Pakistan Media Development Authority PMDA.

opposition Accompanied has Media worker Protest Against PMDA.


Two points of Pakistan Media Development Authority
1- Media workers will be paid on time.
In the media, especially in electronic media, the big salaries of anchors and big journalists will be paid on time, while the salaries of small workers are low and not paid on time.

  1. Owners and reporting journalists will be responsible for correcting false and baseless news which will appear before a commission.
    Both these proposals are for the betterment of the public and true journalists. It is beyond comprehension why and for whom the journalists’ organizations staged a sit-in on the occasion of the joint sitting of Parliament yesterday. The reason is clear. Those who mislead the government are envelope eaters.
Bhutto grandson skillfull silent on killing journalist Aziz memon.

Implementation of PMDA Bill will close the black money of envelope-eating media prostitutes. It will also close the way for the opposition to come to power.
The sheep that are sitting in the name of freedom of press, not a single one raised their voice in favor of journalist Aziz Memon who was killed in Sindh.

Bhutto’s grandson is also skillfully silent on the killing of journalists in Sindh.

Right now, only the draft of Pakistan Media Development Authority has come. From now on, the cries of envelope-eating media prostitutes and the opposition are echoing to Mars Their stoves will get cold.

As a nation, we, the serious citizens, need to persuade our MNAs to vote in favor of this bill. Rapid development will flourish and real change prosperity will kiss our steps.


Important meeting of heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad.

Important meeting of heads regional intelligence agencies held in Islamabad.

The meeting of the heads of regional intelligence agencies in Islamabad, Pakistan is a clear indication of this.

  1. The foreign policy of these countries, especially in the case of Afghanistan, is being decided by consensus.

2- Intelligence sharing will improve the law and order situation at the regional level and will bring stability.

  1. In the near future, the scope of cooperation will be expanded with the participation of more countries.

4- Reconciliation and cooperation between the countries of the region. The balance of power at the international level will be restored to the level of the East. The peace and order situation in the world will improve. Will go God willing


The story of the Thar Desert.

The history of the desert

Ashfaq Ahmed Sahib says that he had set up camp at some place in the Thar Desert in Sindh.

Among them was a teenage boy, fifteen or sixteen years old, carrying a basket of watermelons on his head, and behind him a little girl, five or six years old, walking.
When I asked, I found out that my parents were dead, so this boy sells watermelons and sometimes melons in other settlements and also keeps his sister with him. He does not leave home alone.

One morning Ashfaq Sahib called her and asked her to tell her one thing. Will be in your mind

The boy’s response was that he had a liver transplant
You know, sir, the heat is intense and the sun rains fire. When I walk with a basket on my head, my shadow becomes bigger, including the basket. I want this daughter of my parents to stay in my shadow and walk in my shadow Stay out of the sun.

Ashfaq Ahmed says that the tears did not stop and sighs came out
After hearing these words of that desert child, this illiterate young boy had explained in these two sentences the rights of sisters, the protection of children, the protection of orphans and the value of humanity.

(Qadir Mustafaee)


Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi.

Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi.

A few months after the end of the 1965 war, an elderly Pakistani was sitting in silence in Madinah, silently shedding tears, looking at the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Instructor Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi was the father of Sitara-e-Jarat.

Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi’s tank was hit by an enemy cannon, from which he was martyred. When asked about any of his wishes, he expressed his desire for Umrah, which Ayub Khan immediately accepted.
Martyr Major Zia-ud-Din Abbasi, the father of Sitara-e-Jarat, was shedding tears while sitting in front of the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The father of Major Abbasi Shaheed inquired about the Custodian of Masjid-e-Nabawi and said that he came from Pakistan. Are there?
On this the father of the martyr said in surprise that yes I am the father of this martyr.

Upon hearing this, Khadim Khas, full of joy and happiness, came forward and hugged him loudly and kissed him and said, “Stop here, I will come back in a while.” He fed his family with great respect and dignity. Everyone in the house treated him with great respect and dignity.

Major Abbasi Shaheed’s father was very surprised that O Allah what is this matter? I don’t even know them, but for the first time in my life I have come to Saudi Arabia.
That Khadim Khas Roza Rasool (peace be upon him) kissed his hands once again and while removing the surprise of Shaheed Abbasi’s father said that when the war between Pakistan and India was going on, on the night of September 11, I had a dream. I saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sitting with his glorious Companions.

A few moments later, Hazrat Ali (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) came to the place carrying a corpse in his hands. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to his companions: They have been fighting against the infidels.
The servants of the Prophet’s Mosque say that the Messenger of Allah
Everyone, including the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), offered his funeral prayers and ordered that he be buried in Janat al-Baqi.

On the same day, a new war anthem was being aired on Radio Pakistan.
Go whatever
After drinking the cup of martyrdom, you may have been taken in the arms of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Ali will be swinging at your martyrdom.

Excerpt from Munir Ahmed Baloch’s column one and one published in the daily Dunya on August 27, 2013.


