Our vision is to eradicate poverty from the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan

Addressing the closing ceremony of ICEE in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the small section of the country has become the richest. Is included.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country had to take loans due to the richness of some people. The Pakistan has gone to the IMF 20 times.
He said that Pakistan used to be a fast developing country. He saw the country going down with his own eyes. He said that he wanted to take the country back on the path of development. Successful Pakistan program is going to be launched very soon. Under the program, one member of each family will be given technical training.

The Under successful Pakistan program, interest free loans will be provided. He said that a great revolution is coming in the housing sector. Yes, Karachi has become 40% slums. Slums in the cities are increasing.

PM Imran Khan said that establishing justice in the country will bring a big change. Rule of law will bring a big change in the country. In the past, banks did not give loans to build houses. He said that most of the employment in cities is related to construction sector. Promotion of construction sector will increase economic activities. Promotion of construction sector will increase national wealth. Besides, reforms are being introduced to improve tax revenue system.


Lahore: A phased implementation of uniform curriculum in Punjab province

A curriculum implementation punjab School

According to the details, the vision of a book of a nation by Prime Minister Imran Khan is being put into practice from today. Same curriculum will be implemented in all private and government schools of Punjab in the first phase from the primary level Has introduced uniform curriculum in public and private schools up to primary level.

Earlier, Punjab Education Minister Dr Murad Rass said that only Punjab Textbook Board books would be taught in religious madrassas. For the first time, a system was set up for online teacher training.

Regarding the opening of the educational institution, the provincial education minister further said that Corona SOPS would be strictly enforced in the educational institutions while only 50 per cent students would be allowed to be invited to the schools in a day.

It may be recalled that the Single National Curriculum will be implemented across Pakistan which will eliminate class divisions in the education sector. Province Punjab has become the first to implement the SNC.

It Noted Should be that all the schools, colleges and universities in Punjab have reopened on August 2 after the summer vacation. Due to the global epidemic, this time the new academic year in Punjab province is starting from August instead of April


ISLAMABAD PM Imran Khan rejected the complete lockdown.

PM Imran khan live call Public

According to the details, the situation is getting worse in view of the increasing intensity of the fourth wave of Corona. The deadly virus swallowed 62 lives. The rate of positive cases of corona also reached 9%. In 24 hours, 5,026 new cases of corona came to light.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while proposing a complete lockdown in the country, rejected the complete lockdown and said that if a lockdown is imposed, then we have to look at the other side as well. We will save our economy from the lockdown

Speaking at the live session, the Prime Minister said that the fourth wave of Corona has hit Pakistan at the moment. Indian variant Delta is the most dangerous. It spreads more rapidly. Thought and locked down, didn’t think of working people, just looked at the elite.

The Prime Minister said that the Sindh government was trying to lock down. Am believe that lockdown is the right decision. Its spread will be reduced. But with the implementation of lockdown, we have to look the other way. If you are hungry at home, how can you tell them not to go out?

In the live session, the Prime Minister said that we have to stop the spread of Corona and take the economy with us. Our economy has come out of difficult times and is going up by the grace of Allah. The spread of must be stopped.

The Prime Minister said that so far 30 million people across the country have been vaccinated against coronavirus and the government is making every effort to ensure that there is no reduction in vaccination. Should open

It may be mentioned that according to the statistics released by the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care, a new record of vaccination has been set in Punjab including Lahore. I have the largest ever record of a single day of vaccination.


Noorul Hassan quit acting a few days before the wedding.

Famous actor Noorul Hassan

According to the details, actor Noorul Hassan says that I quit my job 15 days before my marriage. I started acting in 2000 and I got married in 2001. I felt that marriage is just a matter of job and TV. If possible, I preferred marriage and TV.

Regarding acting, Noorul Hassan said that he had skated in Government College once by chance, to which people responded very well and it was even published in the Gazette there.

Later, Asghar Nadeem played a role in Syed Sahib’s two and a half hour drama and then the journey of acting began.

The actor added that he did not have much difficulty in getting permission from his father to enter the industry but my father used to say that the world of showbiz is not real, it is fake and I totally agree with him.


Establishment of Nursing University in Pakistan with the help of Bahrain.

Nursing University establish bahrain founds

In 2014, the King of Bahrain announced funds to establish a nursing university in Pakistan.
The government of Pakistan was supposed to provide land where the university could be built. When no reply was received by 2017, the then incompetent Prime Minister of the government Khaqan Abbasi replied that the land has not been arranged yet.
After the PTI government immediately met the legal requirements to hand over 237 kanals of land to the Health Department in Chak Shehzad for the establishment of a Nursing University, Health Advisor Dr Zafar Mirza approached the Bahraini government.
MOU signed between Pakistan and Bahraini government begins construction of university will be the first university of its kind in Pakistan in which 2,000 students will be able to study.
The hostel also includes facilities.


Bad news for users of older versions of Android smartphones.

older version for smart phones

According to a foreign news agency, users of older versions of Android smartphones will be able to enjoy Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google applications on their phones if they do not update to Android before September 27. Will be lost but will continue to message and call.

Reports say that Google has made this decision to improve the security situation so that no user has to wash their Google account using the old software as the new software is many times safer than the 10 year old version. There are software versions.

Google has asked users to download the latest version of Android on their phones to enjoy Google’s services or else after September 27 they will see password and login errors on Gmail and YouTube and other apps. Will come

It should be noted that Android software versions 3 (Honeycomb) and 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) were launched 10 years ago but this software is still usable.


Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan set a world record in T20.

Cricketer Muhammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan became the highest-scoring batsman in international T20 cricket in one year.

Muhammad Rizwan crossed this milestone with his 43rd run in the innings against West Indies.

The previous record was held by Paul Sterling of Ireland, who set a new record of 748 runs in 20 innings in 2019.

It should be noted that Muhammad Rizwan set the record for most runs scored in a single innings in 14 innings.


How did Lahore famous actress Manza Arif come into the drama industry?

Famous Actor Munza Arif

Manza Arif said that I was a teacher in the school and came to the drama industry by chance.

The famous actress appeared in a program on a private TV channel where she talked about her career and personal life.
Manza Arif said that she has completed 14 years in the industry. She did her first drama in 2007 and since then she has been acting in dramas.

The actress said that I came into the industry by chance. Both my sons had gone for auditions. The younger son has also done some plays. I had to play the role of principal in the same play for which I was asked.

He further said that I was a teacher and I continued it even after marriage but when I came in the field of acting, it was nice to see myself on the screen.