If there is a leader whose far-sighted decisions should be acknowledged by the world.

Great Leader Imran khan


The American magazine Forbes is known in business circles.
In a recent issue of the magazine, the Pakistani economy is recovering while the US and Indian economies are battling the corona virus.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani federal government has also revived the economy through local and smart lockdown to deal with the corona virus and has also succeeded in controlling the virus.
Pakistan managed to bring its current account deficit of Rs 19 billion to Rs 900 million plus
The news of Pakistan’s economic recovery is being received from abroad. The world powers are acknowledging Pakistan’s best strategy and congratulating Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team on improving the economy. Are fully deserving of
With the grace of God Almighty, this has become possible. Prime Minister Imran Khan with his best far-sighted decisions did not allow Pakistan’s economy to collapse in the global epidemic Karuna. He saved the man’s business from being completely shut down and provided complete relief to the people affected by cowardice through his Ehsas program which is being recognized all over the world today.
Its credit goes to the proud Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.
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Let’s go and see it for a long time. Great leader Imran Khan