6 September is of great military and geographical importance in the history of Pakistan.

Pak Indo War 1965 history

This is the day when Pakistan’s armed forces not only retaliated against India but also took over many of its territories and all this is possible thanks to Pakistan’s military might and the faith, unity and organization of all Pakistani people. Happened

The whole world was stunned by the new examples of bravery and bravery of the Pakistan Army.

1965 war National hero Squadron Leader MM Alam.

Squadron Leader MM Alam

Fakhr-e-Pakistan Muhammad Mahmood Alam, who made a new chapter in the military history of the world in the Sixty-fifth War, had made the whole nation proud with his courageous abilities.


Honors for the state of Pakistan and happiness of the people.

Honors for the state of pakistan Happiness of the people.

The fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s control of Kabul and the presidential palace were unexpected for everyone. By August 31, the withdrawal of US and coalition forces was looking difficult.
Taliban warns US to evacuate Afghanistan by deadline

It was in the interest of Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan for foreigners to leave immediately. Traffic at the airport could be controlled only to a limited extent. Provide transit entry transit facility in case.
According to the schedule for which more than ten thousand came to Pakistan and went to their countries by available flight.
It was an honor for the state of Pakistan and a source of joy for the people that the state of Pakistan could serve the interests of international organizations and other countries, but unfortunately some political opponents could not digest this noble move of Pakistan.
People who speak or act against the interests of the state of Pakistan, such political opponents have spent their entire lives working against the interests of the country. These are the political opponents who did not allow Pakistan to develop during their fifty years of rule. The country is indebted, pushed into crises, promoted corruption, bribery, black law, these political opponents will not have happiness in both worlds.

Contradictions in the thinking of political leaders and ordinary citizens
After Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, Pakistanis living abroad were released from prisons in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries. Felt
Otherwise, the NLP and PPP rulers have never before paid attention to the problems of Pakistanis living abroad.
After the defeat of US forces in Afghanistan, ordinary Pakistanis are now proud of the performance of their government and defense agencies.

That the state of Pakistan has got a high position in the international arena which is making the heights of Pakistan and Islam clear but the leaders of PML-N and PPP
Opposition forces are still not ready to give importance to the role of Pakistan Army and Government of Pakistan. Due to this gap, the opposition political parties have lost their place among the people.

What a pity that the opposition does not understand the difference between the state and the government, the loss of which will be clearly seen in the coming elections. Inshallah, the opposition will lose in the next election.


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a peaceful safe country.

Canadian Rozi had Traveled all over Pakistan.


Canadian Rozi was also a woman. She traveled all over Pakistan alone. People fixed her free bikes. They gave her free food and free housing. Pakistanis humbled and respected Canadian Rozi with all their heart. Pakistan and the hospitable people of Pakistan are praising themselves. Such are the beautiful people of my beautiful homeland.

400 Didn’t millions of people all over the country look down on Rozi with evil eyes? These millions of Pakistanis respected Rozi, gave him protection, served him. These Pakistanis increased the honor and dignity of their country. It is a safe country. Every woman is safe here.

Rosie doesn’t dance or sing. She doesn’t make obscene people her fans. Tik Tokri Minar, which is a source of cheap livelihood through talk, is holding the hands of men on her chest in the crowd of Pakistan and saying that it is fine but if you touch me beyond that, I will scream and run the country. To defame

Aqarul Hassan’s sister became famous
Rambo’s followers
Ratings to ARY and dollars to Syria
Just got some lime on the face of the country

Now Iqrar and Yasir Shami will continue to prove white with black and black with white with their fat mouths.

Indian agent confession in pakistan is shami and pakistan media is arrest confession please don’t disgrace pakistan and men of pakistani society don’t tarnish Pakistan’s image in the world.


US withdrawal from Afghanistan celebrates complete Taliban victory.

US Withdrawal from afghanistan complete Taliban celebrate victory.


Afghanistan’s first peaceful and dignified scene at the Kabul airport with the Taliban leaders deported security forces wearing American uniforms with American weapons, the words of Subhanullah were uttered.
These details relate to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States.
1- Inside Afghanistan, the people are showing great tolerance and discipline with great joy and enthusiasm. On the last day of the month, those working outside the banks are seen queuing for their salaries.

US Troops withdrawal from afghanistan

2- Pakistani people are also happy that stopping TTP attacks from Afghanistan will bring peace in the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan had long demanded that peace in Afghanistan would create an atmosphere of peace in Pakistan, regional countries and the world. Stability will come in the whole region including Pakistan.

3- China has mentioned a three-point agenda on Afghanistan, humanitarian aid development work and continuing dialogue with the Taliban government at the international level.

4- The biggest challenge facing US President Joe Biden is how to convince the senators and the people to withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan in a timely and dignified manner. Americans find it insulting.

  1. The peace efforts of Pakistan’s civil and military leadership with the Afghan Taliban should be commended. How can they recognize the Taliban government so quickly?
  2. Now that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is almost complete, the Taliban have celebrated the victory at Kabul Airport and a government is being formed in 24 to 48 hours.

7- As soon as the Taliban government is formed, Iran, Russia and Pakistan will be the first to recognize the Taliban government. Pakistan and China will decide based on the situation. In a few days, as soon as a new government is formed in Afghanistan, the United States and India, including the European Union, will recognize the Taliban government.


