Discovery of a new type of nimbus called’deltacron.

Scientists have discovered a new strain of the global epidemic Corona, dubbed the’Delta Crona’.
New discoveries have been made diurnal regarding the nimbus contagion and dozens of new strains have surfaced from around the world so far and some are still being batted which are fleetly gaining ground around the world.

After Delta contagion a new variant of Corona contagion, Omicron, is spreading fleetly around the world, and now it appears that the two contagions have combined to form a new contagion, which experts have dubbed’Delta Crown’. ۔
According to reports, a new variant of Corona contagion has surfaced on the islet of Cyprus, a combination of Delta and Omekron because its inheritable background is analogous to that of Delta contagion and some samples of Omekron contagion are also plant in it.

Samples were taken from 25 people in Cyprus, of whom 11 were taken from people being treated in hospitals for the nimbus contagion, and 14 were taken from the general public.
On the other hand, Leonidos Costrex, a professor at the University of Cyprus, said it was too early to say how dangerous the Delta Cron could be.

“We will see in the future whether this new variant will outperform the Delta contagion and Omecron, but I tête-à-tête do not suppose it’ll and will be lost due to the large spread of Omecron,”he said.
Opining on the new variant of Corona, the Cypriot Minister of Health said that there was no need to be scarified by the’Delta Corona’and confided the scientists on the discovery of the new variant of Corona. I’ll increase.
Just a many weeks ago, a new variant of Omicron was also diagnosed in France, dubbed’IHU’, and it was originally discovered in 12 people.

Still, the World Health Organization says the form of IHU has not come more dangerous since it was first linked.
In Israel, too, the contagion took on a new form, dubbed”Florona.”In fact, the name was suggested when a case of nimbus contagion and flu infection came to light in Israel.

Experts also point to the possibility of an increase in fluoruna cases, but all agree that not all of these species are more dangerous and can not spread as presto as omecron.
It’s clear that the rapid-fire spread of Omekron each over the world is forcing all the countries to apply lockdown formerly again. ۔


Islamabad PTA says free on-net calls have been provided to tourists stranded in Murree.

On the social networking site Twitter, the PTA said that in view of the state of emergency in the Murree and Galyat areas, the unresponsive mobile phone users who are presently present in these areas will immediately receive free online calls. The facility has been provided.

At the direction of PTA, mobile phone operators have provided free calls to their network numbers to customers stranded in Galyat areas at zero balance. Users can contact their respective operators for more information.

The PTA has also directed all telecom operators to ensure uninterrupted service to the customers and make substantial alternative arrangements in case of power outages.


I want to play cricket in Pakistan again Usman Khawaja.

Pakistan cricket and all those young boys and girls who want to become professional cricketers in the future.

The Pakistani nation is a cricket-loving nation. I have told my fellow cricketers that they can visit Pakistan and play their role in reviving, promoting and improving the game there he said.

I get all the support in the subcontinent, Bangladesh, India and especially in Pakistan where I was born in June-July said the Australian batsman.
I played PSL and the support for me was great

I want to go and play there again and it is not too far away. I think the tour is a good opportunity to give something to Pakistan which has been deprived of cricket for a long time.

Usman Khawaja said I have talked to my colleagues that this generation is very impressed with you who have never seen David Warner play Marsh Steve Smith on the field in front of their eyes only on TV.

I am optimistic not only for myself but also for Pakistan cricket and all the young boys and girls who want to become professional cricketers in the future.


Turkmenistan decides to close the gates of hell.

Foreign news agency, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymu khamedov has ordered experts to find a way to extinguish the fire that has been burning in the hole called Hell’s Gate for 50 times.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has instructed authorities to extinguish a 50- time-old fire in a hole in the Karakum Desert.
We are harming the natural coffers in our country because of which we can make a profit but it’s being wasted. With this profit we can ameliorate the lives of the people he said.

Kurban Quli Bardi said that due to this man- made hole, the terrain and the health of the people living in the vicinity are also being negatively affected, so the experts should find a way out and try to put out the fire.
Multitudinous attempts have been made to extinguish the fire in the hole since 1971 but no success has been achieved so far. The hole is 70 measures wide and 20 measures deep and it’s now a sightseer magnet. Is.