Withdrawal of US and Allied troops from Afghanistan.

Withdrawal of US Afghanistan

There is a saying of the elders that when one enters a house and goes out, the door and the wall of that house are shaken.
What were the reasons for the arrival of US and allied forces in Afghanistan?
Have the goals that the Allies wanted to achieve been achieved? Coalition forces have been in Afghanistan for more than 20 years.
Numerous children, old people and women have been martyred, many have been injured and deported. Millions of coalition forces have been forced to take refuge in Pakistan.
Shelters have to bear financial losses but the Allies have failed miserably in achieving their goals.
Pakistan is facing the worst disaster after Afghanistan. Terrorism has been spread all over the country. Thank God that the Pakistani forces have overcome it with the help of the people. Today, thank God, our armed forces have Build and develop by restoring peace and order.

The United States will not want peace and stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the withdrawal of troops, while Pakistan’s first desire is to establish peace and stability in both countries, the situation is much better for Pakistan today than 2000, thank God.
Regional countries China, Russia, Iran and Turkey also consider peace and stability in Afghanistan necessary for regional security.
There is complete solidarity between the civil and armed forces of Pakistan which is not being digested by the enemy and the internal opposition parties but there are good hopes that regional peace, order, prosperity and stability will come in Afghanistan, God willing.


Cyberknife robot in Pakistan that eradicates tumors.

Cyber Knife robot

Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital, Pakistan’s economic hub, has dozens of buildings and treatment facilities in various departments, but there is one building where free treatment is available nowhere else in the world. It is a magical cure for cancer in just a few hours. Gives complete salvation.
There is no surgery in this treatment and there is no problem. The special thing is that not a single penny is spent on this treatment of Rs 5 million.

It is mentioned here that this cyber knife is a robot that eradicates the tumor from the root. The cyber knife emits rays from twelve hundred angles at the same time, which makes it easier and safer for the tumor victim than radio surgery. I have a success rate of up to 99%. There is no need for a recommendation for treatment and no hassle of waiting.

According to doctors, patients with stage one and two cancer can be treated with a cyber knife. The robot performs its work in front of the patient’s eyes and in a few hours, the patient recovers and leaves the hospital with a magic knife. The treatment is amazing and the establishment of this institution is no less than a miracle.

About seven years ago, a Pakistani man was successfully treated in the United States with a cyber-knife. A young man who had recovered expressed his desire to bring a robot-cyber-knife worth more than Rs 400 million to Pakistan. Therefore, the caravan landed in the Pakistan Aid and Foundation field and became a caravan. In the end, when the deficit was Rs.

In the last five years, 5,000 people have benefited from cyberknives, including patients from abroad. The most important thing is that there are only 250 cyberknife robots in the world, of which Pakistan is the only country. Where surgeries of Rs. 50 lakhs are being done absolutely free of cost, not only this, the technology is increasing day by day in this institution. The recently, a bat scan machine has also been installed.

For the service of God’s people, let us continue to share this information. Do you know if this will prove to be an ongoing charity for you?

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