ISLAMABAD: Guidelines have been issued for the use of Pakistan-made Pak-Week vaccine.

PakWeek Vaccine

According to the details, guidelines for Pak- Week vaccine were issued by the Ministry of National Health stating that storage of Pak-week vaccine will help in the use. Don’t do

According to the guidelines, Pak Week Vaccine should be protected from sunlight. The vaccine can be given to people above 18 years of age. People with heart disease, respiratory diabetes and obesity can take Pak Week.

The vaccine guidelines state that pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with fever and corona patients cannot be vaccinated against Pak week vaccine, while healthy people from Corona can be vaccinated against Pak week vaccine.

Transplant recipients can be vaccinated after 3 months. Patients with chemotherapy can be vaccinated after 28 days. People suffering from asthma and mental illness can be vaccinated with Pak week vaccine. Each person will be given one dose of Pak week vaccine.