The people of Islamabad are sacrificing and not begging.

Addressing a seminar held in Islamabad, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no one respects the nations that do not respect themselves. When the nation stands on its own feet, then it can do everything.

We have polished so many shoes until today, has it benefited? If Afghanistan failed in America, then Pakistan was held responsible.

Imran Khan said that Emil Kansi was handed over to America. They say sell your mother for Pakistani money. Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis. No one stopped him. They do not investigate out of fear that America will not be angry.

Criticizing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, he said that Shehbaz Sharif started crying in front of the female anchor in Bloomberg that I fell, the anchor got scared and then said that tell the world through your channels to help us Shehbaz Sharif that anchor. Joe Biden was not sitting in front of you.

Western countries respect those who put national interests first. Russia president was asked about me by world leaders. Putin said he doesn’t believe in my policy. I respect him because he stands for his country. Everyone respects you for standing up for the national interest.


If cruelty does not fight injustice, then there is no difference between us and sheep.

These views were expressed by the PTI Chairman during his speech at the Mashaikh and Ulama Convention held in Lahore. .

Describing the Ulema as a great force, he said that the Ulama helped Quaid-i-Azam, as a result of which Pakistan came into existence.

Imran Khan said in his address to the Mashaikh and Ulama Convention that in the coming days you will all have to do your duty for your country. And what is humanity at this time is that we are going down fast.

The day you start condoning theft, the society will be destroyed you don’t fight injustice, there is no difference between us and the sheep.

I have been told time and again that you are stubborn. Those people who left him for corruption. When I was in government, I was told to give him NRO. Remember that if we admit thieves, then we are the grave of the country’s future. Digging.

Addressing the ceremony at Government College University, Lahore, Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s biggest Faradiya Ishaq Dar is coming back.

Now new audio leaks have come out in which it has been proved that the chief election commissioner is the house servant of Nawaz Sharif asking him who should be Imran will be disqualified in the Tosha Khana case. There is no shame in that, so we have to make him resign.


Inshallah the true freedom movement will be final and decisive.

Kirk Chairman PTI Imran Khan while reacting to the audio tape of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that the truth is true, one only has to wait a little, everything will come out.

Addressing the election campaign in Kirk, Imran Khan said that three things have come out in the audio tape of Shehbaz Sharif, firstly that Maryam Nawaz is importing power plant machinery from India for her son-in-law, half of the machinery has arrived and the other half was recommended.

Secondly, Maryam Nawaz is doing illegal things in the current government. Thirdly, Maryam Nawaz is not being told the truth

Imran Khan said that I want to tell the nation that the truth is true, you have to be patient for a while, the truth will come out.

I am going all over Pakistan in the real freedom movement. Seeing the spirit of the people of Kirk proved that my nation is ready to come out.

He said that I can never forget the incident of May 25 when shells and bullets were fired at our women and children. What will happen?

Imran Khan further said that at this time I see three wickets, one disease is the one whose name is Zardari, the second is Shehbaz Sharif, who starts polishing wherever he sees a boot, and the third wicket is that of Fazlur Rehman, who has used his money to earn money. The Ministry of Communications has sent the son a swing ready for the three of them and will clean bowl all three in one ball.

I want the children to know about the life of the Prophet in schools. With the help of this, we will bring revolution in the world.


Death is better than slavery, people stay for the coming call Imran Khan.

Pakistani people should help the flood tide victims, thank God, mindfulness is coming in my nation.

Expressed these views while addressing a large public meeting in Rahim Yar Khan.
Address in his to the rally, Imran Khan said that death is better than slavery. People should stay for the coming call. When I said that I’ll hold a rally in Islamabad, Ranathanaullah started hanging . will

Imran Khan said that in 8 hours, Pakistanis have given 14 billion rupees for the flood tidevictims.However, also it donates freehandedly, If the nation trusts that its plutocrat is being spent in the right place. Our Pakistanis help freehandedly around the world. people are.
He said that Englishmen can learn Urdu in two times, but it’s a pity that our crime minister and Urdu learner Bilawal Bhutto has gone to America. The flood tide victims are upset and these people got up from then and went to America.

People from each over the world are coming then to help the flood tide victims, while these people are staying in the most precious hospices in America on the one hand they’re going to supplicate and are staying in precious hospices to show off.
Am thankful to Allah Almighty that knowledge is coming in my nation. I’m more thankful than getting the high minister that my nation has come conscious.

