A missile attack on a shopping mall in Ukraine has killed at least 16 people and injured 59 others.

A Russian missile struck a shopping mall in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchok. More 16 people are feared dead in the attack. The entire shopping center was engulfed in flames after the rocket attack.

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, Russian forces fired rockets at a shopping mall where more than a thousand civilians were present.

He called the Russian attack an act of terrorism against civilians and said there was no military target nearby that Russia could target.


Russia China joins eastern The first bridge connecting the two countries has been inaugurated.

Masco and northern China have built a one-kilometer-long bridge over the Amur River.

Reight eight trucks loaded with car tires and electrical parts arrived in Russia via the bridge.

Construction of the bridge was completed two years ago but could not be inaugurated due to the Corona epidemic.

One kilometer cost long bridge is about 19 billion rupees (19 billion Pakistani rupees).

Officials Russia say the bridge will bring Moscow and Beijing closer together by boosting trade.

In today’s divided world, the bridge has a special symbolic meaning, said Buri Trotnev, a representative of Russia and China.

The Vice Premier Hu Jintao said at the inauguration that China wants to enhance practical cooperation with Russia in all fields.


Moscow Russia announces use of state-of-the- art ray munitions in Ukraine.

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Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yuriy Borisov said in a Television interview that Russia was going to use the Zadira system in Ukraine, according to details.
The Zadira ray system, equipped with state-of-the- art ray munitions, can destroy targets at a distance of 5 km, jam all surveillance satellites within a range of one and a partial thousand kilometers, destroy colorful types of drones and launch the most precious dumdums. Suitable to help

Yuri Buriyev said in an interview that the Zadira system was being transferred to Russian military bases on the Ukrainian border and that the first generation of these munitions would be used soon.
Russia’s National Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev has said that Russia won’t allow the outbreak of World War III.

Our cache of state-of-the- art, dependable and effective munitions will destroy the intentions of those who conjure of starting a third world war he said during a visit to the Sarov nuclear factory.
Dmitry Medvedev advised NATO member countries against supplying munitions to Ukraine, saying the process could turn into a full-bloated nuclear war.


North Korea imposes first corona case emergency.

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According to the news agency, North Korea is one of the few countries in the world that has not been vaccinated and the confirmation of a new variant of Corona has raised fears of a crisis. However, now that the Corona cases have come to light, a lockdown has been imposed across the country.

Authorities have confirmed that several people in Pyongyang have been infected with the new strain of the omega-3 virus BA2, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported today without elaborating on the number of confirmed cases.

In this regard, the state broadcaster said that the biggest emergency in the country has occurred in front of our emergency quarantine which has been kept safe since February 2020, he added that the epidemic in Pyongyang has increased. Attempts are being made to control more than.

Presiding over an emergency meeting on the spread of the corona epidemic, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said immediate and effective measures would be taken to prevent the spread of the corona.

It should be noted that North Korea sealed its land borders in January 2020 and was one of the few countries in the world that did not report the outbreak of COVID-19 but officially due to its long border with China. Doubts were expressed over the figures reported.

The first suspected case of corona virus was reported in North Korea on July 26, 2020.

North Korea does not have the corona vaccine because Kim Jong Un’s government has repeatedly rejected the World Health Organization’s offer of the corona vaccine to a population of 25 million. It is a sign of seriousness, but not necessarily a sign that leader Kim Jong Un will be ready for outside help.

Lev Eric Easley, a professor at Eva University in Seoul, says the situation could lead to a severe lockdown in Pyongyang. Will not work against type.

North Korea is facing internal challenges and the country is entering a period of uncertainty due to its isolation internationally.

Experts say North Korea’s dilapidated health system will struggle to contain a major virus outbreak.

Vaccination rates in South Korea, on the other hand, are excellent, and sanctions have recently been eased in South Korea, while the number of cases of omekron has dropped sharply in March.

North Korea’s neighbor China, which still maintains a zero COVID policy, has been under heavy lockdown for several weeks in major Chinese cities, including the capital, Shanghai.


