I am to ready go to lady judge and apologize Imran Khan.

The case in Chairman PTI Imran Khan was dismissed and ordered to submit an affidavit.

The contempt of court case was heard in the Islamabad High Court on the statement related to Additional Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry.

Just Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb, Just Mohsin Akhtar Kayani Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri and Just Babar Sattar are part of the bench.

Ex PM Imran Khan appeared in the court along with his lawyer Hamid Khan, while judicial assistant Munir A. Malik Makhdoom Ali Khan Malaika Bukhari and Attorney General Ashtrawsaf also appeared before the court.

On the special instructions of the Chief Justice High Court, speakers have been installed in the press room and bar room so that the proceedings of the case can be heard live.

At the beginning of the hearing, Chief Justice Athar Minullah said that today we will only file the charge sheet, to which lawyer Hamid Khan said that the accused Imran Khan wanted to say something before that.

Imran Khan came to the rostrum and asked permission to speak, on which the court allowed Imran Khan to speak.

Imran Khan said in his statement in the court that I had not intentionally threatened the lady judge, I had asked to take legal action in my speech.

I am ready to apologize to the lady judge and will not do anything like that again.

In the court statement, it was said that as the case progressed, I realized the seriousness. I had talked about legal action against the female judge.

On which the Chief Justice said we are not indicting, we never like the contempt of court case in the manner and in the public gathering you said it was under consideration.

Justice Atta Bandyal remarked that Imran Khan has realized his mistake, he has taken back his words, we appreciate him.
Islamabad High Court decided not to frame charges against Imran Khan today and ordered Imran Khan to submit an affidavit.

IHC adjourned the hearing of the case for next week.


What is going to happen in the next 30 days in the country?

In The Reporters, Maria Memon, the host, asked analyst Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain and he said that the ruling party has been defeated by Imran Khan and PTI at the political and public level.

The host of the program, Maria Memon, questioned that the leadership of PML-N has been talking about level playing field for a long time, the talk of Nawaz Sharif’s return home has also started. Is Imran Khan to be knocked out of the political arena? Mohsin Ranjha also said that if a decision is taken against Imran Khan on technical grounds in 30 days, then what is going to happen in the country in the next 30 days.

Answering these questions, analyst Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain said that the fact is that these people have been defeated by Imran Khan and PTI at the political and public level, so now they are trying to catch them. But these people are busy in ending their scams.

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain said that someone is saying that he will be hanged by God, someone is holding a press conference from London. One of our ministers, Ahsan Iqbal, said that Imran Khan will be kept in Landhi Jail. He said that he belongs to a Pakistani prison, but there is no justification for such words.

After Chief Secretary Punjab Kamran Afzal showed incapacity for further work, the story has been spread across the country that he was being urged to redeploy Buzdar era officers, but he has flatly refused and said that no By justifying the fact that I will not appoint an officer with a bad record, quarrels and differences between the Punjab government and Imran Khan are being given color.

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain said that I say with confidence that there is no dispute or disagreement between the Chief Minister of Punjab and Imran Khan or PTI. There is agreement between PTI and QL on all issues. The entire team of the provincial government is standing by Imran Khan.


Development work and objectives of Nawaz Sharif era.

Nawaz Sharif’s visible works of Motorways, Metro, Orange Train, Furnace Oil, Diesel, Soy Gas and Imported Coal-fired Power Generation Projects seem very useful, but actually these projects have destroyed the economy of Pakistan and the real freedom of Pakistan. It has happened that in developing Pakistan, especially the motorways were built ahead of time.

In the same way that a house builder installs tiles on the floor of the house before putting the roof on it, then by approving their cost four to five times more than the actual cost, he owes Pakistan much more than his capacity, just for his kickback and commission dollars. In greed and that too to provide more facilities and benefits to the small elite of the country.

