Successful treatment of Corona with Viagra.

Knowing the details of the news we’re presenting to you now will make your hair stand on end.Viagra, a medicine used to increase sexual energy in the UK, has been claimed to be a successful treatment for law 19.A British nanny oppressively affected by law 19 has credited Viagra for saving her life.Viagra is generally … Read more

Lahore fast bowler Wahab Riaz started roasting lentils on the side of the road. His video went viral.

WR Released an interesting video from his Twitter account in which it can be seen that he is standing on a wheelbarrow roasting gram and frying gram in hot sand with the help of peel.

In his tweet he wrote that I am your chosen uncle today. Everyone Send me your orders and tell me what to make and how much to make.

Wahab Riaz said that by spending time with the wheelbarrow, I remembered my childhood.


She got married to actor Saboor Ali Ansari.

Saboor Ali shared some beautiful photos of his wedding on Instagram which are getting a lot of attention on social media.

Saboor Ali photos looks in very happy and handsome with her husband Ali Ansari The actress wrote in the caption of her post that Saboor Ali’s new beginning in life. Users have liked it and at the same time there is a series of loving comments for them.

Wedding and farewell ceremony of actor Saboor Ali and actor Ali Ansari was held yesterday Saboor Ali chose golden wedding dress for the most special and beautiful occasion of her life while her husband Ali Ansari chose white sherwani.

Showbiz all stars attended the wedding of including Urva Hussain Zara Noor Abbas and Ayman Khan among others.