Quaid-e-Azam’s first rebel journal.

General Ayub then licked the generals to occupy Pakistan
The pages of Pakistan’s history of Pakistan’s ruin and destruction that are not taught to us in books.

Shortly after the formation of Pakistan, Sardar Abdul Rabb Nishtar sent a file about Ayub Khan to Quaid-e-Azam and wrote in a note that Ayub Khan was interested in politics instead of rehabilitation and relief of refugees.

On this Quaid-e-Azam wrote this order on file
I know this army officer (Ayub Khan) he is more interested in politics than military affairs he is transferred to east pakistan he will not work in any command position for one year and he will not plant badge
The book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami
Quaid-e-Azam’s anger towards Ayub Khan did not subside even later and when he went to Dhaka and was given a military salute, he stopped Ayub Khan from standing by him.
The book Gohar Guzasht

Author Altaf Gohar
In fact, Ayub Khan was given the responsibility of controlling the Hindu-Muslim riots in Amritsar during the Partition, but he went there and fell in love with Maharaja Patiala’s girlfriend and spent most of his time with her and paid no attention to the riots. On which Quaid-e-Azam had sent him to Dhaka as punishment.
The book Gohar Guzasht
Author Altaf Gohar
Ayub Khan was very saddened by his demise and against the orders of Quaid-e-Azam he decided to contact the then Army Chief and in this regard he sought the help of his friend Brigadier Sher Ali Khan Pataudi. On occasion he went from Karachi to Rawalpindi and recommended his friend to Commander-in-Chief Sir Frank Misroi but nothing came of it.
The book Gohar Guzasht
Author Altaf Gohar
But it is unfortunate that Ayub Khan, with whom Quaid-e-Azam was so displeased, was made the head of the army by Liaquat Ali Khan, giving precedence to the then most senior General Iftikhar. It is said that his friend Ali Khan Pataudi and other comrades played an important role.

And unfortunately Ayub Khan became the first martial law administrator of Pakistan and ruled Pakistan for eleven years.
The book The Crossed Sword
Author Shuja Nawaz.

The Quaid-e-Azam wanted to run the state in a very democratic manner and did not like anyone’s interference in this regard. To comply with the orders of

He was later arrested on charges of sedition against General Akbar Liaquat Ali Khan and remained in prison for almost five years.

And unfortunately, the same General Akbar, who was sentenced to treason by the court, was nominated by Bhutto as a member of the National Security Council in 1973.
Book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami.

When the Founder of Pakistan visited Staff College Quetta in June 1948, during the conversation there he realized that the senior military officers were not aware of the true meaning of their oath. But he read out their oath and made them realize that their job is not to give orders but to obey orders.
The book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami
In later times the military generals violated this oath to such an extent that Air Marshal Asghar Khan had to write that I suggest that if we are to be ruled by the generals then these words should be removed from the oath. I will not take part in any activities, whatever their nature
Book General and Politics
Author Asghar Khan

When General Gracie went to Lahore on his professional visit, he saw Colonel Ayub and called him and asked him if he had to report to Dhaka, what are you doing here, to which Ayub Khan said that he was going to Karachi to meet Liaquat Ali Khan. General Gracie then ordered Ayub’s court-martial and brought him to Karachi.

References Memories of a Soldier General Wajahat Hussain Secretary General Gracie
Let us also shed light on the role of Ayub Khan during his service in the British Army.

The British Crown formed the Punjab Boundary Force with its head office in Lahore to prevent riots during the Partition of India. A Muslim colonel from Pakistan was also given an important post in the Boundary Force. The train of refugees from India to Pakistan was stopped in East Punjab and all the passengers were killed and the Pakistani colonel guarding the train remained a silent spectator.

Upon hearing this news, the people became enraged and there was a possibility that the angry mob would not set fire to the house of the colonel in Rawalpindi. Had to be moved to another military officer’s residence. The colonel’s name was Ayub Khan.

According to classified documents, Col. Ayub Khan was a mediocre officer in terms of military strategy. After the death of Col. WF Brown, Commandant of the Assam Regiment stationed in Burma during World War II, the command of the regiment was handed over to Col. Ayub Khan. After a cowardly failure in the strategy, the command was withdrawn and not only sent to India but also recommended to be fired.

