Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz assiduity Mahwish Hayat is each set to make her Hollywood debut.

News is circulating about Mahwish Hayat that the actress along with other Pakistani actors is going to be part of the cast of Marvel Studios’ new web series Miss Marvel.

Actress Mahwish Hayat has not yet verified the news regarding her casting in the forthcoming web series.

Not long ago actor Fawad Khan verified the news that he has joined the cast of the web series Miss Marvel.

Piecemeal from Fawad Khan elderly actress Samina Ahmed is also said to be a part of the series as she was shooting a Hollywood series in Thailand last time.

This news about Samina Ahmed was given by her hubby actor Manzar Sehbai.

The two time Oscar winning Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid Chennai is one of the four directors of the series Miss Marvel, which was officially blazoned by Marvel Studios President Kevin Fudge last time.

Iman Walani a 16 time-old Pakistani American will play the supereminent part of Kamala Khan in Miss Marvel the first Muslim womanish superhero series to be produced under the Marvel Studio banner.


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