California Google appeals for donations for Pakistan flood victims.

Google light signage

Google launched an international appeal for flood victims in Pakistan and has activated a link to Center for Disaster Relief and Support Recovery Now, appealing to billions of users worldwide to donate.

By clicking on which, donations can be given from twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars.

Search engine Google announced 500,000 dollars in aid for the Pakistani flood victims.

Stephanie Davis Google’s vice president for South Asia, said the company will donate the amount, which equates to about Rs 11 crore in Pakistani rupees, to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy through

Google said that there is sympathy for the people affected by the flood in Pakistan. We have seen everyone in Pakistan coming forward to help the flood victims.


London Queen Elizabeth II failed.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II Prince Charles incontinently came the new king.

Prince Charles will serve as the head of the 14 countries of the Commonwealth as the new king.

First in his statement since taking over as monarch, the King said The death of my cherished mama Her Majesty the Queen, is a veritably sad moment for me and all members of my family. Deeply shocked by the death of the mama .

I know that this loss will be felt not only by the entire country but by the people of the Commonwealth and the world he said.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has failed at the age of 96 at Balmoral Palace. She was the sovereign of the country for 70 times.

British government has blazoned 10 days of mourning for the death of the Queen.


American citizens should never drink the water.

glass of water on brown table

Jackson After climate change around the world, heavy rains and floods have engulfed many big cities.

A similar situation is also found in America, where in the near future in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, it will be impossible to get potable water for an indefinite period after the flood.

In this regard, it is being said by the concerned authorities that after the failure of the pump of the main water treatment plant, one hundred and eighty thousand people faced difficulties in water supply and drinking water was provided to the citizens through bottles and tankers.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency in the city regarding the current situation, saying that the city’s water treatment plant, which had been operating for several years, had suffered from mismanagement and lack of staff.

According to US Census data, more than 80 percent of the population in Jackson, the capital of the state of Mississippi, is black or African American.

Foreign news agency Reuters
According to the report
Regarding the water shortage, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said in a news conference that the recent flooding in the Pearl River caused many complications.

He said that the motors driving the pumps of the water treatment plant broke down recently, after which the backup pumps continued to operate, but now they also broke down.

Governor Tate Reeves warned that until the water treatment plant system is fixed, we will not have a reliable large-scale water supply and that the city will not have enough water to fight fires, use toilets, and other critical needs. USA is not enough water to meet the demand.


After Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China started five-day military exercises.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense says that China’s military exercises are continuing 12 miles from its territorial waters.

Taiwan has claimed that suspicious drones have been seen flying near its islands, and the website of Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has also claimed a cyber attack.

China has said the drills will take place in the world’s busiest waterways and will include long-range live fire.

Taiwan has asked ships to take an alternate route to avoid getting in the way of China’s military exercises.

Taiwan is also in talks with neighboring Japan and the Philippines to find alternative routes for the planes.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was heavily criticized by China and threatened with dire consequences.
China considers Taiwan as part of its territory, while Taiwan considers itself an independent state. The United States and European countries also recognize Taiwan as an independent democratic state.


Nancy Pelosi became the first high-profile American figure to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

Arrival on the Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan words such as welcome message, thank you, welcome US in Taiwan, welcome speaker Pelosi were broadcasted in English and Chinese on the 101 skyscraper tower in the capital Taipei.

Nancy Pelosi along with her delegation will spend a busy time in Taiwan today and will leave in the morning.

After China’s strong response, the United States says that escalation of tension is not in anyone’s interest. China should show responsibility.

According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken, China should not turn Nancy Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan into a ‘crisis’, Congress is an independent and important part of the govt the decision rests entirely with the speaker.

Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had warned that the US speaker’s visit to Taiwan would be an interference in China’s internal affairs.

He had said that China will take strong countermeasures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The visit of the American speaker to Taiwan will lead to terrible political effects.


Kyiv Russia attacked the Ukrainian harborage of Odessa.

According to foreign media, Russian dumdums hit the southern harborage of Odessa in Ukraine.
Ukrainian service said Russian dumdums hit structure in the Ukrainian harborage of Odessa a day after Russia and Ukraine inked an agreement to renew Black Sea anchorages.

functional Command South wrote in a telegram on Saturday that the adversary attacked Odessa seaport with Kalibr voyage dumdums, 2 dumdums were shot down by air defense forces while 2 hit the harborage structure.