Imran Khan said that both Maryams have a PhD in lying. A press conference was held through Javed Latif that as if I’ve disrespected religion, they’re trying to say that whatever happens to me, they will say that the religious fanatic did it. Action taken.
They tried their stylish to qualify Imran Khan. These people are hysterical of Imran Khan, that is why they’re running down from the election. They all know that Imran Khan will win the coming election.

These people have been doing corruption for 30 times and have made corruption cases against each other, moment they’re taking turns to finish their cases and taking turns. I’ve a soul, I’ll go against them and I’ll also take out the nation.


Thieves have taken over Pakistan Imran khan.

Imran Khan while addressing the women’s convention in Islamabad said that if famous robbers and thieves sit on the country, how can the country run, this time is decisive for Pakistan, nations that do not stand up for freedom will be destroyed. I did not come to talk to you about politics, I am talking about fighting Jihad for the country, because Jihad is not done for real freedom.

Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif goes everywhere and says that I do not beg, but I am forced. In fact, they humiliate the entire nation. Enslaved nations can never stand on their feet. Nations do it because the world respects those who respect themselves. We are being trapped in the swamp by taking loans.

First, they go to the assembly and make laws, NAB amends the laws, and now the cases of thieves are ending one by one. I say, then open the jails. The country will be

Poor countries have the same story because there is no justice and rule of law. 80% of women do not have basic rights. In poor countries, Zardari and Sharif are sitting everywhere. He is above and the weak do not get justice. A nation without the rule of law is destroyed.

Justice sets you free, the law protects you from the powerful, then we become free, in which there is no justice in the human society, then it goes down to the level of animals. Only then will it become a real country.

Allah has given us the ability to do anything but we are in chains. The teachings of the Prophet have set us free. We can move forward. is for

Addressing the students, he said that even at the time of the Pakistan movement, there was a struggle for freedom in the colleges, as consciousness has come in the nation,

Inshallah this real freedom movement will be successful. It will be worship because you will do it for the nation, he said while addressing the students that you should make me a member in one month and increase the ISF.


Famous actress Angelina Jolie visited the National Flood Response Coordination Center.

Speaking on the occasion, Angelina Jolie reiterated her determination to focus the world’s attention on the flood disasters in Pakistan and gave a real picture of the worst disaster, the public hardships and the relief operation of the Pakistan Army.

Angelina Jolie very impressed by the Pakistan Army, which is busy day and night in helping the people in trouble she said that if she saw any relief activity She see that it was being done by the Pakistan Army.

Angelina Jolie said that she saw Pakistan Army everywhere helping people and saving lives, talked to those whose lives were saved, but they are still not safe.

Hollywood actress, the world has no idea of ​​the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan.

He said that there are many children among these people who are in the struggle of life and death.

The victims need food, shelter and medical facilities on an emergency basis.

Angelina Jolie called on the international community to do more to help the victims in Pakistan and said that the world should wake up to the flood situation in Pakistan.

Large a today number of Pakistanis themselves are victims of major natural calamities it is a matter of life and death for many people.

Countries less responsible for climate change are facing more devastation than others. My heart out goes to the people of Pakistan in this hour of trouble.


I am to ready go to lady judge and apologize Imran Khan.

The case in Chairman PTI Imran Khan was dismissed and ordered to submit an affidavit.

The contempt of court case was heard in the Islamabad High Court on the statement related to Additional Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry.

Just Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb, Just Mohsin Akhtar Kayani Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri and Just Babar Sattar are part of the bench.

Ex PM Imran Khan appeared in the court along with his lawyer Hamid Khan, while judicial assistant Munir A. Malik Makhdoom Ali Khan Malaika Bukhari and Attorney General Ashtrawsaf also appeared before the court.

On the special instructions of the Chief Justice High Court, speakers have been installed in the press room and bar room so that the proceedings of the case can be heard live.

At the beginning of the hearing, Chief Justice Athar Minullah said that today we will only file the charge sheet, to which lawyer Hamid Khan said that the accused Imran Khan wanted to say something before that.

Imran Khan came to the rostrum and asked permission to speak, on which the court allowed Imran Khan to speak.

Imran Khan said in his statement in the court that I had not intentionally threatened the lady judge, I had asked to take legal action in my speech.

I am ready to apologize to the lady judge and will not do anything like that again.

In the court statement, it was said that as the case progressed, I realized the seriousness. I had talked about legal action against the female judge.

On which the Chief Justice said we are not indicting, we never like the contempt of court case in the manner and in the public gathering you said it was under consideration.

Justice Atta Bandyal remarked that Imran Khan has realized his mistake, he has taken back his words, we appreciate him.
Islamabad High Court decided not to frame charges against Imran Khan today and ordered Imran Khan to submit an affidavit.

