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The first mosque in Britain was built in 1887.

Liverpool First Mosque in World

Liverpool Liverpool is a seaport located 50 miles north of Manchester and Manchester. Until the 18th century, people from the Far East and Indo-Pak used to come in ships.
Three British middle-class educated and devout Christians campaigned in the newspapers to prosecute him for treason for converting to Islam.
Intelligence agencies began monitoring him, including William K. Abdullah, an architect by profession, in a house.
I made a map of the mosque and after the approval of the council, the prayers started in 1887.

William K. founded the Abdullah Trust. Printing of Islamic Literature Banana Printing Press and Orphanage Founded the first orphanage in the UK, one of the main goals of Islamic teachings.


Peshawar: Work on Pakistan trilateral railway track is in the final stages to boost trade with Central Asian countries.

PakAfghanUzbekistan Railway Track

Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan railway track rehabilitation work in full swing
Homework has been completed and the World Bank has also approved financing for this.

History of this railway track is very old the information available on the internet, this track was started in 1925. It is a 52 km track from Peshawar to Landi Kotal which enters Khyber District through Peshawar Airport to be a mountainous area. Due to this, the track passes through winding routes through 34 tunnels and 92 bridges to Landi Kotal.

Train track was badly damaged by monsoon rains in 2008. At the time, the situation in the tribal areas was exacerbated by terrorism, which led to the closure of the railway track, which has yet to be restored.

Now Pak-Afghan Uzbekistan has begun joint efforts to rehabilitate the track.
railway officials, the railway track will run from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. The people will also have employment opportunities and people will also have the opportunity to travel by train to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.


Government measures in emerging economic growth.


People who know Imran Khan know that Khan is the most famous leader of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s purpose in coming to the government was to restore the greatness and dignity of Pakistan. ۔

1- Raising the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the international level that we Muslims love our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and cannot tolerate arrogance in his honor, it will be considered a crime and will be declared. For example, speaking out against the Holocaust has mobilized embassies abroad to solve the problems of Pakistanis overseas.

2- Providing employment opportunities for the new manpower in the Middle East.

He revived the textile industry which had been closed for 10 years. He provided 100% increase in production and exports to foreign exchange.

4- Increased exports by starting mobile phone manufacturing.

  1. For a long time now, India has been selling Pakistani goods in foreign countries with its own label. The same items are now being sold in the world under the name of Pakistani brand.
  2. Previous solar energy contracts were now done at Rs. 5 instead of Rs. 25.
  3. Appropriate and timely payment of production to the farmer was made mandatory.

8- Under Ehsas program, anchorages, shelters, delivery of food by mobile trucks, monthly payment of Rs. 12,000 to deserving families, business loans to young people are included.
Other initiatives have been instrumental in accelerating economic growth, including the construction of large dams 50 years later, the construction of motorways, roads, industries and the beginning of business. Launch of big projects
In the coming months and years, it will prove to be a help in the economic development of the country, God willing.

And yes, the former greedy rulers will not see economic growth because now the national treasury will be spent on public welfare instead of going into their pockets. The construction and development of the country will increase day by day.


Expensive energy schemes of Noon League and PP era.


From 2008 to 2017, the government had to pay higher electricity prices as a result of agreements with foreign companies to generate electricity during the PPP and Noon League. The question arises
Zardari used to ask for his commission when signing a contract with a company. Which was agreed upon by paying them. So the power generating companies used to set the production cost plus the amount of commission paid and the profit per unit for the term of the contract.

They happily signed the agreement with the commission money. The rulers knew that electricity was bought at high prices. Therefore, consumers (people) have been given subsidy per unit from the government exchequer. This is called fraud.
Facing any difficulty in getting electricity to the people and commission money to the rulers
It was not possible for both the parties to keep the people away from the reality.
Most of the people are thinking. Why is today’s government making cheap electricity deals?
While commodity prices have gone up from 10/15 years ago? Because now there are commission free agreements.