Just think that less than ten percent of the country’s population is benefiting from the highways, on which only expensive cars, landcruise air-conditioned buses and elite vehicles can run. It is not even possible to think of driving vehicles etc. on these roads, then by installing fences around these highways, the populations on both sides have been cut off from which the people living on the sides of these roads can come closer. Instead, they have become more distant, in addition to this, the expensive cars running on these roads and full of waste are becoming victims of the poor feeling of deprivation of the majority of the population, then the burden of the dollars spent on these motorways is on the economy of Pakistan. While their multiple profits went to foreign construction companies and Sharifs, what did the ninety percent of the people of Pakistan get?

Apart from this, the routes of these motorways have been deliberately made longer instead of shorter and shorter than the old routes and roads only for the lure of more kickbacks and to give them more benefits from the lands of their loved ones and party leaders on these routes, for example from Lahore. Islamabad’s motorway is about a hundred kilometers longer than the GT Road, whereas in principle it should have been shorter than the GT Road.

Just imagine that its cost is about seventeen crores of rupees per kilometer. A hundred kilometers more means seventeen hundred crore rupees more. What would have happened if he had not taken a loan and sat in the furnace of Pakistan’s economy?

If, instead of motorways, national highways were built on routes with separate tracks for slow-speed vehicles, keeping their costs and local resources and needs in front, then the cost would be four to five times less and the surrounding communities would also benefit from them. If the cost estimates were done with honesty and patriotism, imagine that instead of 1,000 miles of motorways, 8, 10,000 miles of national highways would have been built, and Pakistan would not have incurred debts and millions of rich and poor. Taking advantage, the commission would be in rupees instead of dollars and would get less, which was harmful for the Sharifs.

Similarly, despite the presence of Thar coal in the country since 1993 for more than two hundred years, in 2014, in 2014, the country’s densely populated and fertile Sahiwal area was given a kickback to its younger brother with imported coal of ten times higher price. In the eyes of the ignorant, a power plant was set up to make a number, on which electricity is being generated at the rate of 35 rupees per unit, and electricity is being applied to the nation, thousands of acres of fertile land and the health of millions of people in the surrounding area Commodities are being affected separately, while according to the official announcement three days ago, the electricity generated from Tharcoal is being generated at the rate of Rs. reaches the corner.

The only disadvantage was that if the power plant was built in Thar, the brother would not get kickback, nor would the then Minister of Railways, Saad Rafiq, get the rent and commission for bringing the imported coal from the port of Karachi to Sahiwal. Even though there was a PML-N government at the center as well.

If the PML-N government wanted, it would have set up a factory with the same capacity as Sahiwal in Thar with the support of Sindh government. What was wrong with taking it?

                             Akhr Afzal Bella

Thank you for the name of compulsion.

When Pakistan was created, it was for the Pakistanis, including soldiers and non-soldiers. Unfortunately, as soon as Pakistan was formed, Muslim riots and war broke out in Kashmir. could not

The army thought it appropriate to occupy Pakistan instead of sitting idle. Since then, this occupation has been ongoing during which Pakistan was divided, but the army not only remained firm on its intention and decision, but also continued to implement it with time. The fault of the dishonest anti-patriotic and wealth-oriented politicians of Ibn al-Mutaq has been very prominent on the government, as soon as the influence of these corrupt politicians increases, the looting market is hotter while the economic and political condition of Pakistan starts to soften.

After seeing the condition of Pakistan and the looting of politicians, the army comes forward to put a stop to it. Initially it also brings some reduction in this looting, then under the objective necessity, it appoints its favorite politicians but also the politicians pledged to its service. Together with her, she sometimes washes her hands and sometimes takes a bath in the flowing Ganga.

Thankfully only a few high-ranking officials benefit from the bathing process. Millions of army officers and soldiers are still far away from such waters of the Ganga. May Allah keep them away and deprived.

This series of soft heat is still ongoing
India’s intransigence in the issue of Kashmir from above has also made the effective existence of the army an essential and powerful part of Pakistani politics and society. Understand or administrative necessity compulsion name thanks.

Akhr Baba’s Huda


Shosha of General Election.

Now, by talking about the general election, an attempt is being made to divert attention from the conspiracy made in the by-election. For this, first two days were taken to cool down the feelings of the people. Be on this side, youths, you have to take the decision of the by-elections first and then move forward.

