That Time When There Were no Cards and Mobile Phones.

Back in the days when there were no cards and mobile phones, the host of a wedding would go from house to house on a bicycle or on foot, inviting people. This tradition included emotions and love that are rarely seen in today’s era.

Names of the bride and groom.

We are delighted to inform you of the marriage of Sultan Muhammad Khan, son of Dildar Khan, from the village, with Besharan Bibi’s daughter.

Invitation and arrangements.

We invite you to join us on this blessed occasion and request you to arrive in the village three days before the wedding, as you will also need to assist with some arrangements.

Role of the village youth.

The young people of the village were at the forefront of wedding preparations. They would gather wood first and then go from house to house collecting wood. Some young men, according to the season, would collect bedding and mattresses together.

Names on mattresses.

Names were also written on these mattresses. Usually, the mattresses were made of clay, copper, or aluminum. Steel and glass containers were owned by wealthy people. Education was scarce, so some friends would inscribe a special code or mark due to their illiteracy.

Joy of the groom’s friends.

As the wedding day approached, the groom’s friends meaning his companions.

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