Healthy foods.

stainless steel spoons and spices on gray wooden table

Clove. Clove Naturally prevents gas from forming in the esophagus. Eating crushed cardamom and cloves also cures stomach acidity and also gets rid of bad breath. cumin. Cumin is also a spice that helps in homogenizing stomach acidity which helps in digestion and also reduces stomach pain. Make it a habit to put a tablespoon … Read more

The story of Raiwind Palace.

Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Lahore is called Raiwind Mahal. It is named after Nawaz Sharif’s mother. Round Palace covers an area of 1700 acres or 13600 kanals. Excluding the adjoining land, a special gate has been constructed for access to more than 25000 kanals.The names of Nawaz Sharif’s mother Begum Shamim Sharif and daughter Maryam … Read more

NADRA has introduced the facility of accepting digital payments along with Jazz Cash and EasyPay.

Citizens can now digitally pay for ID card processing or other ID documents at NADRA offices through their Jazz Cash and EasyPay app. Digital payment service was recently launched at NADRA Centers with credit debit card payments and the new service enhances the public convenience by providing cash as well as alternative digital payment options. … Read more