Only a Russian bullet could wipe Britain off the face of the earth.

In this regard a Russian intelligencer has said in his report that a single bullet of Russia is enough to drown Britain.

Response in to recent British pitfalls, a Russian intelligencer said on TV that Britain was a small islet, enough for a Russiananti-aircraft bullet to sink ever.

Russian intelligencer Dmitry Kasilov responded to Britain’s recent pitfalls against Russia in a TV program, saying Russia could drown Britain in the deep ocean.

He said in a program on Russia’s Channel 1 that the Poseidon torpedo that Russia had lately unveiled could sink Britain into the depths of the ocean.

Kasilov said in response to recent British pitfalls against Russia why they were hanging Greater and Greater Russia with their nuclear munitions when it’s only a small islet and Britain could be destroyed by Russian nuclear munitions.

Russian intelligencer said that Britain is a veritably small islet which is enough to sink a bullet ever.

A many days ago the Secretary of the British Armed Forces James Hippie said that if Ukraine used British munitions to attack targets on Russian soil, they would consider it fair.

Russia’s Sarmat bullet is able of carrying 10 or further nuclear warheads and can hit US or European targets thousands of country miles down.


US punishes Imran Khan for visiting Moscow.

A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States and its Western allies had pressured PM Imran Khan to cancel his visit to Russia in February.

In the midst of PM Imran Khan’s visit to Russia, US Deputy Secretary of State for South Asia Donald Leo had summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Washington and demanded immediate cancellation of the visit which was rejected.

It is clear from the situation created after PM Imran Khan’s visit to Russia that US decided to punish disobedient Imran Khan for disobeying. A group of PM’s own party suddenly went into opposition and no-confidence motion against PM in Parliament. Submitted.

It is a shameful attempt by the United States to interfere in the affairs of an independent state in pursuit of its own selfish ends.


The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia and North Korea.

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United States has said in a statement that the sanctions were part of an effort to prevent North Korea’s missile program from moving forward.

Russia is playing a negative role in advancing programs of global concern.

Tested North Korea the most powerful missile since 2017 In 2017 North Korea tested an ICBM called Hassang 12 which reached a distance of 4500 km.

Pyongyang suspended long-range ballistic missile and nuclear tests after talks with then-US President Donald Trump in 2017, but in 2020 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that he would now withdraw his troops. Not bound by this promise.

United Nations has banned North Korea from conducting ballistic and nuclear weapons tests, and North Korea has faced stiff sanctions in the past.


US has banned 22 Russian defense companies.

According to the details, the siege is being tightened to weaken Russia economically.

United States has also imposed sanctions on Belarus. The ban is aimed at preventing the transfer of technology software to Russia.

An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York also passed a resolution against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and calling for a ceasefire and withdrawal of troops from Russia.

Members 193 of the General Assembly 141 supported the resolution against Russia. Five member states opposed the resolution against Russia, including Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, Syria and North Korea, while 35 countries including China abstained.


Beautiful view of a small rooftop garden in Jianju County Zhejiang Province China.

In recent years, the municipality of Xianju County has made extensive use of the wide roof space.

Trees and grasses have been planted to improve greenery.

Combining sports and recreation a lush life and recreation area has also been created. It has become a good place for the locals to enjoy the natural beauty and recreation. The roofs of many other buildings are also built to meet the shortage of space and are a hub for eco-friendly healthy activities.


Russia announces response to Western sanctions.

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According to a foreign news agency, a statement issued by the Russian presidential palace said that the Western sanctions imposed on the Russian aviation industry would be reacted to. Russia’s economic reality is changing with the central bank.

A statement issued by the Russian presidential palace said that many Ukrainians are victims of propaganda, are prisoners of nationalists, are trying to use Ukrainian citizens as human shields. The main task is to protect civilians, the Russian presidential palace said in a statement.

Questions about the Russian presidential palace’s high alert for nuclear force the threat of a clash between Russia and NATO and the number of Russian soldiers killed in the war were not answered in the roundtable talks on Russia’s intentions.