Prime Minister Imran Khan’s contact with Jahangir Tareen sought goodwill.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has contacted Jahangir Tareen. Prime Minister Imran Khan inquired about the well-being of Jahangir Tareen.

He said that there was no pressure from the opposition and the common man was aware that the prime minister’s announcement of reduction in prices to reduce the burden on the people would reduce inflation. Is


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the people that if you want an independent foreign policy, noway bounce for a party whose leader’s wealth lies abroad. Similar people can noway formulate an independent foreign policy.

Imran Khan said that the situation in the world is changing fleetly and the goods of the changing situation are also affecting Pakistan. Foreign policy should be for the interests of his country since the morning of politics.

An independent nation means a policy that’s in the interest of the nation. Pak had nothing to do with the US war on terror. We shouldn’t have joined the US war on terror he said. It wasn’t for the benefit of Pakistanis who lost their lives. The opprobrious thing was that a country is fighting for a country and it’s being bombed.

PM said that the military tyrants want the world to fete and fete them but unexpectedly only 10 drone strikes took place during Musharraf period while 400 drone strikes took place during the popular period of Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Should have said that children and women are dying American intelligencer wrote that Zardari said that it doesn’t count if innocent people die by drone strikes.

Giving good news to the nation the Prime Minister said that they’re also making electricity cheaper byRs. 5 per unit and giving relief to the nation in this sector by reducing the subvention from other places.

Until the coming budget petrol diesel and electricity prices won’t increase but will gradationally drop.
He said that moment I’m giving good news to the nation that rather of adding the price, I’m publicizing reduction in petrol and diesel prices by Rs 10 per liter.

Im hysterical that the price of canvas in the world request won’t come down and the price of gas will go up. At the same time, the wheat we’ve to buy from Russia has come more precious he said.

Diesel Petrol prices are still low in Pakistan. If the government doesn’t give subvention the price of petrol in Pakistan moment would be Rs 220 per liter.


The world’s largest plane Antonov An-225 Mriya crashed in a Russian attack.

The world’s largest Maria plane crashed in a Russian attack on Hostommel’s Antonov airport near Kiev. Was being used.

Built in 1985, the aircraft was 275 feet long, 295 feet wide, 60 feet wide had a fuel capacity of 300,000 kilograms, a cargo capacity of 253,820 kilograms, a speed of 850 kilometers per hour and a crew of 6. It had no role in the war but was destroyed during the Russia-Ukraine war. It was the world’s largest and only aircraft owned by Ukraine.


Russia announces response to Western sanctions.

blue and yellow striped country flag

According to a foreign news agency, a statement issued by the Russian presidential palace said that the Western sanctions imposed on the Russian aviation industry would be reacted to. Russia’s economic reality is changing with the central bank.

A statement issued by the Russian presidential palace said that many Ukrainians are victims of propaganda, are prisoners of nationalists, are trying to use Ukrainian citizens as human shields. The main task is to protect civilians, the Russian presidential palace said in a statement.

Questions about the Russian presidential palace’s high alert for nuclear force the threat of a clash between Russia and NATO and the number of Russian soldiers killed in the war were not answered in the roundtable talks on Russia’s intentions.


Russian President Putin in his keynote address to the nation thanked Pakistan.


And the announcement of coming to Pakistan
The Russian President said that he was grateful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for visiting Russia at my invitation despite the tensions between Russia and Ukraine and pressure from around the world.

He said that we want the best situation in Afghanistan including Asia and good relations with Pakistan. He said that during the meeting our Afghan issue besides trade oil and gas pipeline many important issues were discussed soon major projects. I will personally visit Pakistan to sign the agreements.

This is a statement of a world leader for the Prime Minister of Pakistan which is an honor not only for Imran Khan but for the whole of Pakistan. All this has been made possible thanks to Imran Khan. The case should not have been done and should have been canceled immediately. Karuna should have made an excuse of the disease.

And when Imran Khan returned from Russia, he raised the objection that Putin did not issue a statement and sent Imran Khan back with the delegation. ?

