People are protesting against receiving KMC charges in electric power bills of Karachi.

Citizens filed complaints by calling K Electric’s complaint centers and 118 and started throwing garbage in K Electric’s vehicles in protest.

Citizens under the pressure of inflation say that the electric ones do not provide electricity and are at the forefront in collecting taxes.

An agreement has been reached between K Electric and KMC to collect tax in electricity bills, which has angered the public. A social media campaign to throw garbage in front of K Electric offices against tax collection is gaining momentum.

According to the agreement, a municipal tax of Rs.50 will be levied on the use of 200 units and Rs.150 on 200 to 700 units. Those who use more than 700 units will have to pay a monthly tax of Rs.200.

Commercial and industrial users will have to pay 200 rupees per month in the form of municipal tax.

A total of 24 lakh consumers of the city will be charged municipal tax.


We will not enslave anyone, Imran Khan.

Addressing a public meeting in Charsadda, Imran Khan said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa made the greatest sacrifice in the war against terrorism. .

Imran Khan said that we will not sacrifice our country’s foreign policy for any country. Inshallah, the time will come when my Pakistanis will walk proudly in the world.

Addressing the public, Imran Khan said that unless a person can control his fear, he will not become a great person. could become

Attacking the current government, Chairman PTI said that I have come to tell you that the government that came through conspiracy had two objectives. Second, there will be rulers who roam the world like beggars.

Imran Khan said that I will give you a call, that time is not far away, that call will be for one purpose only, to get the country out of the swamp, transparent elections should be held to get the country out of the swamp.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif’s elder brother used to sit in fear in front of the American president like a child sits in front of the headmaster. These people have shamed the nation in front of the world.

Imran Khan further said that my message to the imported government is that you cannot win this match now, whatever you do, you have already lost this match.

At the end of the rally, Imran Khan said that the nation is saying that let the peaceful revolution come through voting, but I am afraid that if the path of peaceful revolution is blocked, that revolution will come and everyone’s game will be over.


Flour became more expensive in the country.

stainless steel cup with brown powder

Due to the recent rains and floods in the country, problems started to increase, when the price of wheat increased in the open market, the mill owners also increased the prices of flour.

The price of flour in the country has reached 130 rupees per kg. Flour in Karachi is the most expensive in the country. The price of one kg is 125 to 130 rupees.

In Lahore, flour is available for Rs 110 to Rs 116 per kg. In Islamabad milled flour started selling for Rs 125.

In Quetta, the price of flour has increased to Rs.120 per kg. In Gujranwala, milled flour is being sold at Rs.130 per kg.

The mill owners say that due to shortage in the grain markets, the price of wheat has increased from Rs 2,850 to Rs 3,800 per maund.

The price of twenty kilos of flour has also increased in the open market. The price of a bag of twenty kilos of flour provided by the government in Lahore is nine hundred and eighty rupees, which is not available in many places in the market.


How onion juice can assist you with diminishing glucose level.

clear glass cup on table

Diabetes is a metabolic problem which is expanding quickly step by step. It is influencing the old to youths and kids. Unfortunate way of life wrong dietary patterns being truly inert are a portion of the primary purposes behind this.

Diabetes can prompt stoutness organ disappointment and numerous different issues. Diabetic patients additionally face feeble resistance However do you have any idea that Onion to control glucose have some control over your glucose level. Indeed, this has come up in a new exploration.


Imran Khan Khan can be jailed for life in terrorism case.

Islamabad Police says that Imran Khan of Pakistan recorded his statement to the JIT in the case of terrorism against him.

According to the Islamabad Police, the case was instituted under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, and the accused can be punished with imprisonment for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of life imprisonment.

The police say that under the Act, it is a serious crime to intimidate a public servant and to achieve political objectives. went.

This action was completed during an illegal rally when Section 144 was in force in Islamabad, taking notice of the illegal action, Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Chandio complained and on the complaint of the magistrate, legal action was initiated against the accused.

The police added that all actions which may have serious consequences are being taken seriously and police stations and other government agencies are active in implementing the same rules.


Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, then appoint your army chief, Imran Khan.

