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The first mosque in Britain was built in 1887.

Liverpool First Mosque in World

Liverpool Liverpool is a seaport located 50 miles north of Manchester and Manchester. Until the 18th century, people from the Far East and Indo-Pak used to come in ships.
Three British middle-class educated and devout Christians campaigned in the newspapers to prosecute him for treason for converting to Islam.
Intelligence agencies began monitoring him, including William K. Abdullah, an architect by profession, in a house.
I made a map of the mosque and after the approval of the council, the prayers started in 1887.

William K. founded the Abdullah Trust. Printing of Islamic Literature Banana Printing Press and Orphanage Founded the first orphanage in the UK, one of the main goals of Islamic teachings.


Peshawar: Work on Pakistan trilateral railway track is in the final stages to boost trade with Central Asian countries.

PakAfghanUzbekistan Railway Track

Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan railway track rehabilitation work in full swing
Homework has been completed and the World Bank has also approved financing for this.

History of this railway track is very old the information available on the internet, this track was started in 1925. It is a 52 km track from Peshawar to Landi Kotal which enters Khyber District through Peshawar Airport to be a mountainous area. Due to this, the track passes through winding routes through 34 tunnels and 92 bridges to Landi Kotal.

Train track was badly damaged by monsoon rains in 2008. At the time, the situation in the tribal areas was exacerbated by terrorism, which led to the closure of the railway track, which has yet to be restored.

Now Pak-Afghan Uzbekistan has begun joint efforts to rehabilitate the track.
railway officials, the railway track will run from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. The people will also have employment opportunities and people will also have the opportunity to travel by train to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.


ISLAMABAD: Guidelines have been issued for the use of Pakistan-made Pak-Week vaccine.

PakWeek Vaccine

According to the details, guidelines for Pak- Week vaccine were issued by the Ministry of National Health stating that storage of Pak-week vaccine will help in the use. Don’t do

According to the guidelines, Pak Week Vaccine should be protected from sunlight. The vaccine can be given to people above 18 years of age. People with heart disease, respiratory diabetes and obesity can take Pak Week.

The vaccine guidelines state that pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with fever and corona patients cannot be vaccinated against Pak week vaccine, while healthy people from Corona can be vaccinated against Pak week vaccine.

Transplant recipients can be vaccinated after 3 months. Patients with chemotherapy can be vaccinated after 28 days. People suffering from asthma and mental illness can be vaccinated with Pak week vaccine. Each person will be given one dose of Pak week vaccine.


Government measures in emerging economic growth.


People who know Imran Khan know that Khan is the most famous leader of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s purpose in coming to the government was to restore the greatness and dignity of Pakistan. ۔

1- Raising the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the international level that we Muslims love our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and cannot tolerate arrogance in his honor, it will be considered a crime and will be declared. For example, speaking out against the Holocaust has mobilized embassies abroad to solve the problems of Pakistanis overseas.

2- Providing employment opportunities for the new manpower in the Middle East.

He revived the textile industry which had been closed for 10 years. He provided 100% increase in production and exports to foreign exchange.

4- Increased exports by starting mobile phone manufacturing.

  1. For a long time now, India has been selling Pakistani goods in foreign countries with its own label. The same items are now being sold in the world under the name of Pakistani brand.
  2. Previous solar energy contracts were now done at Rs. 5 instead of Rs. 25.
  3. Appropriate and timely payment of production to the farmer was made mandatory.

8- Under Ehsas program, anchorages, shelters, delivery of food by mobile trucks, monthly payment of Rs. 12,000 to deserving families, business loans to young people are included.
Other initiatives have been instrumental in accelerating economic growth, including the construction of large dams 50 years later, the construction of motorways, roads, industries and the beginning of business. Launch of big projects
In the coming months and years, it will prove to be a help in the economic development of the country, God willing.

And yes, the former greedy rulers will not see economic growth because now the national treasury will be spent on public welfare instead of going into their pockets. The construction and development of the country will increase day by day.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Malika Bukhari was injured as a result of a commotion in the National Assembly session.

Malika Bukhari Injured in National Assembli

According to details, after allegedly using abusive language by one member in the post-budget National Assembly session, government and opposition members made noise and threw copies of the budget at each other.

The opposition parties and members of the government used foul language against each other and attacked each other.

PTI’s Malika Bukhari was injured when League members threw budget books at women.

Confirming that Malika Bukhari was injured, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri said that opposition members threw books which hurt Malika Bukhari’s eye.

Malika Bukhari, a female MP, has been hit in the eye by a budget book, which has injured her eye. The PML-N MLAs have no sense of respect and dignity for women.

He said that attacks on women members of the government were not correct and if the atmosphere in the House deteriorated then we would all be responsible for it. There are also members of the opposition who are against Shahbaz Sharif.

