IT exports reached the highest level in the country’s history.

IT Export Have Reached Highest Level

According to the details, IT exports have reached the highest level in the history of the country.

In a tweet on social networking site Twitter, Federal Minister for IT Syed Aminul Haq said that exports from July 2020 to May 2021 have been 47.1%.

IT Minister Syed Aminul Haq has said that this year’s exports have been 1.90 billion as compared to 1.29 billion last year and the target of 2 billion will be met by June 2021.

He further said that IT companies and software export boards deserve congratulations for the fastest export remittances.


Absolutely not. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s domineering response to not giving airports to the United States.


Asked in an American TV interview whether the Pakistan CIA would provide airports in Pakistan to the United States, he said no, in response to a slap in the face to Pakistani opposition leaders.

PM Imran Khan Response Absolutely Not
  1. The Opposition, knowing that Pakistan will not provide bases to the United States despite its statement in the Foreign Minister’s Assembly, is still using the national issue for political purposes.
  2. The World Health Organization and other international organizations are praising the government of Pakistan for handling the corona virus epidemic well.
    While the opposition leaders are also misrepresenting these national issues so that the people are misled, the people have seen it with their own eyes.
  3. In the last 15 months, the world economy has declined due to the corona virus, while Pakistan’s best measures are being hailed as better by other international financial institutions besides the World Bank and the IMF. Despite this, the opposition has issued writ petitions.
  4. The United Nations and developed countries are paying tribute to Pakistan’s environmental policy.
    While the opposition is not listening to or listening to the international community, has the opposition leader become deaf and dumb and cannot bear to see Pakistan’s progress increasing.
    The minds of the opposition and their allies are obscured. The growing acceptance of the Imran Khan government’s better measures at the international level has deprived the opposition US India of sleep.

After Imran Khan’s clear announcement to the United States not to use Pakistan’s territory, the key advisers of the “Western Hawks” have mobilized, while the opposition will also mobilize. To overthrow Imran Khan’s government, the opposition is now demanding that We will provide our airports to the United States if we are overthrown and brought to power.
Meanwhile, the IMF will pressurize Pakistan to comply with its conditions.

Western political agents in Pakistan have also been directed to launch a large-scale political campaign against Imran Khan. Particularly in the name of Islam in Pakistan, secretly funded Jewish parties and the NDA have been instructed to worsen the situation in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They will play psychological games and wall off Pakistan.
But Allah is with those who support the truth. If we persevere with the truth, then the unseen will help. Inshallah Imran Khan will be a servant on every front.

The United States should also understand that Pakistan is no longer the Pakistan of 2001, it is the Pakistan of 2021. Praise be to God, the Pakistan of 2021 has now changed. Pakistan is now moving in the right direction. The security decision will be made by the state of Pakistan itself.