In an interview to private TV, Imran Khan said that there was a lot of destruction in the 2010 and the current floods. In Sindh, there was more destruction than the flood. Due to standing water in Sindh, the rice crop will not be able to be cultivated. Dams are the long-term solution to floods. I did not build a big dam.

He said that the biggest problem of Sindh is the lack of water drainage. Houses are built on the drains in Karachi until a regular drainage system is established.

Talking about the economy, he said that the second test is coming, our economy is going down rapidly, the IMF program has been signed, the price of petrol and electricity has increased three times, even after the IMF program, the value of the rupee is going down. I am afraid that this government has no solution in the direction they are going, let alone flood and even if they go bankrupt, it will be a big disaster.

He further said that political stability in the country can only come from elections. When we went, the dollar was worth 178 rupees, the growth rate was 6 percent, there was a record production of four major crops, there was a record sale of vehicles. During our time, oil went from 103 dollars to 115 dollars was

The former prime minister said that I had said that if there is political instability, the economy will not be managed by anyone who has the power. There was no plan.

He further said that all the credit agencies downgraded them, they did not manage the economy, the stock market went down, the IMF put pressure on them, so they increased the prices. Even if the money of the Asian Development Fund is found, it will hardly be 7.8 billion dollars. Even if 7 or 8 billion dollars are found, where will the rest of the money come from?

Imran Khan said that the people who brought down a good government and brought him should ask themselves today whether they were thinking of Pakistan or if these people were very intelligent, they would have had a track record to help the country. What is better?

These two families ruled Pakistan for 32 years, the people who destroyed the institutions of the country and committed corruption, will they have any solution today? I have never been there before. Pakistan has no easy option. Whoever comes will have a mountain of problems.

Whenever the country will be reformed, the first method will be political stability. If there is no political stability, economic stability will not come. Today, all Pakistanis should be worried.

Having become an establishment umpire, we guarantee this guy will be fine
Regarding the Election Commission, Imran Khan said that he has never seen an Election Commission so biased. Shahbaz Sharif gave his names for the Election Commissioner, on which there was a deadlock, we did not accept his names and he became our establishment umpire We guarantee this guy will be fine.

He said that in the by-elections, the Election Commission made all efforts to defeat us. The Election Commission sabotaged the voting machine project.

Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, appoint their army chief
On the issue of the appointment of the Army Chief, the former Prime Minister said that the nation goes up in the world in which there is merit. I said that the position of the Army Chief is important and should be based on merit. are.

He said that Asif Zardari has been stealing money for thirty years, his priority is not merit but to save his money. He is sitting on top after overthrowing my government. It was not for Pakistan. We have 155 seats and PML-N has 85 seats. How is his qualification?

Conduct free and fair elections, if they win, then appoint their army chief.

He further said that its provision may come out, it is not a big thing for the betterment of the country, while the lawyers said that its provision may come out.

On this occasion, Imran Khan was asked whether the extension should be given until the elections are held, so he replied that I have not thought about it in detail yet.

The issue of the new army chief should be postponed until the new government comes, the new government should choose a new army chief.
Am ready to discuss the election, I am not anti-American.

Regarding the contempt of court case, Imran Khan said that I said I express my regret. If I find something bad, I take it back. When I found out that they want to go further than that, I said, I want to talk.
If I had a chance, he might have said what he wanted, but he didn’t give me a chance.


Dubai Sri Lanka won the Asia Cup title for the sixth time after defeating Pakistan by 23 runs.

In the final match of the Asia Cup played in Dubai, the national team was all out for 147 runs in the allotted overs in pursuit of 171 runs.

Mohammad Rizwan’s innings of 55 runs did not work for the team either. Iftikhar Ahmed was prominent by scoring 32 runs.

Babar Azam 5 Muhammad Nawaz 6 and Fakhar Zaman returned to the pavilion without scoring any runs.

Asif Ali was also clean bowled without scoring any runs, Khushdil Shah proved to be the guest of only 2 runs.

For Sri Lanka, Pramod Madhushan took four wickets while Vinandu Hasaranga guided three players to the pavilion.