Nawaz Sharif and Shobaz handed over all the projects to Mian Mansha. No one should use electricity at low cost now. Load shedding should be 24 hours. Millions of rupees are going to Mian Mansha’s bank account. Mian Mansha is Zardari’s front man.
These two traditional ruling parties, which have completed five years in a row, have always worked for personal gain, while the Imran Khan government has been working for the development of the country and for future generations, as previous governments did during their 50-year rule. No, today, thank God, the country’s economy has started to rise. Seeing the economic growth of the country, the cries of the corrupt opposition are being heard as far as Mars.

The captain is not Pakistan’s contractor but his watchman
And what do thieves and robbers always do to hate the watchman?


Imran Khan’s achievements

Muhammad Sarfraz Malik

Another deed of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi which will be written in golden words in history.
And that is …
He changed the syllabus and the books have come to the schools. The name of the Prophet has been changed to the last Prophet

It is so calm that our children were being destroyed in the name of modernism by alienating them from Islam and their prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) in the name of modernity.
He was going to do whatever he likes for the sake of wealth, whether it is good or bad, while the secret of progress is the methods and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him).

If you are hypocritical in this too, then know for sure that you will be a thief of religion, this world and the hereafter. Praise and publicize what is good. Believe in it. Send a curse on politics. The relationship is with devotion, love and respect for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which Imran Khan has done.
Otherwise, before today, there have been many big names and leaders in the history of Pakistan who have spoken about it, but they have done nothing.
Sacrifice Imran Khan who has done and is doing a lot for his religion.
The same Shah Mehmood Qureshi has been the Foreign Minister before but this time when it was the turn of my prophet to insult the glory of the President of France, Shah Mehmood Qureshi in just 3 days called seventeen countries and gave them Forced that our living, our dying, our listening, our speaking, our seeing, our living, is first and foremost for the last prophet.
May Allah grant more success to Imran Khan and may he protect our religion as he is doing and may Allah keep Imran Khan steadfast and make him a servant of religion.
If I mention Imran Khan’s political and international achievements, he is something like that
In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin will inaugurate the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline Agreement in Pakistan.
To end the monopoly of the Western countries, China and Russia are going to set up a world bank of their own which will give loans to its allies without any conditions which Imran Khan advised them and they liked it very much.
Asia’s largest Gwadar airport will be in Pakistan and will be ready in March 2022 and work on it is in full swing.
It is hoped that this month Pakistan will also be removed from the FATF gray list. Inshallah and Sehra will also go to Imran Khan.
Pakistan will now earn 3 billion a year in the defense sector alone.
Pakistan will supply Tajikistan with J17 Thunder fighter jets, artillery machine guns, armored vehicles, ammunition and small arms.
The biggest news is that Nigeria had earlier agreed to buy ten J17 Thunder fighter jets from Pakistan but has now ordered 20 more.


Pakistan’s rising temperature.


Remember, if we can’t stand this heat today, then ten years later, our children will die in our own hands from global warming.
The only solution is tree planting.
Mango, Jaman, Lychee and False etc. The season is at its peak at this time. In this regard, I request you to please do not throw the seeds and seeds of these fruits in the trash after eating the fruit but wash them and put them in your car etc. Keep it and whenever you pass by a place where there are no trees, etc., throw the seeds and pods there or in places along the highways.
After a few days, the rainy season will show its color and these seeds you have thrown away
More and more will grow and become trees by the grace of God.
Trees are not only a charity but also the biggest need of Pakistan and the world at this time.

This small action of ours will be the first drop to make Pakistan a green Pakistan. And it is an investment that will benefit future generations and we will be rewarded in the Hereafter.
Thanks for your time.


If there is a leader whose far-sighted decisions should be acknowledged by the world.