And then a military officer who had decided to be expelled from the army due to his incompetence. He decided to become a commander by defeating senior army officers.

          How did this happen?

Major General Iftikhar Khan had already been chosen as his successor before the end of General Gracie’s tenure. After being nominated as Commander-in-Chief, General Iftikhar was sent to UK for Imperial Defense Course. Brigadier Sher Khan who was DDMO and Now he was to be promoted to the rank of Major General. He was also going to UK for a course. On December 13, 1949, General Iftikhar boarded an Orient Airways flight from Lahore to Karachi. The plane crashed near Jang Shahi on the outskirts of Karachi and all the passengers were killed.

           Pakistan's military and political

Those who have a keen eye on history believe that if this accident had not happened and General Iftikhar had not been martyred before becoming Commander-in-Chief, then the history of Pakistan would be different today because unlike Ayub Khan, General Iftikhar was a non-political general who did not compromise on principles. ۔

Get the word out.

From the day we start teaching our new generation the true history of Pakistan, Pakistan will start developing.


Difficult for the people to live but the assets of Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are increasing.


Petrol is becoming more expensive. What should the people do now? It is becoming difficult for the people to breathe and to teach their children. It has become difficult for children to drop out of school on motorcycles but the assets of Shahbaz Sharif and Zardari are increasing day by day.

People 90 million in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. Bread of Rs. 40 is being provided.
The main reason for our ruin is the current system. All other political parties including PPP and PML-N are anti-Pakistan.

Just a PTI of Imran Khan who is talking only about Pakistan in these circumstances. People stood by Imran Khan. The people saw for themselves that in three years and six months, Imran Khan has He did things which the United States strongly disliked and conspired overnight to hand over power to its henchman Nawaz Zardari again and inflict severe punishment on the country and the people.

We are the product of this system. Only the names, flags and parties change. They are guardians of the outdated system Use his position for personal business.

They have names in Pandora Papers. They have cases in NAB. They are the ones who are borrowing from banks. Corruption needs to be eradicated. At present there is a war between the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan.

Inflation is on the rise in load shedding which is closing down businesses, industries and factories. The purchasing power of the people is beginning to respond. The country is rapidly moving towards the situation of anarchy in Sri Lanka.

The ruling parties have been destroying the future of the country and the nation for 40 years. The whole system is running on lies. Expensive petrol, gas and electricity bombs are being rained on the people by saying difficult decisions. The country has gone bankrupt. The dollar is flying high.

This is not being told to you on social media at all. The people are being directed to get out of the FATF’s gray list. Pakistan is not going to get out of the FATF’s list at all yet. And give full support to Imran Khan. At this time, there is no one but Imran Khan who is sincere with the country and the people. Only the people can save the country together with Imran Khan. Is.


Why Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan.

Farhat Saleem

The Bangladeshi government is building a subway or underground railway system in Dhaka city
The first phase will cost 29 29 billion and will be completed in eight years
The cost of the project is 101 billion dollars.

Bangladesh’s GDP will soon reach 500 billion
Is about to reach
Bangladesh currently has 46 46 billion in its coffers.
In United Pakistan, these black cloaks
Bengali because of their short stature
Soldiers were not even eligible to be recruited in the army.
Our military officers thought that
Bengalis have no choice but to have children.
So we kept thinking of them as a burden
We had a misunderstanding that
We are earning and feeding them because of us they are safe and sleep peacefully
But the day he slept peacefully
After saying goodbye to him and opening his eyes, the goddess of his destiny woke up. Secondly, he did not have a pro-Bhutto family.

Today our rupee is not even equal to half a penny
Where those 1 101 billion projects
Starting only in Dhaka city there
We are ready to give the whole country for six billion dollars of IMF.

What is the secret of our decline and their progress?

For almost 35 years after the separation from Pakistan, the situation there was even better than ours.
We donated our abandoned Air Force fighter jets to them.
Even there, the business of dictatorship was going on under the guise of democracy.
But then he decided to end this game of eyeballs
He placed judges and generals in their respective positions and handed over power to good politicians.

Within 13 years, they have left us far behind.

On the other hand, we have
The process of fooling the nation in the name of Fifth Generation War continues today.