According to the original media of Ukraine, there was no significant damage from the dumdums.

The President of Ukraine described the attack as barbaric and said that Moscow can not be trusted to apply the agreement. Zelensky said that we presently have$ 10 billion of grain, despite the attack, medications for grain import are underway.

two days ago an agreement was reached between Ukraine and Russia for the import of grain through the agreement of the Turkish chairman.


Angry Sri Lankans set fire to Prime Minister Vikram Singh’s hearthstone after seizing the presidential palace.

The profitable extremity in Sri Lanka has worsened, which has turned the grief and wrathfulness of the people there into provocation, which they’re demonstrating by breaking the curfew assessed on the country and attacking the places of government officers.
According to foreign media, angry people of Sri Lanka also attacked the hearthstone of Prime Minister Vikram Singh after enwrapping the presidential palace. There are also reports of several protesters being injured during the kick.

Angry people set fire to Vikrama Singh’s private hearthstone and also protested and chantedanti-government taglines.
Protesters also demanded the immediate abdication of President Gotabaya Raja Pakse.

Sri Lankan protesters stormed the presidential palace just hours before the high minister’s house was set on fire, after which the chairman moved to an unknown position.
The people broke the curfew assessed by the army and stormed the presidential palace and entered the palace.

Before entering the presidential palace, there were violent clashes between the police and civilians.
Sri Lanka is presently facing a severe deficit of essential goods and another 20 million people have been suffering from affectation and prolonged power outages since the morning of this time.


A 5,000-seat flying hotel that will never land.

Yes, this hotel named Sky Cruise is designed for the flight of more than 5000 guests. The demo version of Flying Hotel went viral which surprised people all over the world. Its the first of its kind in the world. The concept is.

The flying hotel will have 20 nuclear-powered engines and will always be in the air during scheduled flights. The jumbo jet will have a vault that will offer guests a 360-degree view of the sky, including a luxurious leisure deck. Which will provide all the facilities for recreational activities.

The AI-piloted aircraft will have a capacity of more than 5,000 guests. It was designed by Yemeni producer Hashim al-Ghaili. The launch date of the Flying Hotel is yet to be announced.

Top 10 Flying Hotel Facts

  1. Sky Cruise is a Sky Hotel of the future aimed at providing its guests with the ultimate travel experience.
  2. The nuclear-powered hotel will hover over the clouds and will never land during its cruise schedule, even repairs will be made within the flight.
  3. The Flying Hotel is large enough to accommodate more than 5,000 guests.
  4. It is designed by combining the features of a commercial aircraft while it is a manifestation of the luxury of the guests.
  5. It has a large hall that will offer guests a 360 degree view of the sky.
  6. It also includes an elevator that connects the panoramic hall to the main recreation deck.
  7. The main recreation deck includes shopping malls, sports center, swimming pool, restaurant, children’s playground, theater and cinema.
  8. It also has a separate section for holding events and business meetings.
  9. It also includes a wedding hall that can host a wedding.
  10. The flying hotel’s 20 electric engines run on clean nuclear energy only.

The Flying Hotel will be a major milestone in air travel and an attempt to turn fiction into reality, with its official launch date yet to be announced.


A missile attack on a shopping mall in Ukraine has killed at least 16 people and injured 59 others.

A Russian missile struck a shopping mall in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchok. More 16 people are feared dead in the attack. The entire shopping center was engulfed in flames after the rocket attack.

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, Russian forces fired rockets at a shopping mall where more than a thousand civilians were present.

He called the Russian attack an act of terrorism against civilians and said there was no military target nearby that Russia could target.


Russia China joins eastern The first bridge connecting the two countries has been inaugurated.

Masco and northern China have built a one-kilometer-long bridge over the Amur River.

Reight eight trucks loaded with car tires and electrical parts arrived in Russia via the bridge.

Construction of the bridge was completed two years ago but could not be inaugurated due to the Corona epidemic.

One kilometer cost long bridge is about 19 billion rupees (19 billion Pakistani rupees).

Officials Russia say the bridge will bring Moscow and Beijing closer together by boosting trade.

In today’s divided world, the bridge has a special symbolic meaning, said Buri Trotnev, a representative of Russia and China.

The Vice Premier Hu Jintao said at the inauguration that China wants to enhance practical cooperation with Russia in all fields.