There is no for anyone to remain neutral Imran Khan.

Ex PM and Chairman PTI Imran Khan while addressing a press conference said that today I am addressing the Pakistani nation. Today is a decisive time in the country.

Criticizing the government, Imran Khan said that the history of the fascist government knows what it has always been doing. Two families have been in the government for 30 years. They are as undemocratic as the dictators have been. Fly as much as the dictators did.

The game he started last night is his history. When he leaves the government, he remembers democracy. He has violated the sanctity of the chador and the four walls.

Tell us how many times our government has taken to the streets and marched, if we have fought in a 126-day sit-in, in my 26-year political history, if I have broken the law he said.

Imran Khan said that it should be remembered that now it will be decided which way Pakistan should go, whether it is to become Pakistan which was the thought of Allama Iqbal or to make Pakistan which belongs to thieves and robbers.

Imran Khan said that 60% of the members of the cabinet who held the press conference were on bail.

Referring to foreign interference, he added that the National Security Committee had confirmed that foreign interference had brought in returnees for 30 years.

Regarding the PPP’s long march, Imran Khan said that if Bilawal came with a trembling march, did anyone round him up? We had said that we would help him on Bilawal’s march.

There is no room for anyone to be neutral. Allah does not allow you to be neutral. Allah has not allowed you to sit in the middle. Staying in the middle means that you are supporting the criminals.

Lawyers stand up for democracy. I pay tribute. The judiciary must understand that the nation is looking at you. If the country goes to ruin, you will be equally responsible he said.

Referring to the economic situation, the PTI chairman said that in a month and a half, they have ruined the economy.

I am afraid that Pakistan will be like Sri Lanka in a few weeks. They have to abolish NAB. Half of the people in the Election Commission are their slaves. I send a message to neutral judges and lawyers that this is a crucial time.

I salute the journalists who are standing for the truth today. Cases are being filed against the journalists who are standing for the truth. Journalists are being intimidated. I know where the money came from and to which journalist it was given he said.

They will end their cases, end NAB, end the Election Commission and make it their slave. Look at the history.

He said that in comparison to previous periods, our government has provided most of the jobs which were called by the veterans. Look at the situation of this government today.

Imran Khan further said that last night the house of Justice Nasira Iqbal was raided. I ask the judiciary and neutrals again what kind of government you are looking at. No democratic government can do such an attitude. PTI leaders are also being arrested in Karachi who entered the house of Hamad Azhar by climbing over the wall.


The PTI announced the Islamabad Long March on May 25.

PTI core committee meeting chaired by PTI chairman Imran Khan announced long march towards Islamabad on May 25. In a press conference with other party leaders, he directed workers to reach Islamabad on May 25 at 3 o’clock He appealed that the whole nation arrived in Islamabad on May 25 to fight against the imported government and for the struggle for real freedom.

Giving instructions to the workers, he said that everyone should be prepared. The government will shut down the internet two days ago. Maybe it will also shut down the petrol. We will not accept the situation. Our demand is to dissolve the assemblies history of elections. This is not politics, this is jihad, this is the war of real freedom of Pakistan.

He said that we tried our best not to let the conspiracy against us succeed but we failed. The conspiracy was not against me. The conspiracy of regime change was hatched against Pakistan. Bankrupt Mullah Malik was moving forward in all respects. During Corona, our government handled the matter in the best possible way. We were insulted by threats. Will have to face.

This government does not dare to buy cheap oil or wheat from Russia. In consultation with the military leadership, he went to Russia. The United States was told that Imran Khan personally went to Russia. The most corrupt thieves are part of the cabinet Was to happen

My 26 years of politics have been peaceful. We have never tried to spread chaos. We have not allowed anyone to do it. People from all walks of life, including women and children, come to our meetings. This is the real war of independence of Pakistan he said. Not politics, I say once again that this is not politics this is jihad, for which I am ready to go to any lengths.


Islamabad PTI leader Shirin Mazari was arrested from outside his house.