Even today, a uniformed person is presenting a doctrine on the economy instead of guarding the border
The hammer of justice here
Even today it is as soft as silk in the eyes of armed men and as hard as steel for politicians.
And if the judge does not agree with him, then the result is Faiz Isa Qazi Wala.

Here even today a government employee decides who will win and who will win the election
Which politician is to be disqualified for life and which one is to be given a certificate of authenticity and fidelity.

Where groups like TTP and TLP are raised and boiled overnight in the name of religion.
Here even today the beautiful dreams of freedom from slavery are shown

But still the wail that
Democracy has failed
There should be a presidential system where the sacred bulls carry the system on their horns
There is no system, the state fails.


Amazing views of space brutes.

satellite flying on space

They’re trying to find space brutes nearly. In such a vast macrocosm, there will be life nearly, so why have we failed to find it so far?

still, also where is he and why we haven’t been suitable to communicate him till now?
If there’s anyone differently in this macrocosm besides us.
This notorious question was asked by Enrico Fermi, the notorious Italian physicist who erected the world’s first nuclear reactor. Where are they all?

But no answer has been set up so far.

By the way, a large number of people who believe in conspiracy propositions believe that flying goblets frequently land in our world but their news is kept retired.

So moment we will also try to find the answer to the question why we haven’t yet been suitable to meet space brutes.

Launched in 2009 by the US space agency NASA, the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered hundreds of globes around our Earth, in our world.

Grounded on this discovery, it can be estimated that there are at least trillions of globes in our world alone and there are billions of similar worlds in the macrocosm.

Indeed if there’s life on any one of the globes in our world, there could still be at least 50 million possible globes where life should be.

Our Earth was formed 9 billion times after the Big Bang, the biggest explosion in the macrocosm.

The brutes on this earth have gradationally evolved into a ultramodern critter and have developed technology analogous to ours or indeed better than ours.

Although all the technology that exists on Earth moment has only come to light in the last 100 times, but let us give this absurd space critter the latitude that it took millions of times to bring its technology to the rearmost position. brutes should have conquered at least our entire world through technology.

And let it be assumed that this is the case with the space brutes that have left the energy- producing globes in space or have created workshop of art that are suspended in space and are visible to us in the form of twinkling stars and colorful space marvels.

At that time, it wasn’t a delicate task to communicate with similar brutes that their emitted signals would be present in space, but still we’re unfit to find them. But why?

The simplest and most probable answer to this might be that this largely advanced, intelligent and technologically advanced critter has taken control of the world and has instinctively created a space silence to ward off any implicit adversary. Survive, that’s their survival.

But it’s also possible that similar ultramodern brutes may have decomposed millions of times agone
on their own because the technology they developed would have gone out of their control and destroyed the entire earth.

Or the general idea that the brutes may not be intelligent enough to make similar progress, or that we really are the only civilization in the macrocosm.

Despite all the advances we have made so far, we have been suitable to get a little bit of information about the veritably small number of globes and stars, so it’s possible that we are looking in the wrong direction in our hunt for space brutes.

Another intriguing proposition is that space brutes may have realized that life is just the name of a complex system of information for which size doesn’t count.

Just as the stereo system constructed on Earth has gradationally shrunk and taken the form of a modest iPod, so too have space brutes moved themselves to the bitsy position. They’re full but we aren’t apprehensive of their presence.

Knowing another untouched proposition won’t be without interest to you.

It may be that the studies in the mortal mind are actually space objects similar that we see that our physical body is dying but our ideas and studies are alive in the form of books and art inventions on earth and they The whole world has an untouched world.

It’s possible that space brutes have gone through evolutionary stages and discovered the secret of similar survival.

It’s delicate to say which of these propositions is so close to reality that we may ever succeed in tracing space brutes or we may end up with this unfulfilled desire and noway know the secret of space brutes.


Is like a captain.

Amir Liaquat was a water bubble. He could not bear the betrayal of a sacred relationship like his wife. Dania made public some special moments between the husband and wife.
False accusations of slander Dania taking khula and a few days
Social media attack kills Amir Liaquat.

Peace be upon Imran Khan’s patience. Everything was done against him. Not even a tenth of it happened to Aamir. The house was broken into. The children were separated. The winning wife from whom the mafia paid money and wrote a shameful book against Imran Khan.

