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The world’s richest nations have agreed to tax major technology companies in the G7 to control the economic impact of the Corona epidemic.

According to a foreign news agency, the world’s richest countries have agreed to at least a global corporate tax in addition to taxes in the domestic market from large companies to control the economic impact of the Corona epidemic. At a meeting in London, participants agreed on a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. This will give these rich countries billions of dollars in taxes.

The G7 countries have decided to impose global taxes on other major digital platforms, including Amazon, Apple and Google.

The Global Corporate Tax Agreement was reached at the G7 Finance Ministers’ Meeting in London. The British Treasury Secretary has called the deal historic. Following the agreement, the National Digital Services Tax imposed on major technology companies in the G7 countries will be abolished. The agreement will have to be presented at the G20 summit next month for a broad consensus on the issue. The G20 also includes emerging economies.

Rishi Sonak said that the corporate tax system has been set up in such a way that global companies have to pay the same tax rate all over the world. After years of debate, the G-7 finance ministers have agreed on a landmark agreement to reform the global tax system so that it can be redesigned in today’s digital age.


Space creatures kidnapped fifty times.

Space Creatures

There has been a long-running debate over whether or not space creatures exist in the world. Many times people have claimed to have seen alien UFOs, but so far no evidence has been found. It is said to be edited or false.

Fifty-year-old Pala Smith, now a resident of Bradford, UK, has claimed that she has been abducted by alien space creatures more than fifty times. Is made.

The Pala made a sensational revelation that space creatures have been abducting her since she was a child. Its has happened more than fifty times so far. The woman gave evidence of this and also showed many marks on her body. That when aliens kidnap them, they make a special kind of mark on their body. This is a unique mark that has a special meaning in the world of space creatures.

According to Pala Astham, the space creatures do not give any warning before abducting her. Family members also confirmed the disappearance of the woman from the house and said that the Pala disappears suddenly for four to five hours and suddenly returns to Pala. It is said that during this time she lives in the UFO with the aliens who show her various techniques. This technique is not yet available on earth.

Said Claims that after the abduction she is given a strange medicine from which she wants to run away but she cannot run away. After the medicine she becomes very weak. Meanwhile Alien shows her changing the color of the sea and sky. Pala painted a painting. Has also created in which he has shown how the aliens who actually take him look.

When shared her experience with people, many people called her crazy, but Pala doesn’t care about their behavior. She says that there are many other people like me who have met aliens. Should come forward.


ISLAMABAD: Construction of state-of-the-art ships for Pakistan Navy has started in China and Turkey.

A054 Frigate

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy said in a statement that the construction of the third A-054 frigate to be built in China for the Pakistan Navy and the construction of the second Militia class Route ships in Turkey has started.

The spokesman said that the construction ceremony of the third state-of-the-art ship Frigate 054 in China was held at Hudong Zhongwa Shipyard.

The ceremony was attended by Chief Naval Overseers of Pakistan Navy stationed in China and Turkey while representatives of Pakistan Navy Officership Yards and other dignitaries attended the event.

Both ships will be equipped with modern technology, various military equipment and sensors. Addition of the ships to the fleet will further strengthen the country’s maritime defense. Ships will play an important role in maintaining the balance of power in the region.


For the first time in history, the closest and clearest images of the sun came to light.

Sun Clearest

An astro photographer has released a deep red and warm image of the sun containing 10,000 images, which is said to be the clearest image in history to date.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Megarthi has been photographing the sun and the moon for the past three years, but this year he decided to complete a unique challenge.

Sun Closest

The photographer took thousands of images of the sun with the help of an ultra-sharp solar telescope and combined them layer by layer to create a completely comprehensive and clear image.

The 230-megapixel image shows the sun in depth, emitting a bright red light in a dark sky. Will also make more pictures like this.


The world’s first smartphone for children was developed.

Novos Smartphone

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the smartphone Novos, designed for children, simultaneously becomes a smartphone, a smartwatch and an artificial intelligence speaker. Are also present.

Designed for children, this phone features parental locks and restrictions, and there are several options for finding this phone.

Its phone designed for small children’s hands and its battery works three times more than a traditional phone.

Company claims that Novus encourages children to exercise and that in case of any help, they can call on their parents for help at the push of a button.

In addition to this, the phone also works as an AI speaker and Google Assistant by plugging it into a home pod. can go.

The phone’s special system keeps track of the child’s location at all times and notifies the parents if the child walks on an unknown path. However, the screen is small and cannot be touched if the child presses the button on the watch three times. If given, it will become a message of help, ie SOS, and will reach the parents.

The company has priced the Novus at just 199 199.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has implemented a new system to block stolen and lost phones.

According to details, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has implemented a new system to block stolen and lost phones.

PTA says it has launched a new automated LSDS system for blocking mobiles through which users can apply to prevent possible misuse of mobiles.

The PTA said that LSDS is an automated system connected to the PTA system and the stolen mobile will be blocked within 24 hours after receiving a complaint.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, users can also apply for blocking on the PDA website. After successful registration of the blocking application, a reference number will be provided and users will also be able to block mobile phones if they find a lost phone.


Pakistan: Boeing 737 MAX equipped with latest technology will land in Pakistan for the first time.

Boeing Max 737

According to the details, the Fly Dubai Max aircraft has been equipped with the latest technology. The aircraft is landing in Pakistan for the first time and its flight will land at Sialkot Airport on April 8.

CAA has allowed Max aircraft to land at Sialkot Airport. Max aircraft will carry more than 100 passengers from Dubai to Sialkot.

The Max aircraft will have comfortable seats with business class and flight entertainment.


SAN FRANCISCO: Social media Facebook has brought good news to users who want to make money from social networking sites.

Facebook has introduced a new feature, deciding to share its revenue with aspiring users.

want users facebook to earn extra money with the help of social media, for which they will have to make short videos and post them.

Facebook has decided to introduce a new advertising program after which the creators of unique videos on Facebook will be able to earn easily.

its Program can be an easy and best source of income for Facebook creators.

The report states that under this program, advertisements will appear on the content of those who share short and live stream videos, from which the company will pay them under the agreed program.

Facebook’s monetization department official said that users will now be able to earn better than before through short and long but live videos.

He stated that the aspiring user has to fill up an online form which must be followed by 10,000 followers and 10,000 minutes of videos within a month. If the user meets these conditions, he will be a part of the program. Will be taken

An official of the Monetization Department said that the user joining the program will be paid 2 to 3 cents for two to three thousand views. Making پروگرام 200 to ہزار 20,000 under this program is not a difficult task.


CALIFORNIA: Twitter is considering ways to charge subscribers to view their favorite accounts.

According to the details, Twitter is considering how to levy subscription charges for users to view their favorite account. Will be paid.

Although the feature is not yet available, Twitter representatives have told US media that they plan to announce it in the next few months.

Twitter is looking for ways to monetize its social media users. In January, it bought the newsletter company “Review”, which differs from its advertising revenue model.


New York: NASA has released a video of the Preservation Rover landing on the surface of Mars.

According to the details, NASA’s Mars mission reached another milestone. It also released a video of the Preservative rover landing on the surface of Mars. Mars can be seen descending in the dark clouds.

Three different cameras have captured the whole process. The six-wheeled robot will now drill into the rocks for two years to gather evidence of life in the past. Rock samples from Mars will be brought to Earth from 2030.