Great Leader Imran khan


The American magazine Forbes is known in business circles.
In a recent issue of the magazine, the Pakistani economy is recovering while the US and Indian economies are battling the corona virus.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani federal government has also revived the economy through local and smart lockdown to deal with the corona virus and has also succeeded in controlling the virus.
Pakistan managed to bring its current account deficit of Rs 19 billion to Rs 900 million plus
The news of Pakistan’s economic recovery is being received from abroad. The world powers are acknowledging Pakistan’s best strategy and congratulating Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team on improving the economy. Are fully deserving of
With the grace of God Almighty, this has become possible. Prime Minister Imran Khan with his best far-sighted decisions did not allow Pakistan’s economy to collapse in the global epidemic Karuna. He saved the man’s business from being completely shut down and provided complete relief to the people affected by cowardice through his Ehsas program which is being recognized all over the world today.
Its credit goes to the proud Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.
When it stops, the rotations circumambulate it
Let’s go and see it for a long time. Great leader Imran Khan


Leader and character.

Muhammad Sarfraz Malik

Nowadays, whoever you look at is saying bad things about some party.
Be it PPP workers or JUI-F
Be it PML-N or Jamaat-e-Islami
Whether they are PTI workers or MQM, everyone is loyal to their leader.
Let’s go beyond the workers and talk about the leaders of all these parties.
The PML-N had a servant like Chaudhry Nisar and the PPP has the same leader in the form of a lawyer, namely Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan.
And such a thunderous shining leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
If you look at the performance of Shah Mehmood Sahib, you will be jealous. If you look at Aitzaz Sahib, you will be jealous and if you look at Chaudhry Nisar, you will be jealous.
If such resolute and resourceful politicians run our country then believe my country Pakistan will reach heights.
If we talk about former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, he has become a corrupt thief and robber in the world because not only Panama but there is corruption in every project. Mian Sahib is a man who is known to be himself. He eats and feeds and it is also known that if he eats, he also applies.
Now when it comes to Zardari, what can he say …
Zardari is known all over the world as Mr. Ten Percent. He has made people like Uzair Baloch his arm. He is known about Mr. Zardari that he has committed corruption so neatly that he has left no evidence.
These two parties have been dominating us for the last 30 years and have fooled the people. Someone said that we will drag it on the streets, tear our stomachs and take the country’s money out of them. Someone said that it is the British. There are people who bathe dogs, so someone said that now if we support them, God will not forgive us.
Now let’s take a look at Imran Khan
Khan Sahib stepped into politics while growing up, but unfortunately Khan Sahib found only those who remained in previous parties and governments who were nurtured in such parties whose leaders are still facing corruption scandals.
Yes, of course Khan convinced himself that I am neither a thief nor a robber nor corrupt but the highest court of Pakistan called Khan Sahib honest and trustworthy.
Imran Khan’s world went crazy when he addressed the UN Security Council.
It is also worth mentioning in the misfortune of Khan Sahib that at first the treasury was found empty and a deadly epidemic like Karuna was born from above. Due to which the economies of all countries came to a standstill but due to Imran’s best policies the world knew that it He is indeed a leader who thinks of the coming generations, neither for himself nor for the coming elections. The world will be forced to sing Imran’s praises and Pakistan Strategic Day was celebrated all over the world.
And then the world appreciated the Ehsas program led by Ms. Sania Nishtar. Then the world praised the tree that Imran planted to control the environment. In conclusion, I would like to say that not every nation can find a leader like Imran.


Alarming Situation

Muhammad sarfraz Malik

We are all worried that the society is deteriorating. Moral values are dying. The sense of landlordism is gone. Everyone has become lazy and luxurious. Meaningfulness, honesty, self-accountability, discipline and truthfulness. It has become old or it has become just an adornment of books. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, immorality, unrest and looting are rampant everywhere. Has made

Such and such a man is living in a bungalow as a mediocre clerk. Now the situation is such that it has become a fashion to talk about the depravity of the society. No one recognizes himself. If everyone throws mud at the society, then who will reform this society?
What Messiah is waiting?
My heart believes that in this society there is neither a villain nor a mean-spirited person nor a recluse but …