Welfare works hidden from public view.

Welfare work hidden from Public view

In order to alleviate water shortage in Balochistan during the last 3 years, 735 small and 7 medium level dams have been completed while work on 8 big dams has been started which will be completed by 2028/29.

1- Small / Local Dams Completed 735 dams will meet the water needs of the people of local villages and towns as well as meet the needs of animal husbandry and agriculture and will become a means of starting a business at the local level.

2- The completion of 7 medium level dams will facilitate the business of storing water and will generate cheap electricity and will be able to meet the need of cheap electricity.

3- 8 big dams started. The dam started in Lasbela will facilitate cultivation of 10,000 acres of barren land, increase power generation and irrigate the barren land as well as provide employment to the local people. The economy will be stabilized. After this difficult time, prosperity will be the destiny of a fertile country and nation, God willing.


Hope guides man in the dark.

“Beautiful Hops beautiful Life

What is the greatest asset of life for any human being?
There are many answers to this question. Every human being can answer according to his temperament and need. That social relations and blood relations are the greatest assets of man, while in the eyes of one, true love for one’s existence will be everything.

One thing is for sure, there is a very basic need for more or less every human being. Hope is of any thought or ideology. If there is no hope, then nothing. If this wealth is lost, then life is also gone. There is nothing left in me. It is hope that keeps a person fresh, energetic and positive thinking even in difficult situations.

He who gave up hope was so ruined that he could not stand on his own two feet again.

Happy Life

Man of every age has been facing the difficulties of crises and confusions from different angles. Each age brings with it some specific complications. Dealing with these complexities in the best possible way requires extraordinary intelligence and hard work. Different types of confusions are faced in stages. This is by no means the most surprising thing.

Under the principles laid down by nature, every human being has difficulties. The world is the name of interaction and cooperation. When they collide with each other, some or the other confusion or confusion arises.

Yes! Controlling the senses in the face of any disturbing situation is an extraordinary test for man. In order to succeed in this test, man must have a lot, but above all, there must be hope. This is hope. Encouraging Man to Live With Dignity and Self-Esteem Have you ever considered that losing hope can lead to the loss of clear prospects? In many cases we see the dangerous and devastating consequences of losing hope Meet.

The clearest example in this case is health. Many people are frightened by even a minor illness and on the other hand there are many who fight even a major illness with full hope by giving up hope. Man cannot do everything that he can easily do. People who control their senses and do not panic even when they are suffering from a dangerous disease, eventually succeed in overcoming the disease.

Extreme frustration takes a person away from all possibilities. Those who sit on one side in despair have been seen in a situation where even what can be done easily cannot be done and small difficulties get bigger and worse in any unfavorable situation. Nature opens the door to possibilities for those who control the senses.
It is a heartbreaking fact that when a person is in the grip of severe despair, then darkness falls everywhere.

Nothing is visible and clear in such a situation. Our mind wants a positive attitude in order to function properly.If we decide that there is no possibility for us in any particular case and we fail, then we really Having a positive attitude is the key to dealing with a difficult situation. Positive
thinking From home to society, people face different attitudes.

On the one hand, there are people who only know how to be disappointed in words, and even their words only reflect and drip disappointment. On the other hand, there are some people who do not panic when they see any unfavorable situation, but decide to go ahead and face it, and above all, instead of worrying about problems and complaining about them, they Let’s talk about the solution. Such people find a way to reach the world of possibilities.

Allama Iqbal had said
Otherwise, despair is the decline of knowledge and mysticism
The hope of the believing man is in the secret of God
In the form of this one poem, Allama Iqbal has described the whole philosophy of living properly and finding the path to success.

Hope plays the most decisive factor in the lives of those who belong to the world of science and art. When they go out to find a solution to a problem, a candle of hope burns in their hearts and minds.

They start working on the hope that the problem will be solved. One or the other solution to the unfavorable situation will surely come out which will lead to complete success.

Hope keeps telling him that things are under control and can lead to success. It is the hope that turns the tide in the last moments of any match that you have seen in many cricket matches. Maybe a team lost the winning match in the last over. This is because the opposing team did not prefer to give up hope until the last over and continued to try. Many match decisions go to the last ball, it is called photo finish.

A shot on the last ball wins, or a wicket is lost on the last ball. A winning team loses a match. Pansa can turn the map. Even in football matches, sometimes the winner, the decisive goal, is at the last minute and everything changes. Spectators who watch the match reluctantly and uncertainly open up with last-minute hope.

All the beauty of life lies in the fact that you are not uncertain at any stage, even if the situation is very unfavorable, it is necessary to deal with things with positive thinking and not to lose hope at any stage. Leaving life requires us to have a positive attitude step by step. Just think that if the situation is completely unfavorable, if you lose hope, you also lose the possibility that nature has reserved for you.

Sometimes, even in the mids
a great crisis, the hope of survival leads a person to a certain position or action, which, with the help of a positive outcome, can do a lot of good.

That is why scholars have emphasized the point in every age that no matter what the circumstances, one should not give up. Hope is to keep alive. Hope is the only way to lead a person in darkness.

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That so Allah can change someone’s life through you.