You have worked hard day and night, don’t let it go in vain, stick to your goal like a mujahid and win the current election in any case, there is wisdom in that. This negligence will give them an opportunity.

The child is also understanding that the mandate of the people has been openly insulted, now only the people can fight against it.

They should not sit silently, but the main requirement is to stand up in front of this cruelty and brutality and open injustice and respond to them like a leaden wall. The country will be flattened, the country will fall into a deep ditch and generations will be destroyed.

We will never be able to develop and we will remain confused in electricity, gas and petrol, our leaders will dictate from outside and we will continue to dance on their cues like puppets.

Freedom does not come easily and you have to go through the tests, then you will get rid of these night and day ugly spectacles. The fruits of hard work will surely be seen. Above all is watching. We have to keep trying. They should not be allowed to sit comfortably with the mandate taken away by force. Allah is with the truth.

Falsehood has to be eradicated, but for this we have to fight hard because the enemy is very fierce. Now only the people can suppress their evil ambitions. We are lucky that we got a perfect guide which is not found again and again.


Dastar Khan of Bahadur Shah Zafar.

In rice

Yakhni Pulau Moti Pulau Nikti Pulau Noormahli Pulau Raisin Pulau Nargisi Pulau Red Pulau Muzaffar Pulau Falsai Pulau Abi Pulau Golden Pulau Rupali Pulau Chicken Pulau Baiza Pulau Pineapple Pulau Kofta Pulau Biryani Pulau Salem Goat Pulau Bonnet Pulau Khichdi Show Meat Cooked Kalchidi and Acceptance .

I hope you, like me, have not heard this name in years.

Kaliya Dupiyaza Deer Korma Chicken Korma Fish Eggplant Fillet Potato Fillet Chickpea Lentil Fillet Eggplant Dilma Karel Dilma King Like Karel King Like Dal Seekh Kebab Shami Kebab Bullet Kebab Partridge Kebab Quail Kebab Nikti Kebab Khatai Kebab and Hussaini Kebab used to be included.

You may not have seen these types of breads on the internet.

Chapatis Phalke Parathas Oily Roti Khmer Roti Gaudeida Gau Zaban Kalcha Ghosi Roti Almond Roti Pistachio Roti Rice Roti Carrot Roti Egyptian Roti Naan Naan Panba Naan Gulzar Naan Tanki and Shermal.

Look at the dessert.

Matanjan Zarda Muzaffar Pumpkin Pudding Carrot Pudding Kangani Pudding Yakuti Namish Rowe Halwa Carrot Halwa Pumpkin Halwa Malai Halwa Almond Halwa Pistachio Halwa Rangtare Halwa

Jams were of these types.

Mango jam, apple jam, bayberry jam, orange jam, bitter gourd jam, orange jam, lemon jam, pineapple jam, gourd jam, cucumber jam, bamboo jam.

These were the types of sweets.

Jalebi Amrti Barfi Phini Qalaqand Moti Pak Balu Shahi Dar Bihesht Inner Pills Halwa Sohan Halwa Abyssin Halwa Gonde Ka Halwa Pedi Ka Lado Pearl Chor Peanut Almond Pistachio Malati Nuts Peanut Milk Pistachio Almond Jaman Rangtare Sweets and pistachios of falsa back.

These delicious colorful meals were decorated in gold and silver plates, stirrups, saucers and bowls and were fragrant with the fragrance of musk saffron and curry powder.

Excerpt from the book Delhi which was a city by Intar Hussain.


Historical facts

08 March 1975

In the 70s
A movement to establish an empowered city government in Karachi began.
His spirit was an unknown non-political personality.

His name was Mirza Jawad Baig
This movement for the establishment of a city government was well received in Karachi
First Education Minister of Pakistan
Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi
Professor ABA Haleem
And serious thinkers like Syed Hussain Imam also supported Mirza Jawad Baig
More than 60 regional units of Tehreek Urban Government will be established in Karachi.