Extraordinary matters would have been discussed in this extraordinary meeting and extraordinary decisions would have been made for a better future.

A declaration was needed
Putin issued a statement in his keynote address in a keynote address to take the nation into confidence over the war.

Well done Prime Minister Imran Khan


Seven year history of PSL, Lahore Qalandars crowned the final.

The final match of Pakistan Super League 7 was played at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Lahore Qalandars gave Multan Sultans a target of 181 runs while playing first. LQ Scored 180 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in the stipulated overs. Multan Sultans scored only 42 runs. Could score

Shaun Masood scored 19 runs for Multan Sultans, Mohammad Rizwan 14, Aamir Azmat 6, Tim David 27, while Khushdal scored 30 runs.

Shaheen Afridi took 3 wickets for Lahore Qalandars. Muhammad Hafeez Zaman Khan took 2.2 wickets while Haris Rauf took one wicket.

For Lahore Qalandars, Muhammad Hafeez played a brilliant innings of 69 runs. Harry Brooke scored 41 runs and David Visay played a lightning fast innings of 28 runs. Fakhruzzaman was caught for 3 runs. Lahore Qalandars’ third wicket fell for 25. Abdullah Shafiq was dismissed for 14 runs.

For Multan Sultans, Asif Afridi took three wickets while Shahnawaz Dhani and David Valley took one wicket each.


The third year of Surprise Day given to India by Pakistan Air Force is complete.

On February 27, 2019, the hawks of the Pakistan Air Force shot down two fighter jets of the Indian Air Force, destroying India’s pride.

Ind pilot who had descended from a parachute in Azad Kashmir and was bleeding at the hands of locals had just captured Nandan and was released after drinking tea in a spirit of goodwill.

Remains of the Indian Wing Commander’s uniform ship and a cup of tea are preserved in the PAF Museum Karachi’s Operation Swift Retort Gallery.

PAS Surprises at the Museum in Karachi are telling the ground realities that have brought India down from the sky of misunderstanding.


Russian attack kills at least 198.

According to the foreign news agency, the Ukrainian health minister said that three children were killed and 115 people were injured, including 33 children.

It was not immediately clear if the dead were civilians or military personnel.

Fighting has been raging since Saturday morning in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and in the northeastern region of Somi, where the country’s defense forces are battling Russian forces.

Other countries have pledged more donations. The Czech Republic has approved 8.6 million in arms shipments, while the Netherlands has said it will provide 200 more air defense rockets.


PSL 7 Lahore Qalandars reached the final by defeating Islamabad United.

Lahore Qalandars captain Shaheen Shah Afridi and Islamabad United captain Shadab Khan were playing in the alternate eliminator match of the seventh edition of Pakistan Super League PSL.

LQ scored 168 runs in the distributed overs while playing first. Abdullah Shafiq 52 Kamran Ghulam 30 Mohammad Hafeez 28 runs scored Fakhr Zaman 1 Phil Salt 2 Harry Brock 2 Smith Patel 21 And Shaheen Shah Afridi remained unbeaten on zero, Liam Dawson and Muhammad Wasim took two lattices each.

Pursuit of the target Islamabad United were sailed out for 162. In pursuit of the target Paul Sterling 13 Alex Hales 38 Will Jack 0 Shadab Khan 14 Liam Dawson 12 Azam Khan 40 Hassan Ali 6 Asif Ali 25 WasimJr. 4 Runs Zaman Khan Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf took2.2 lattices each.


Russia ready for talks if Ukrainian army surrenders.

According to reports from Moscow, the Russian Foreign Minister said that he had decided to launch a special military operation to end Ukraine’s military role.

He said President Putin wanted to free Ukraine from oppression and Nazi influence, adding that Ukrainian citizens could freely decide their own future.

Kremlin meanwhile says it will retaliate against Western sanctions. The Russian president will also make several international telephone calls today.

The Kremlin says it is clear that Zelensky is recognized by Ukraine’s president. Putin could not immediately be reached for comment.