IHC adjourned the hearing of the case for next week.


My movement will start from Saturday.

Addressing the All-Pakistan Lawyers Convention outside the Supreme Court Lahore Registry, Chairman PTI said, “I thank the lawyers community of the country for the wonderful reception from the bottom of my heart.”

Imran Khan said that in the current situation, a great responsibility is imposed on the lawyers because at this time Pakistan needs the supremacy of law the most until the justice system is fixed, the economy cannot be fixed, we have to get Pakistan out of the swamp.
During the address to the lawyers, he announced that he is going to start the movement from Saturday for the real freedom march, when I call, you have to come out with me and give real freedom to Pakistan.

Address in his Imran Khan criticized the Prime Minister and said that countries are going backwards, they are trying to grab a chair somehow, Shahbaz Sharif stretches his hand wherever he goes and asks for money. He says that you give money, we promise that we will not steal. In his speech at the All Pakistan Lawyers Convention, Imran Khan said that the first NRO was given to him by Pervez Musharraf, now he is ending his theft cases with this second NRO. There is religion in the society, one can imagine that a person who was supposed to be punished became the prime minister.
Even the enemy cannot do what these people did to the country.


Until there is stability, the economy cannot improve and neither will investment.

He expressed these views while discussing the country’s economy in a digital session. He said that 50 percent of the country’s textile industry is closing down, but the government is not worried about it.

Imran Khan said that currently the economy of Pakistan urgently needs 30 billion dollars while the current government has only 7 billion dollars.

He said that no one has faith in this government and how long it will last. If the government is elected for 5 years, then people have confidence in it.

These rulers closed their cases

Chairman PTI said that there is a record inflation in the country, according to the IMF, electricity will be more expensive, on the other hand, the cases of the rulers are ending.

He said that today there was a consultation with the economic team of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and we have started making a strategy to deal with the economic challenges.

Imran Khan said that now if the government is found, there will be more economic challenges than 2018. We had raised our industry very hard. The best policy and recovery in Corona was ours.

Delaying the election will cause further havoc

He said that if the elections are held soon, then the economic challenge will recover quickly, if the elections are delayed further, this government will continue to create more havoc, and the government will continue to get stuck in the swamp whenever it gets time.

According to the report of the World Bank, Pakistan is heading towards a situation like Sri Lanka.

Imran Khan said that we are afraid that such a situation will not happen that we will not be able to stop the people again.

Overseas Pakistanis are our great asset

He said that overseas Pakistanis are our great asset, they should be given incentives and more investment should be brought in. If overseas Pakistanis invest, then the economy will be stable as well as developing.

The governments before us made expensive electricity contracts, we will have to pay 1450 billion in these contracts next year, all the power plants are built on imported fuel.

How can a fugitive appoint Army Chief?

He said that the appointment of the army chief in Pakistan is the most important decision, whether the army chief of Pakistan will appoint a corrupt man who himself is involved in corruption cases and is sitting in London after absconding.

Our legal team is consulting for legal action on this issue. We were also in agreement with the IMF but gave relief to the people. We used to take a stand before the IMF for our people.

Corruption is a cancer

During our time, the price of oil in the world market was 103 dollars, today it is 93 dollars.

When we used to say that the IMF is in the agreement, they used to say that you are doing slavery. Tell us today what are you doing. They have sunk the raft of the economy in 5 months. Corruption is a cancer that destroys any country.


Shahbaz Sharif was shaking while talking to the Russian President.

Addressing a public meeting in Chakwal, Imran Khan criticized Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto and said that when Shehbaz Sharif met Putin, what was the reason why the imported prime minister was shaking while sitting with the Russian president? Everyone saw and laughed.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif was also trembling during his meeting with Obama.

An army of lions whose leader is a jackal will lose. I say to Shahbaz Sharif that instead of asking the countries to return the money they stole, these two Tabors who stole for thirty years, if they brought even half of the money, they would have asked for it. Don’t need to.

In his speech, Imran Khan held the People’s Party responsible for the flood situation in Sindh and said that the People’s Party has been ruling in Sindh for fourteen years.

Today the whole of Sindh is submerged in flood. I am afraid that wheat will not be produced in Sindh where the water has stood.

Imran Khan said that I had differences with Zulfikar Bhutto but he was a brave leader.

If Zardari will make his son from a native province the party chairman, then what would his competition with Aitzaz be if there was merit in the People’s Party, then Aitzaz Ahsan would have been the party chairman, not Asif Zardari or Bilawal.

The same is the case with Non-League, if there was merit here too, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif or Hamza would not be the party chief.