Iftikhar Durrani has claimed the arrest of Shirin Mazari.

Anti-corruption Punjab had reached the federal capital to arrest him. Shereen Mazari has been detained by Dera Ghazi Khan police outside her residence in Islamabad.

Regarding the arrest of Shirin Mazari, Shahbaz Gul said that Shirin Mazari has been arrested. This is an old tradition. We will not tolerate it. None of our workers will back down. These are old political tactics. State terrorism is being used to silence.


Sheikh Rashid may also arrest Imran Khan.

ISLAMABAD: Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s statement has also come to light after the arrest of PTI leader Shirin Mazari.

According to details, the former interior minister while talking to GNN said that more arrests are expected by evening and possibly Imran Khan may also be arrested.

The government has also installed its favorite SHOs, leading the country towards anarchy. A new IG has been appointed in Islamabad Pindi.

The arrest of Shirin is the first in a series.


Lahore: The power crisis in the country is still going on. Shotfall could not be reduced and power generation was further reduced due to lack of fuel.

Sources in the Power Division said that the shortfall of electricity in the country has reached 6,580 MW and due to lack of fuel, the production of electricity has been further reduced to 19,420 MW while the demand for electricity is 26,000. More than megawatts.

According to sources, the power plants are not getting the full amount of coal and LNG for LNG deals but it is necessary to pay in dollars for the supply while fuel is not being supplied due to non-payment by the government.

According to the power division, power generation from hydropower sources is 4,916 megawatts. Government thermal power plants are generating 1,084 megawatts of electricity, and private sector power plants are generating 10,156 megawatts.

The power generation from solar 700 MW from wind is 112 MW. Power plants running from Bagas are generating 166 MW of electricity whereas power generation from nuclear fuel is 2274 MW.

It should be noted that load shedding is being carried out for 16 hours in different parts of the country at present.


It isn’t right to condemn Pakistan for the visit to Russia.

Addressing a press conference in New York, Bilawal Bhutto said that it wasn’t right to condemn Pakistan for its visit to Russia. Ex PM Imran Khan had visited Russia as part of his foreign policy. Wants to

What’s the status of accommodations with the banned TTP? We can not go into details. We’re tired of watching the war. We don’t want to be a part of any conflict. We don’t want to side with any raider he said.

Bilawal Bhutto As Foreign Minister, I’m a champion of women’s rights. We’re in favor of giving women access to education. Women in Afghanistan should have all the introductory rights. Trade.

Afghanistan’s new government must live up to the prospects of the transnational community. We want to be musketeers with everyone. We don’t want hostility with anyone. want a comprehensive bilateral relationship with the United States he said.

Talking about Kashmir issue, he said that Indian measures are against the judgments of Security Council. Attempts are being made to convert maturity of Muslims in enthralled Kashmir into nonage. India is changing the proportion of population in Enthralled Kashmir Kashmir issue is necessary for peace and stability in South Asia.


The government’s irrational economic policy based on which chocolate and candies will not be imported.

Former Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has said in a message released on the social networking website Twitter that after weeks have passed this government has come up with a very wise economic policy according to which chocolates and candies will not be imported.

Criticizing the government in his tweet, he wrote that someone should explain to these blind people that banning the import of chocolate cheese and candies does not run the economy, important economic decisions have to be made.

The government has imposed a complete ban on the import of luxury items, including all items of food decoration, on the basis of economic emergency.


Putting the Prime Minister on the tip of his shoe, my God awakened my people.

Addressing a public gathering in Gujranwala, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people of Gujranwala have played cricket for 21 years but I have never seen so many people at the cricket ground.

He said that all the dacoits have stood on one side and my nation on the other side calls it a revolution when we become a nation and fight the enemies of the country. Insha Allah we will defeat them badly. I am calling Islamabad to fight the war of true freedom.

By gathering the big bandits of Pakistan under an American conspiracy, they overthrew the elected government of the people of Pakistan. The whole nation has to come out with me. We will tell these conspirators that we are a living and free nation.

