ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically refused to give US bases in Pakistan for operations in Afghanistan.

PM Imran khan Interview to Foreign Media

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan in an interview to foreign media clarified that after the withdrawal of US troops, Pakistan will not allow the use of its bases for operations in Afghanistan. Pakistan played a key role in the Afghan peace process which I appreciated

Imran Khan said that it was not possible for Pakistan to allow land use against Afghanistan and Pakistan would not allow CIA to use bases.

PM Imran Khan had always supported the Afghan process, saying that there was no military solution to the Afghan problem, it had to be solved politically.

It may be recalled that after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan till September 11, the foreign media was speculating that the US was taking bases from Pakistan for operations in Afghanistan. Wanted and Pakistan’s land will not be allowed to be used against any other country.
Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Hbo Axios exclusive interview on Sunday at 6 pm Washington DC time
This will be broadcast on Monday morning at 3AM according to Pakistani time.


Bone weakness in old age is a way to avoid joint pain.

Avoid from Joint pain

Today’s man is surrounded by many medical problems, major and powerful diseases are rising, with which people are fighting and leaving the world.

One of the many diseases is joint pain which is not fatal but causes severe pain. In the old days this disease used to afflict people in old age but now people in their 30s are also suffering from this disease.

Joint Pain

So here is the simplest treatment for joint pain that you can follow to get rid of this disease.

Causes of joint pain

Gaining weight not only causes diabetes but also many other ailments including blood pressure and heart disease but also causes joint pain which makes life miserable.

Another cause of joint pain is the change in the weather, especially the winter season is a big test for such people, women have to go through the disease more than men.

Lack of calcium in the human body as well as lack of sleep and physical weakness is also a major cause of joint pain.

At the same time, increasing levels of calcium and potassium in the blood also cause the disease.

Excessive weight lifting also increases the risk of joint pain.

The easiest treatment for joint pain

1- It is better to eat clean food at home than to eat outside.

2- Use foods that are rich in food such as dal mash paay arvi bhandi etc.

3- Don’t spend too much time in the water and especially those women who spend most of their time in household chores washing dishes and clothes.

4- In winter, be very careful and keep a warm bandage or a warm cloth tied around the knees and joints.

5- Boiled eggs, milk, yogurt and butter should be used frequently in the diet. Take as much sunlight as possible.

6- Make sure to exercise for one to one and a half hours as per daily routine and consult your doctor in case of severe discomfort.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from joint pain and old age.