Said he that there are some members of the Assembly in the opposition who do not want to see a good atmosphere in the House. The action should be taken against those who spoil the atmosphere of the House.

Qasim Suri said that the members of the government have an equal attitude towards all the members of the opposition and I give opportunity to all to speak. Parliament is a serious institution. There should be legislation. Legislation is not possible in such noisy liquor. The then it is said that the assembly is being bypassed.

Qasim Suri suggested to the government and opposition members that we should encourage them to listen to each other. The assembly has its own values. No abuses should be given. No one will benefit from undemocratic attitudes.

PTI National Assembly Member Ali Nawaz Awan said that our people and I were chanting slogans while Rohail Asghar and an MNA were abusing. The opposition members are crossing their boundaries in the Assembly. I agree that the atmosphere of the House It shouldn’t be bad. When the members of the opposition shouted, we also became emotional.

Federal Minister of State for Environment Zartaj Gul Ali Gohar and other opposition members were abusing Galam Gluch’s opposition members in the House in response to the slogans and then they started fighting. Meanwhile, opposition members also started attacking women government members.


Expensive energy schemes of Noon League and PP era.


From 2008 to 2017, the government had to pay higher electricity prices as a result of agreements with foreign companies to generate electricity during the PPP and Noon League. The question arises
Zardari used to ask for his commission when signing a contract with a company. Which was agreed upon by paying them. So the power generating companies used to set the production cost plus the amount of commission paid and the profit per unit for the term of the contract.

They happily signed the agreement with the commission money. The rulers knew that electricity was bought at high prices. Therefore, consumers (people) have been given subsidy per unit from the government exchequer. This is called fraud.
Facing any difficulty in getting electricity to the people and commission money to the rulers
It was not possible for both the parties to keep the people away from the reality.
Most of the people are thinking. Why is today’s government making cheap electricity deals?
While commodity prices have gone up from 10/15 years ago? Because now there are commission free agreements.

Nawaz Sharif and Shobaz handed over all the projects to Mian Mansha. No one should use electricity at low cost now. Load shedding should be 24 hours. Millions of rupees are going to Mian Mansha’s bank account. Mian Mansha is Zardari’s front man.
These two traditional ruling parties, which have completed five years in a row, have always worked for personal gain, while the Imran Khan government has been working for the development of the country and for future generations, as previous governments did during their 50-year rule. No, today, thank God, the country’s economy has started to rise. Seeing the economic growth of the country, the cries of the corrupt opposition are being heard as far as Mars.

The captain is not Pakistan’s contractor but his watchman
And what do thieves and robbers always do to hate the watchman?


London: The 7 richest democratic powers in the world are worried about the influence of China.


According to details, the G7 summit is being hosted by the United Kingdom, which on the first day called for ensuring a uniform supply of anti-coronavirus vaccines around the world, so the heads of the world’s seven most powerful democracies met in the UK. Are to deal with the Corona epidemic.

However, international media reports said that the group of the seven richest democratic parties on Saturday presented an infrastructure plan to developing countries in an attempt to counter China’s growing influence. And so Xi wants to counter Chinese President Xi Jinping’s multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road project.

G7 group will agree to donate vaccines, Boris Johnson hopes

According to media reports, the G7 leaders, who want to compete with China at the summit, have adopted a plan to support low- and middle-income countries in building better infrastructure.

US President Joe Biden has said he wants the US-backed Buildback Butter World (B3W) to become a high-quality alternative to the Chinese program. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has funded the construction of railway roads and ports in many countries, but has been criticized for burdening some countries with debt.

Regarding the Corona epidemic, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the meeting that this meeting is an opportunity to learn lessons from the epidemic, for which everyone must work together.

China environment has come up with a big plan

On the first day of the meeting at Cornwall, the UK resort, the Queen hosted a reception in honor of the leaders, which was also attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton. After reception the Queen posed for a photo with the leaders.

Same time of the issue of climate change is being raised outside the meeting. Workers working on climate change in Cornwall are protesting to shake the G-7 leaders. Some have disguised themselves as G-7 leaders and some have floated a giant. Prepared The protesters demanded that the leaders of the powerful countries take concrete steps to tackle climate change.

Countries G7 include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has maintained the tradition of austerity in the country.

According to details, Federal Minister Murad Saeed released the latest expenditure figures. Expenditure of the Prime Minister’s Office was reduced by 28% in the first year, 21% in the second year and 29% in the third financial year, saving 518 million in the budget and expenditure of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Murad Saeed said that Rs 565 million was saved in the budget and expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House. The expenditure of the Prime Minister’s House was reduced by 28% in the first year.

He said that in the second year the expenditure was reduced by 38% and in the third year by 41%. The Prime Minister did not use Rs. 1 from the discretionary fund in the last three years.