The former prime minister said that in history whenever a prime minister was removed sweets were distributed. No one thought that when I was removed through conspiracy the nation would take to the streets when our government removed the wealth of the country. Exports grew the most in our time in history. Exports grew 26% in the 9 months last year.

Pakistan’s industry has grown the most since the Ayub era. We have collected the highest taxes in the history of Pakistan. We have reduced the price of petrol in the country. We have reduced the burden on our people. We collected money and spent it on the people. We got the money from the sugar mills to the farmers on time. The farmers planted it on the land which increased the income of the farmers.

He said that some people have been saving you from PML-N all the time but the time has come for every dacoit and your time has come. Is.

Imran Khan said, “I always promised you that I will never bow down to anyone and I will never let you bow down. Prime Minister, there is nothing in front of him. Awaken it, unite it, when we become a nation, there is no problem for us, let us repay our debts, just as in flood and earthquake, as a nation, this nation helped itself, Pakistan means no god but Allah, there is no god but Allah. No, we do not bow before anyone. We do not bow before America. We are followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We do not bow before anyone.

Inshallah we will build a new pakistan this month to win the war of real freedom now prepare for islam ticket i will see the performance of islamabad march hamza is coming down now the police will not stop but he will send his family with you People from all departments will send their families and our Pak Army families will also come.


Successful treatment of diabetes with the help of ultrasound.

white One Touch at 6.7 remote

Diabetes is on the rise all over the world and work is being done in various fields for its treatment, one of which is a new development in the form of ultrasound.

A joint study by experts from various US research institutes and universities in the latest issue of the research journal Nature Biomedical Engineering shows that the amount of insulin and sugar in the blood of animals can be determined by focusing ultrasound waves on certain nerves in the liver for only three minutes. Significantly decreased. These experiments were performed on mice and pigs.

Research has shown that portal hepatitis, a part of the liver, contains a nerve clot called the hepatoportal nerve plexus, which transmits information to the brain about glucose and nutritional status. Both glucose and insulin levels fluctuate, while the nerve endings are so small that it is difficult to control their activity from the outside. This technique emerged a few years ago as a new possibility.

Raymond Herzog, a Yale School of Medicine endocrinologist working on the project, explained that ultrasound neuromodulation would be an exciting and completely new addition to the treatment of our patients if ongoing clinical trials confirmed the research.

We are now in the midst of human feasibility trials with a group of subjects with type 2 diabetes who are beginning to move towards clinical translation using ultrasound said Christopher Plio, author of the new study and senior biomedical engineer at GE Research. It could be a game changer in how biotechnologies are used and applied to diseases like type 2 diabetes in the future.


Why the western world is afraid of Imran Khan’s long term policies.

Pakistan has been made the 19th permanent member of the world’s olive-growing countries. ۔

In addition to the traditionally cultivated plants, they are currently producing 1500 tons of olive oil and 830 tons of olive oil with food.

The amount of oil in Pakistan’s olives is getting better than the other 18 countries. The quality of olives is also better than the rest. So far 26 oil extraction plants have been set up.

The total number of trees and the expected fruit yield from them indicates that in a few years Pakistani olives will be the leader of the world.

This was the long term policy that Imran Khan worked on and the effects were to be late and the effects of late are permanent.

Our requirement is 3.5 million tons. Last year, 4,000 tons of oil came out. This year, the target is 20,000 tons.

Our edible oil bill is 20 billion dollars. If it starts to be produced from Pakistan then we don’t have to give out so many dollars in reserves. This will increase the value of our rupee and it can reduce inflation in the country.

By increasing production, not only can it be eliminated, but insha’Allah they will soon become exporters.

Some palm oil is also being produced in the coastal areas of Sindh but now with the advent of imported government a severe water crisis has arisen in the country especially Sindh is becoming barren due to which the production of palm oil is likely to suffer. Is

Tea is grown in Swat and pulses in Balochistan. Someone tell him that America gives us bread. Thank you Imran Khan.