To improve the soft image of the country, Pakistaniness must be promoted, PM Imran khan.


According to details, addressing a function in Islamabad, the PM said that he paid tribute to ISPR at the Short Film Festival.

Imran Khan said that one who is afraid of defeat can never win. He has seen the evolution of film industry in Pakistan. He said that scholarships will be given to the youth for the development of short films.

The PM said that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was taken to raise funds. There were many fans of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan abroad who copied Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and did not get any acceptance.

PM said that ideas are accepted in the world. Adopted we the culture of others instead of our own thinking in making films. Our TV did the best job that is seen in India. Fear can never be a good player.

The Prime Minister said that young filmmakers have tried to bring the culture of Pakistan forward. No one has any idea what kind of blessings there are in Pakistan. In the past, no attention has been paid to historical tourist places.

He said that there are 4 climatic zones in Pakistan, there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. There is a lots of potential in tourism in Pakistan.

The PM said that special measures are being taken for the promotion of tourism. Soft image comes automatically. If you want to promote soft image, then promote Pakistaniness.

PM said that our film industry is influenced by Hollywood and Bollywood. It was said during cricket that we cannot win against the British.

The PM said that our filmmakers have an opportunity to show Pakistan to the world. Our politicians go to London for holidays. never not one has become a big businessman without risk.