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How to get a health insurance card.


Jan 16, 2022 ,

What is a health card? Where do you get it and how do you use it?
All families with a rating below 32.5 in the National Poverty Survey for participation in the Health Facility Program will be issued this card through an automated system.

Health per card insurance is from seven to one million. This is a very strong initiative of Imran Khan government and it will mostly benefit the poor class of Pakistan who barely manage their household expenses and when any member of the household becomes ill and gets treatment. If you have to go to a good hospital for a whole month’s budget is a mess.
And many have to live with the burden of debt for many months.

The program was started by US President Barack Obama before Pakistan but was scrapped by President Trump as soon as he arrived, which is why he is facing severe criticism these days.
Now the Pakistani government is introducing such welfare work for its lower class
With this scheme, if one and a half crore families of Pakistan, ie six members of a household are removed, then these cards can be useful for 90 million people.

The insurance of this card is from seven lakhs to one lakhs, which means that a family of six persons can get seven to nine lakhs free treatment in a year not only from government but also from more than one hundred and fifty private hospitals.

Now let’s get to the real thing, how do you get this card?

To get a health card, you do not need to have any registration and no recommendation is required. Government NSCR teams are conducting the survey. Earlier this survey was conducted in 2012 but now the same teams are conducting the survey again.

The regular survey has started. You have to do nothing. The survey team will come to your house soon. You will know the financial condition of your house and later you will be issued a card.

The card may be delivered to your home and if not delivered, convenience centers will be opened in small towns and cities from where you can pick up your card.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot of fraud these days. All you have to do is give the NSCR team a legitimate answer to their question. If so, it will all be a lie. You have to avoid such people
The health card is absolutely free and there is no fee.

The Insaf Health Card procedure is that the government of Pakistan pays Rs. Insurance will be from 60,000 to 120,000.

Secondly, God forbid that you are suffering from a disease which endangers your life, such as heart disease, TB, diabetes, kidney, brain surgery and road accident, apart from cancer, hepatitis C, then the government of Pakistan will give you three to six. One lakh annual insurance will be submitted.

One thing you have to remember is not to think that if you do not use this card then after years you will get money as cash. This will never happen. You will never get cash. Then go to your nearest good government or private hospital where this card will be useful, then there will be a representative of this scheme who will look at your card and check your identity card and pay the medical expenses through this card. Will go

If the health card survey team does not arrive at your home, you can call 080026477 for information.

The scheme will start first in Islamabad, then in FATA and then across the country.

The scheme has been running very successfully in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last three years and now insha’Allah it will be introduced all over Pakistan.

So if you or your acquaintances who are entitled call this helpline number and confirm with the survey team whether we are registered or not. Health card scheme has started in three provinces besides Sindh. Sindh Government Federal Government orders Sindh is still deprived of this facility due to non-implementation.


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