Pakistan’s largest export cotton industry.


Pakistan’s largest export is the cotton industry. To further increase its exports, the government has formulated a roadmap under which cotton exports will reach 40 40 billion in the financial year 2025.

At present Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan in cotton exports but Pakistan has an advantage over Bangladesh because Bangladesh produces only 5% of the required cotton and the other climate is not good.

While Pakistan was self-sufficient in cotton production until 8 years ago, when the NLP government came to power, the Sharif family illegally set up sugar mills in the cotton belt and farmers started sowing sugarcane instead of cotton.

The Supreme Court declared it illegal and closed down the sugar mills.
When the present government fixed the minimum price of cotton along with other commodities, the farmers started cultivating cotton again.

This year, the country has produced 70% of the required cotton, which is expected to increase to 96%, God willing. Cotton production and production of bananas Pakistan’s climate is also more favorable than that of Bangladesh.

The current government has banned the import of cotton products, T-shirts and shirts because we are all exporting these products. In the financial year 2025, the exports of the cotton industry will reach 40 billion God willing.

After Punjab and Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also started producing true cotton crop. The required modern machinery for textile mills and factories has also been imported. Factories are working 24 hours a day. Quality is being controlled in large numbers from abroad. Orders are being received which is a very good omen for the cotton industry and Pakistan bananas.

Our outstanding media is not informing the people about the measures taken by the present government to improve the economy but now is the time of social media and thanks to this social media people are now automatically aware of every good and bad. But Now Nothing is hidden from the people anymore.

Inshallah no one can stop Pakistan from going up now. Soon Pakistan will emerge as an emerging power of things very soon.

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