glasses database allows you to identify the person in front of you and access his or her other information. Glasses also have a belt-in camera.

The critics say it will give people the power to harass others by obtaining personal information, but company management says it is reviewing legal aspects of the security issue. The glasses cost 50,000 Pakistani rupees. Makes more than Rs.


Lahore Women Safety App is a good initiative of Punjab Government and Police.

Punjab woman safty App has Launch

According to details, Punjab government and police have taken a good step against sexual crimes and violence against women. Punjab government spokesman Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that Women Safety App is a modern and appropriate initiative under the leadership of IG Punjab Inam Ghani. This app needed time to reduce such incidents.

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that the use of this app will eliminate uncertainty and insecurity among women. In case of emergency, women will be able to get help from the police by pressing a special button in the app. Women can seek guidance in other matters.

The Punjab government spokesman said that this app will improve the overall performance of the police. Protection of women and better guidance are the top priorities of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. Women are requested to use this app to protect themselves and their loved ones. Make sure

A few days ago, the Punjab government, in response to the rising incidence of harassment against women in the country, introduced the Women Safety App on mobile in collaboration with the IG Police. After just one click, the message and location of the emergency alert goes to the police highway police woman’s close relatives and other agencies.


Islamabad Pakistan successfully tests ballistic missile Ghaznavi ISPR.

Successfully test ballistic missile Ghaznavi

The training launch was observed by Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali, Commander Army Strategic Forces Commander, Senior Officers of Strategic Plans Division, Army Strategic Forces Command Scientists and Engineers of Strategic Organizations.

The Commander Army Strategic Forces Command appreciated the excellent quality of training, handling of the weapons system and the completion of the launch mission in the field by the troops.

The President, Prime Minister, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Service Chiefs have congratulated the Army Strategic Forces Command scientists and engineers on the successful conduct of today’s launch.


TikTok left Facebook behind.

TikTok Left facebook behind.

According to a global survey conducted by a foreign news agency last year, Facebook has surpassed Facebook in terms of tiktok downloads. People downloaded.

In the last few years, the well-known video sharing app TikTok has been very successful in attracting the attention of consumers.
That’s why Instagram, a Facebook-owned app, had introduced various video features, but the popularity of TikTok has not diminished.


Introduction has Google a new feature for its users.

Google Introduction New Feature

According to a report, this feature will also be available for Android phone users and one tap prompt will appear on the mobile of Android users while desktop users will be able to see it directly upwards.

Users most who use the application through Google must have used the third party sign in option to log in to a new application.

In which users are given the option to login with the email address Facebook or Twitter account to avoid the hassle of remembering the password for each app. Some users for the process of signing in to a third party application becomes more difficult, but now Google has made this complex problem of its users easier.

Google has eased a long-standing problem for its users, according to a technology news website. Google has introduced a module called Google Identity Services, which includes one-tap authentication.


Bad news for users of older versions of Android smartphones.

older version for smart phones

According to a foreign news agency, users of older versions of Android smartphones will be able to enjoy Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google applications on their phones if they do not update to Android before September 27. Will be lost but will continue to message and call.

Reports say that Google has made this decision to improve the security situation so that no user has to wash their Google account using the old software as the new software is many times safer than the 10 year old version. There are software versions.

Google has asked users to download the latest version of Android on their phones to enjoy Google’s services or else after September 27 they will see password and login errors on Gmail and YouTube and other apps. Will come

It should be noted that Android software versions 3 (Honeycomb) and 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) were launched 10 years ago but this software is still usable.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has developed an alternative to WhatsApp called “Beep Pakistan”.

Pakistan Developed WhatsApp Alternative Beep Pakistan

Federal Minister for IT Aminul Haq has said that all government officials and employees will be bound to use this application. The application is being tested in-house and it will be launched after a few months of testing.

The Federal Minister for IT said that initially the application will have the facility of chat and audio call. In a few months, the feature of video call will also be turned on in it. Every effort has been made to make the application extremely secure. Important conversations of government officials and employees could not be leaked.


WhatsApp will be closed on mobile phones with specific apps.

WhatsApp Closed Specific App

According to the company, if you receive a message within the app stating that you are temporarily banned, it means that you are using a version of the WhatsApp that is not official and WhatsApp and support it. Does not

The account will be temporarily suspended and the user will be warned that their account may be terminated or not. Necessary steps will have to be taken to avoid this. ‘S account can also be closed permanently, but your app will continue to function as normal if the requirements are met.

The apps specifically mentioned are WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, but any such app that will be used as an alternative to the original WhatsApp will have its WhatsApp account suspended. Company says the use of these versions violates the company’s terms and conditions.

In addition, WhatsApp has announced that it is working on a feature that will allow people to send messages on WhatsApp without using their phone for the first time. Will be able to send

At the moment, the WhatsApp user needs to be connected to the phone, his desktop and web apps also need to be connected to the device.


WhatsApp can now be used even without internet.

WhatsApp Now Used Without Internet

According to the details, in a message released on Twitter by Will Keith Cart, the head of WhatsApp, it has been said that the multi-device feature has been introduced for the users under which WhatsApp can be used on four other devices besides phones. ۔

Even if the user’s phone is disconnected from the internet, WhatsApp will still be available on the desktop, meaning that the phone will no longer be needed to use WhatsApp on laptops and desktops.


Code 19 vaccination records are now on your mobile phone.

Google Vaccination Records in Mobile

According to a foreign website, Google has updated the API for Passes and added the ability to save code vaccination records.

Google announced this a few days ago, but users can not immediately upload their records.

This updated API or application programming interface will allow developers of government agencies and medical institutions around the world to create digital versions of vaccination card or code test results.

Google officials say that once the user saves the digital version of the codec to their device, they will be able to access it via a shortcut on the device’s home screen.

This updated API is being introduced for the first time in the United States and will soon be introduced in other countries as well.