Khan has also been accused of slander and poisonous propaganda. Fake audios. Nothing has been done. But he is enduring everything. I am wondering for whom he is enduring. I also thought exactly what has not happened with Imran Khan for thirty years. This is the difference between our captain’s determination and leadership.

This is the difference between coal and diamond
Is like a captain
So come on.


A covenant is an era that all happened.

Some time ago, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain was one of the 500 most influential people in the world and that is the reality of life today.

Neither mother nor sister Ben Amir Liaquat Hussain died in solitude. The man who was once a party was the splendor of the party. The hearing was going on.

Today, every claim of yours ends. Wrap your carpet and get out of here.

Then he really went on to make an era of a brand that was rising then setting an example that was falling even if it was perfect.

No one was sure of my pain
Then it happened that I had to show up dead.

In an interview, Amir Liaquat had said that if the number of people at my funeral was less then I was not a good person to understand.

Aamir Liaquat remained a part of top trends on social media in his life and even after his death his name is included in the top trends of Pakistan. Overall social media users were saddened by his death and majority said that his Life’s conflicts and problems have gone with them and it is no longer appropriate to comment on them.

There are 100 complaints from a living person, but when a person reaches Allah, he should be forgiven and his sins should not be publicized. Allah Almighty has also commanded to cover the living human beings.

He needs prayers. If you can’t pray, don’t say bad prayers or make any memes. Don’t raise their past.


Dr. Yasmeen Rashid Brigadier Nadira Sultana Pakistan’s most capable lady Dr.

Aleem Rajput

I heard the name of Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in 1985. He is a great gynecologist. He did a special course from London and from USA. In Pakistan till then only two lady doctors had done this course. One was Yasmeen Rashid and the other was Brigadier Nadira Sultani who was in CMH.

The course was that when the baby was in the mother’s womb and was 110 days old, the baby’s blood would be tested from the mother’s womb to see if the baby was disabled or especially if he had thalassemia. No, if the child is found to be ill, he is discarded.

Because abortion after 120 days of age is legally tantamount to murder.

So the children of people suffering from thalassemia were tested and the tests of the soldiers were free in AFIP (Pathology Institute of the Armed Forces) but everyone else from Pakistan used to go to Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in Lahore.

Women would come from Balochistan, Sindh and even from all over Pakistan if they had money. Dr. Sahiba would take money from them but would take free samples of poor women and give them accommodation and food and also pay train or bus fare. Tour of Peshawar started.

The name of the test is probably HB Electrophoresis
Yasmeen Rashid started free treatment, then formed an organization, distributed free pamphlets and started thalassemia awareness campaign.

I once went for an MH test and by then one of my sons had died of thalassemia and there were three others.
Those who bleed three to four times a month, all three sons and a daughter later died six months eight years 14 years and daughter two and a half years old. Dr. Nadira Sultani took a sample and at the same time admitted my wife. Where do I and the rest of the children go to Pindi.

I said Dr. Sahib, we can’t stay here He said, No, I will not allow it tomorrow. I will also allow air travel. Otherwise, by road, to talk to me three days later.” Yasmeen Rashid comes to Peshawar to get a sample from them.

I said I didn’t really think much of the pain.
Then he said that there is hardly a doctor like Dr. Yasmeen in the world. Continue to say that even after living in London and America, she wears such clothes as if she has just come to harvest wheat. When he completed the course, the US Department of Health doubled his salary for refusing the job offer and then increased the benefits, but he said that my country needs me more.

Today is 2022. Dr. Sahiba herself is a cancer patient. Her hair has fallen out. She has gotten much better with the treatment.

Dr. Sahib’s family, husband, sons and daughters are in PTI. Her brother is retired from the post of General.

But currently living in Lahore
On such a great woman marching peacefully yesterday, Punjab police smashed the car windows with stones which should have been slotted. Give them a long life.


Why the western world is afraid of Imran Khan’s long term policies.

Pakistan has been made the 19th permanent member of the world’s olive-growing countries. ۔

In addition to the traditionally cultivated plants, they are currently producing 1500 tons of olive oil and 830 tons of olive oil with food.