Earlier, Sri Lanka scored 170 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in the allotted overs and set Pakistan a target of 171 runs to win.

After the first 5 wickets fell for 58 runs, Dhanan Jaya de Silva and Bhanuka Rajapakse formed a brilliant partnership. Rajapakse played a brilliant innings of 71 runs.

Dhanan Jaya de Silva scored 25 runs and was dismissed by Iftikhar Ahmed. Vinandu Hasaranga played a responsible innings of 36 runs.

Kaushal Meads was dismissed for no runs, Python Nissanka was sent to the pavilion by Haris Rauf for 8 runs.

On behalf of Pakistan, Haris Rauf guided three players to the pavilion, Shadab Khan Iftikhar Ahmed and Naseem Shah took one wicket each.

Earlier, national team captain Babar Azam had won the toss and invited Sri Lanka to bat first.

Two changes have been made in the national team and Shadab Khan has been replaced by Abdul Qadir Naseem Shah has returned to the squad instead of Hasan Ali.

Babar Azam said that the confidence of the team is high.


For three and a half years I was blackmailed to give them NRO somehow.

Addressing a public gathering in Multan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when he left for the meeting, I was repeatedly told that Imran Khan is a threat to your life. Eliminates their fear. My promised Allah that whenever I get a chance, I will not allow my people to bow before anyone.

Corrupt cowardly people have frightened us that unless we polish America’s shoes we can’t survive he said. For the last 3 and a half years, I have been blackmailed in every possible way to give them NROs and close their corruption cases. The fugitive sitting in London conspired. It is believed that Nawaz Sharif has fled the country for the third time.

Ex PM said that all media reports that Shahbaz Sharif wakes up at 7 o’clock in the morning Shahbaz Sharif wakes up at 6 o’clock in the morning. It has become popular. The time has come to dig their political graves. Our elites got scared and they tore me down in this conspiracy along with the imported government.

He said that if I had not been concerned about my country, I would have said that it should go on for a few more months so that its true form may come before the whole nation because as long as it lasts they will be humiliated and those who bring them will be humiliated. The sea of ​​people coming to Abad will be the biggest crowd in the world. The matter has gone beyond politics. Now it is the revolution that has made the people of Pakistan a nation. Our soldiers are also ready. Pindi is near to sit. Their families will come and retired military officers will also participate fully.

Imran Khan in his speech said that when Shahbaz Sharif and his son were to be punished, the conspirators made father and son prime minister and chief minister. Can there be any blessing in such a country The powerful robber is not in jail. All the weak people are in jail.


Actress Zarnish Khan is all new content for pixies on bold choice of dress.

Pakistani actress Zarnish Khan posted vids and filmland on her Instagram with a caption “ Me Time ” in her new western wardrobe she chose to wear that made social media druggies to slam her for being too bold. The actress was wearing off- shoulder crop- top and a flayer skirt that made a center of attention for harsh review.


I have come to know that an attempt is being made to topple our Punjab government.

Addressing a public meeting in Chishtian, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has changed, now consciousness has come among the people, now it will not be a bloody revolution, but it will come through votes.

Without the supremacy of law, no society can develop. Remember that the country will not be prosperous until justice is established.

Imran Khan said that Hazrat Ali said that the system of disbelief can work but not oppression. Our country’s problems are not solved because big thieves come to power. When I went to jail, there were small thieves and when I went to the assembly, there were big thieves. were

Criticizing the Sharif family, Chairman PTI said that once Chishtian was the stronghold of PML-N but now London has become their stronghold. I give orders to put.

Imran Khan said that I have always seen my statements about the strength of the judiciary and the army. Don’t cover Khan, my challenge is, do whatever you have to do, you guys will lose.

Addressing the public meeting, Imran Khan said that because of fear, these people are now imposing restrictions, including ARY News, and the channels presenting our position were closed. To stop the coverage of the meeting, they closed YouTube itself.

I have come to know that now a new plan has been made, an attempt is being made to bring down our Punjab government, an attempt is being made to make loot, crores of rupees are being given in Punjab.