Mosque was built by the people of Iman during the night

I am my old sinner. Am not been able to become a worshiper in years

In fact, our own mind is a sinner that has become so darkened by popcorn that it no longer sees itself. That is why I, Sarfraz Malik, say, “Everyone knows that oppression increases oppression, but Yet everyone wrongs another person. “
Now all of you friends must be understanding where the oppression is taking place. So come and hear from me where the injustice is happening.
Water in milk
Shera in honey
Ghee in mobile oil, chemicals, bones of forbidden animals
Color in turmeric
Brick sack in red peppers
Papaya seeds in pepper
A wooden sack in a tea leaf
Sweet (screen) injections into fruit
Water injections into meat
Forbidden meat in shawarma
Donkey meat instead of buffalo in hotels
Forbidden hens in wedding halls
Tap water in mineral water
Fake mobiles in the mobile market
Real seals on every fake thing
December Doctors and medicines
Inactive Maulvi in the mosque, Dabbe Pir
Earned Naat reciters and readers
Dirty in mobile
Weight loss, selfishness, deception
Hypocrisy and intercession in faith
Theft on power lines
Daily riots with neighbors
Rudeness with teachers
Mosques deserted
Cinema house settled
Teacher without knowledge
Hypocrisy in worship
Isn’t this all cruelty? Of all these things, what is it that we have left behind? Our country, Pakistan, is over 70 years old today, but we have not improved. Let’s put these 70 years aside for a minute. Our religion, Islam, is over 1440 years old today. Is that what we are taught? If the answer is no, then please hold me accountable, me and all of you.

The fact is that we are like grazing cattle that know only tons and tons of tuli. We have no purpose in life. We have no right to harm the rulers, we complain about our fate. There is no right to do, no right to rain, no right to earthquake, no right to wind, no right to flood, no right to pray, no right to pray. ۔
If we do not live our lives on the path of God and this beloved, beloved and last messenger of God, Hazrat Muhammad, the last of the Prophets, then we can never improve.

We long for the creation of a pure and beautiful society, but practically nothing. This universe is such a center of color and light that many famous personalities came here and left after showing their miracles.
But some of them are well remembered and some are cursed. For this reason, Allah (swt) has said that …
Allah is the Friend of the believers, He brings them out of darkness into light, and the disbelievers have the friendship of Satan, who leads them from light to darkness.

For the purpose of preaching, our Master and Master, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) announced that:

O people! If I say to you that an army is attacking you from behind the mountain, will you believe me?
All said, We have found you sincere and trustworthy since childhood.

This means that he was also known as honest and trustworthy even in the time of ignorance
We are surprised that even though we know one fact, it is a dark thing under the lamp
We are yearning for others even though we ourselves are in need of reform. Not everyone is thinking in their own way that there should be reform but for others.

They will break the mirrors of their homes

Character space if characters appear

We need to correct ourselves. We see the flaws of others, but is our own character ideal? I would say that we are the ones who will deteriorate.
Let us straighten ourselves. Society will be straightened automatically. I would like to end my writing on this poem of the poet of the East, Hakim-ul-Ummah, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal:

Raise yourself so high that before every destiny

Ask God Himself to tell you what is your pleasure.


June 6, 2021 was a day of happiness and pride for the Pakistani nation.

Environment Day

On June 6, the UN Climate Change Day was celebrated and the honor of hosting it came to Pakistan thanks to the tireless efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan. What a place of great joy and pride!

It is the national duty of all of us to plant as many trees as possible in our own areas and surroundings and to protect the trees and plants.

And make the streets in your area clean and green because it depends on the future of our generations.

Maximum production of trees and plants will eliminate environmental pollution from the country. Rising temperatures will be lower. The atmosphere will be clear, transparent and fragrant.
Water scarcity will also end and diseases will soon disappear.

Cleanliness is half the battle anyway. May Allah bless the homeland of Pakistan with the same good name and honor. Amen