The process of preparation and distribution of corona vaccine needs to be expedited: PM IMRAN KHAN.

PM Imran Khan Virtual Addressing UN Political Forum

In a virtual address to a high-level UN political forum, he demanded that developing countries provide grants for vaccines.

We expect at least 150 150 billion to be set aside for developing countries he said.

He said that developing countries need at least 3 4.3 trillion to recover from the crisis and for sustainable development. The IMF has proposed the establishment of special drawing rights.

The Prime Minister said that steps were essential to effectively respond to the national and global three-pronged crisis and adequate financial assistance from developing countries would have to be mobilized to address its challenges.

He said that debt restructuring is also an important aspect for Corona-affected developing countries.

He said that the additional reserves of poor countries were far less than the required financial relief and promises of concessions and financial grants for developing countries should be fulfilled.

The Prime Minister said that the pace of investment needs to be accelerated to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change.

He said that the UN development system could play an important role in viable projects for developing countries. Unfortunately, so far these countries have been able to reach only 5% of the target.


ECONC meeting approves construction of dam at a cost of over 4 billion

Islamabad: The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECON), chaired by Advisor Finance Hafiz Sheikh, approved the construction of the Noiling Dam project.
A meeting of the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECON) was chaired by Advisor Finance Hafiz Sheikh. The construction of the dam was approved in the district Qila Saifullah district at a cost of 4 billion 90 million. The area will be irrigated, the meeting approved the construction of the Noiling Dam project from Rs 28 billion.

The project will be constructed in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, the Economic Affairs Division has been directed to resolve the issues with the Asian Development Bank while a committee under the leadership of Hamad Azhar has been set up for the construction of the Noiling Dam project. The committee will include Asad Omar, representatives of Balochistan government, Ministry of Water Resources and Energy officials, the committee will formulate its recommendations on the construction of the project in two weeks.

In addition, the meeting approved the National Electronic Complex of Pakistan with a revised cost of Rs. 13 to meet with China for construction. In the meeting, Rs. Rain water will be stored. In addition, the project approved for double the Chakwal Road from the temple will cost more than Rs 11 billion.