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The story of Raiwind Palace.


Jan 15, 2022 ,

Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Lahore is called Raiwind Mahal. It is named after Nawaz Sharif’s mother.

Round Palace covers an area of 1700 acres or 13600 kanals. Excluding the adjoining land, a special gate has been constructed for access to more than 25000 kanals.
The names of Nawaz Sharif’s mother Begum Shamim Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz are written in capital letters The royal residence includes 3 kitchens 3 drawing rooms a swimming pool, a fish farm a small zoo and a lake.

The land purchased by Mian Sahib in this area was adorned with modern facilities by spending money from the national treasury.
About 1500 employees work in this residence whose total monthly salary is crores of rupees.

When Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister for the second time he paid special attention to the construction and renovation of Raiwind Palace.

Immediately after coming to power for the second time Nawaz Sharif gave the status of Prime Minister’s Camp Office to Raiwind residence and thus obliged the federal agency PWD to pay for all the expenses of this residence and development projects. In addition to the Prime Minister’s Camp Office the PWD was also required to pay a large sum of money to the adjoining Prime Minister’s residence and the residences of his relatives.

In this regard an article was published in the British newspaper Sunday Times in which it was written that Nawaz Sharif’s property spread over thousands of acres in Raiwind is an unwarranted display of his wealth by a person who belongs to the poor. He came to power in February 1997 with a life-changing mandate Sharif family bought Raiwind land for Rs. 13 crore.

A royal decree was issued from Islamabad on July 26, 1992. This decree was addressed to the Commissioner Lahore Division. With this decree the Prime Minister’s Secretariat released Rs. Improve the condition of the road connecting this magnificent residence to Lahore.

Immediately after this another order was issued and at the same time more money was also issued. This time the order for Commissioner Lahore was as follows.
That they should construct another road which passes between Ittefaq Complex and Ittefaq Farm and an additional Rs. 149 million was paid for this project.

As a very early step the PWD sent a summary of Rs. And in the next twenty-four hours, development work on this royal residence had begun. All laws and regulations were violated.

Sui Northern Gas then received orders from Sharif Farm by a royal decree. The first order was that the said department should immediately connect the main gas pipeline to Sharif Farm and there should be no delay in this work. Special arrangements were made to ensure that no one else was connected to the gas supply. The locals tried to take advantage of this facility but their requests were turned down. Rs. 7 crore from the national exchequer which is equivalent to Rs. 70 crore today was spent on this installation.

The second phase was started by the Punjab government after receiving huge sums of money from the federal departments. Immediately after the huge expenditure incurred through the rent of Sharif Farm, following the order of the Chief Minister, the District Council constructed a magnificent road, after which another royal order was issued according to which Road from Sharif Farm to Sharif Farm on both sides of the canal.

Development work on the Raiwind Farm continued only for the farm due to the extravagance of the national exchequer but the nearby villages were completely ignored.


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