The emigrants gathered and began preparing for a large convention for local government
But Mirza Javad Baig was arrested just one day before the convention.
No offense
No blame
A day after his arrest, a special ordinance was issued
Under which a case of treason was registered against him and his bail application was not heard for two years
The then Sindh Balochistan Chief Court headed by Justice Qureshi sentenced Mirza Jawad Baig to 12 years imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of 7 thousand rupees.

This decision was given by a special bench headed by Justice Qureshi in Quetta.
Later, Mirza Jawad Baig was released on the orders of the Supreme Court.

After being released, Mirza Jawad Baig stopped taking part in any kind of practical and public politics and adopted the status quo.

The history of Karachi proves that the residents of this city have always faced accusations of treason for demanding their rights.

For the new generation, it is very important to know the history before making the right decisions.


This is Alina of Lahore.

He took a degree in social sciences. While studying at university, people found out that she was a caste cobbler and her father was involved in the same business, so she was ridiculed as low caste and given unknown titles.

He looked for a job after his degree but couldn’t find it
So started helping my father in his business, learned to make and repair shoes, built a shop which is now a double storey and now earns Rs 4/5 lakh per month. Proud.

Alina we are proud of you keep up the good work.
People like you are the backbone of our society.

  1. People shouldn’t have made fun of me.
  2. No one should be considered inferior.
  3. There is greatness in hard work.
  4. In every decision of Allah, there is some expediency.

See now she is running her own shoe business, otherwise she would have been humiliated in the job cycle and she would have been humiliated even after getting a job.


The Pakistani government has legalized money laundering.

photo of three solar panels

When there was a duty on solar panels, traders used to pay a minimum duty of 70 70,000 by showing a container worth 23 23,000 to 30 30,000.

Now that the duty on solar panels is zero, it doesn’t matter how many invoices are shown at customs and now the situation is that traders are showing the price of a container at 3 300,000. Yes, the government allows traders to send that much money abroad.

Thus, it has become a big game and money laundering is taking place under its guise. Money laundering has found a legal way. Duty free items have always been a favorite of money launderers and black money holders. Whether it is a million dollar show or a million dollar show, however, the government is forced to allow the trader to send out as much money as the invoice for the dollar show.

Here I would also like to point out two more issues associated with these solar panels.

The first two or three days ago, it was written that during Chapdasi’s visit to Turkey, agreements were made to import solar panels, then load shedding was brought to Pakistan and now solar panels are being imported at high prices through Salman Shahbaz’s company in government offices. Corruption will be done legally by installing it

Secondly, the PML-N has entered into the most expensive power generation agreements with private companies in such a way that whether they buy electricity from them or not, they have been paid monthly. Now after installing solar panels, less electricity will be purchased from these companies According to the agreement, the amount will be paid in full, while on the other hand, the people’s tax money will be spent on solar panels, ie the commission for electricity will be returned from two places at the same time. And haraam profit and commission will be eaten by both sides!

So sir this is the real way to legalize money laundering after which every haraam thing can be eaten
Written by Javed Iqbal


Quaid-e-Azam’s first rebel journal.

General Ayub then licked the generals to occupy Pakistan
The pages of Pakistan’s history of Pakistan’s ruin and destruction that are not taught to us in books.

Shortly after the formation of Pakistan, Sardar Abdul Rabb Nishtar sent a file about Ayub Khan to Quaid-e-Azam and wrote in a note that Ayub Khan was interested in politics instead of rehabilitation and relief of refugees.

On this Quaid-e-Azam wrote this order on file
I know this army officer (Ayub Khan) he is more interested in politics than military affairs he is transferred to east pakistan he will not work in any command position for one year and he will not plant badge
The book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami
Quaid-e-Azam’s anger towards Ayub Khan did not subside even later and when he went to Dhaka and was given a military salute, he stopped Ayub Khan from standing by him.
The book Gohar Guzasht