The amount of oil in Pakistan’s olives is getting better than the other 18 countries. The quality of olives is also better than the rest. So far 26 oil extraction plants have been set up.

The total number of trees and the expected fruit yield from them indicates that in a few years Pakistani olives will be the leader of the world.

This was the long term policy that Imran Khan worked on and the effects were to be late and the effects of late are permanent.

Our requirement is 3.5 million tons. Last year, 4,000 tons of oil came out. This year, the target is 20,000 tons.

Our edible oil bill is 20 billion dollars. If it starts to be produced from Pakistan then we don’t have to give out so many dollars in reserves. This will increase the value of our rupee and it can reduce inflation in the country.

By increasing production, not only can it be eliminated, but insha’Allah they will soon become exporters.

Some palm oil is also being produced in the coastal areas of Sindh but now with the advent of imported government a severe water crisis has arisen in the country especially Sindh is becoming barren due to which the production of palm oil is likely to suffer. Is

Tea is grown in Swat and pulses in Balochistan. Someone tell him that America gives us bread. Thank you Imran Khan.



The imported government destroyed everything within a month of coming to power.

M. Mohsin

The imported government is laying the rubble of its failure on Imran Khan. In Imran Khan’s government, the dollar was running between 184 and 186 dollars. As soon as the imported government came, the dollar started flying. The government stopped C-Pack as soon as it arrived on the orders of the US, while the ongoing C-Pack work of China was completely stopped by attacking the Chinese in Karachi.
Two thousand Chinese have quietly returned to China from Karachi Airport on the night of 27th Ramadan after the Karachi blast.

At the same time, the construction work of five dams has slowed down and as soon as Shahbaz Sharif became the Prime Minister, he changed the contractors of all the projects overnight.

While the Imran Khan government had left Rs 22 billion in the exchequer, now only Rs 15 billion is left out of the Rs 22 billion which the imported government is rapidly eliminating. Names have been removed from ECL overnight

The Imran Khan government has maintained the subsidy of Rs 446 billion in petrol till June. The imported government is going to end this subsidy by May 15 on the order of IMF, which will increase the price of petrol above Rs 250. Imran Khan is putting on the government with great cunning.

But the people are watching all these media on social media with their own eyes. If Muftah Ismail had become the Minister of Finance, why did the IMF run away from Saudi Arabia and the UAE fled? With July this August.

Musharraf had left ڈالر 59 dollars. Thief Nawaz Sharif increased Rs. 110 and gave Rs. 123 to Imran Khan. Imran Khan increased it by 44% in three years. Imported government is responsible for the destruction of

Imran Khan in his three years and six months of government has put Pakistan on the path of rapid development. High economic growth 5.6 The stock exchange was so high that imported government traitors and slaves destroyed everything in a month as soon as they came to power.


He was a man who went on to expose everyone.

The deadline was April 12 at 12 midnight
The crucial session of the National Assembly was deliberately dragged out till the last moment
To the last hair
Until the last move
Last hour and
To last address
The whole nation was fascinated by what was going to happen
It was a very nerve-wracking war
Whole day passed and the matter reached the last moment
The nerves of the contractors began to respond
He saw all his hard work being wasted
Those who were still hiding behind the scenes
Forced to come forward
Had to be exposed
In the last hours
Everyone became active
the holiday
The courts opened
Fair state
In pairs
Began to arrive
The whole opposition
Until midnight
She sat in the National Assembly
In the Prime Minister’s House
Helicopters arrive
Prisoner vehicles arrived
Get Enforcement In Action
And everything began to be controlled.

That was the time when the captain did so
He fought such a long nervous war and worked so hard
The captain called the media
Everything was going live on social media
Inside news was coming out
The captain asked with a meaningful smile
There is no one left who has not been against me
Meaning there is no one left who is not clearly exposed to the nation.
Immediately picked up the diary and
Making a victory sign
He left for his home
Apparently he was losing
He was going to remove the veil from the mouths of all the occupants.
Everyone is naked in this bath
He was going to expose everyone
But in reality it was going to win
He was uniting the whole nation
That was his victory
Journalists said he got up
He was going to show the nation the real culprit
Its purpose was fulfilled
Behind the scenes for 75 years
The real culprits had been exposed to the nation
That was his master stroke.