The reduction of crores in the expenses of the Prime Minister’s Office is an ideal step. The former chiefs poured the discretionary funds of the Prime Minister’s Office and crores of rupees were spent on gift tips and gifts.

Murad Saeed further said in the statistics that as soon as the Prime Minister came to power, he abolished his discretionary powers. The money of the people will be spent only on the people and not for government luxuries.


KARACHI: Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has demanded the imposition of Article 140A in Sindh.

According to details, while giving a news conference in Karachi, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said that I do not think that there is any provision for Governor’s Rule in the Constitution. Appointing Governor Rule is undemocratic.

Fawad Chaudhry accused the Sindh Chief Minister of pursuing nationalist politics. He was distancing himself from the politics of Benazir and Zulfiqar Bhutto. I do not want to criticize Murad Ali Shah and his government without any reason. Sindh was given Rs 1600 to 1800 billion in three years. Sindh’s share has also been increased in this budget. They got so much money but where did it go?

Fawad Chaudhry demanded that the Supreme Court should apply Article 140A in Sindh. If we continue to sit on Murad Ali Shah & Co., then development in Karachi and Sindh is impossible in the next several years. Have to think

Referring to NAB, the Federal Minister for Information said that NAB has its own policy under which it works. It is on record that billions of rupees were recovered from Sindh in the history of NAB in the biggest plebiscite cases in NAB history. ۔

Regarding the water shortage in the province, the Federal Minister for Information said that the purpose of some looters in Sindh is to abuse the people. Why the Sindh government is not allowing to monitor how much water is coming and how much is going.
The real water of the people of the province is being stolen by Bilawal House Murad Ali Shah. Asif Zardari and his sister’s land has never run out of water, while Sindh’s water has run low on the lands of poor farmers. Why is Ali Shah not allowing independent observers?

Fawad Chaudhry said that this year Sindh will get Rs. 7 to 750 billion. In the last few years, Rs. 90 billion has been spent on Larkana but work is not visible. Money is also taken in the name of Badin Ghotki and other areas. How long will Sindh be run by awarding contracts to the contractors of one’s choice?

The Federal Minister for Information said that the PML-N has thought that everything has to be rejected. They rejected Overseas Pakistanis with contempt for the right to vote and Ahsan Iqbal said that Overseas Pakistanis do not understand the problems of Nawaz Sharif. Ishaq Dar and his son are also overseas. What do you think about them? Overseas Pakistanis do not take money out of the country but send it to their country from abroad. I condemn the remarks made about overseas Pakistanis.


Imran Khan’s achievements

Muhammad Sarfraz Malik

Another deed of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi which will be written in golden words in history.
And that is …
He changed the syllabus and the books have come to the schools. The name of the Prophet has been changed to the last Prophet

It is so calm that our children were being destroyed in the name of modernism by alienating them from Islam and their prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) in the name of modernity.
He was going to do whatever he likes for the sake of wealth, whether it is good or bad, while the secret of progress is the methods and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him).

If you are hypocritical in this too, then know for sure that you will be a thief of religion, this world and the hereafter. Praise and publicize what is good. Believe in it. Send a curse on politics. The relationship is with devotion, love and respect for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which Imran Khan has done.
Otherwise, before today, there have been many big names and leaders in the history of Pakistan who have spoken about it, but they have done nothing.
Sacrifice Imran Khan who has done and is doing a lot for his religion.
The same Shah Mehmood Qureshi has been the Foreign Minister before but this time when it was the turn of my prophet to insult the glory of the President of France, Shah Mehmood Qureshi in just 3 days called seventeen countries and gave them Forced that our living, our dying, our listening, our speaking, our seeing, our living, is first and foremost for the last prophet.
May Allah grant more success to Imran Khan and may he protect our religion as he is doing and may Allah keep Imran Khan steadfast and make him a servant of religion.
If I mention Imran Khan’s political and international achievements, he is something like that
In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin will inaugurate the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline Agreement in Pakistan.
To end the monopoly of the Western countries, China and Russia are going to set up a world bank of their own which will give loans to its allies without any conditions which Imran Khan advised them and they liked it very much.
Asia’s largest Gwadar airport will be in Pakistan and will be ready in March 2022 and work on it is in full swing.
It is hoped that this month Pakistan will also be removed from the FATF gray list. Inshallah and Sehra will also go to Imran Khan.
Pakistan will now earn 3 billion a year in the defense sector alone.
Pakistan will supply Tajikistan with J17 Thunder fighter jets, artillery machine guns, armored vehicles, ammunition and small arms.
The biggest news is that Nigeria had earlier agreed to buy ten J17 Thunder fighter jets from Pakistan but has now ordered 20 more.