Author Altaf Gohar
In fact, Ayub Khan was given the responsibility of controlling the Hindu-Muslim riots in Amritsar during the Partition, but he went there and fell in love with Maharaja Patiala’s girlfriend and spent most of his time with her and paid no attention to the riots. On which Quaid-e-Azam had sent him to Dhaka as punishment.
The book Gohar Guzasht
Author Altaf Gohar
Ayub Khan was very saddened by his demise and against the orders of Quaid-e-Azam he decided to contact the then Army Chief and in this regard he sought the help of his friend Brigadier Sher Ali Khan Pataudi. On occasion he went from Karachi to Rawalpindi and recommended his friend to Commander-in-Chief Sir Frank Misroi but nothing came of it.
The book Gohar Guzasht
Author Altaf Gohar
But it is unfortunate that Ayub Khan, with whom Quaid-e-Azam was so displeased, was made the head of the army by Liaquat Ali Khan, giving precedence to the then most senior General Iftikhar. It is said that his friend Ali Khan Pataudi and other comrades played an important role.

And unfortunately Ayub Khan became the first martial law administrator of Pakistan and ruled Pakistan for eleven years.
The book The Crossed Sword
Author Shuja Nawaz.

The Quaid-e-Azam wanted to run the state in a very democratic manner and did not like anyone’s interference in this regard. To comply with the orders of

He was later arrested on charges of sedition against General Akbar Liaquat Ali Khan and remained in prison for almost five years.

And unfortunately, the same General Akbar, who was sentenced to treason by the court, was nominated by Bhutto as a member of the National Security Council in 1973.
Book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami.

When the Founder of Pakistan visited Staff College Quetta in June 1948, during the conversation there he realized that the senior military officers were not aware of the true meaning of their oath. But he read out their oath and made them realize that their job is not to give orders but to obey orders.
The book Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General
Author Qayyum Nizami
In later times the military generals violated this oath to such an extent that Air Marshal Asghar Khan had to write that I suggest that if we are to be ruled by the generals then these words should be removed from the oath. I will not take part in any activities, whatever their nature
Book General and Politics
Author Asghar Khan

When General Gracie went to Lahore on his professional visit, he saw Colonel Ayub and called him and asked him if he had to report to Dhaka, what are you doing here, to which Ayub Khan said that he was going to Karachi to meet Liaquat Ali Khan. General Gracie then ordered Ayub’s court-martial and brought him to Karachi.

References Memories of a Soldier General Wajahat Hussain Secretary General Gracie
Let us also shed light on the role of Ayub Khan during his service in the British Army.

The British Crown formed the Punjab Boundary Force with its head office in Lahore to prevent riots during the Partition of India. A Muslim colonel from Pakistan was also given an important post in the Boundary Force. The train of refugees from India to Pakistan was stopped in East Punjab and all the passengers were killed and the Pakistani colonel guarding the train remained a silent spectator.

Upon hearing this news, the people became enraged and there was a possibility that the angry mob would not set fire to the house of the colonel in Rawalpindi. Had to be moved to another military officer’s residence. The colonel’s name was Ayub Khan.

According to classified documents, Col. Ayub Khan was a mediocre officer in terms of military strategy. After the death of Col. WF Brown, Commandant of the Assam Regiment stationed in Burma during World War II, the command of the regiment was handed over to Col. Ayub Khan. After a cowardly failure in the strategy, the command was withdrawn and not only sent to India but also recommended to be fired.

And then a military officer who had decided to be expelled from the army due to his incompetence. He decided to become a commander by defeating senior army officers.

          How did this happen?

Major General Iftikhar Khan had already been chosen as his successor before the end of General Gracie’s tenure. After being nominated as Commander-in-Chief, General Iftikhar was sent to UK for Imperial Defense Course. Brigadier Sher Khan who was DDMO and Now he was to be promoted to the rank of Major General. He was also going to UK for a course. On December 13, 1949, General Iftikhar boarded an Orient Airways flight from Lahore to Karachi. The plane crashed near Jang Shahi on the outskirts of Karachi and all the passengers were killed.

           Pakistan's military and political

Those who have a keen eye on history believe that if this accident had not happened and General Iftikhar had not been martyred before becoming Commander-in-Chief, then the history of Pakistan would be different today because unlike Ayub Khan, General Iftikhar was a non-political general who did not compromise on principles. ۔

Get the word out.

From the day we start teaching our new generation the true history of Pakistan, Pakistan will start developing.