Everyone in Islamabad will have to pay income tax and sales tax. Minister of Finance.

Addressing the function, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that this is a huge milestone that the FBR has achieved. He was grateful to the provinces who have accepted it. There were difficulties in paying taxes to the people. A company had to submit sales tax returns to seven different agencies. Now such companies have got the facility to submit sales tax returns in one place.

Work is being done to improve taxes. This is a big step in this regard. How will the country develop if taxes are not collected in the country? German Finance Minister said that those who do not pay taxes do not have the right to vote. Using it will reach every taxpayer. In the next few days or weeks we will reach out to them and tell them how much their income is and how much tax they pay. Private auditors will also give them their tax and income. We will not harass anyone, no one will pay taxes, then action will be taken.

He further said that who knows how much money has been spent on utility bills and travel. Everybody knows that there are 18 trillion sales in retail out of which we get only 4 trillion. Out of the mini bill of Rs. However, he said that the series which was broken will be reconnected. If I remain in this position, everyone will have to pay income tax and sales tax. By borrowing, we are running our current expenses. How will we have development? Imran Khan is also a clean man. We only have to increase taxes in terms of GDP.


Chinese company offers worldvide cheapest foldable phone find out the price.

Chinese mobile phone company TCL has introduced the world’s cheapest foldable phone.
New models of foldable phones are being introduced in the request by the Chinese electronics and mobile phone company TCL and originally TCL has introduced the Flex V mobile phone.

Flex V mobile phone is a foldable smartphone designed analogous to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and hasmid-range features but the real beauty of this smartphone is its low price. Has gone
Flex V was unveiled by Chinese mobile phone company TCL during an exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.
As for the Flex VK processor, it has Snapdragon 765G which has been the most popular processor of last time and this foldable smartphone has a binary main camera.

Flex V has a 48-megapixel hinder camera with a 16-megapixel detector, a 44-megapixel camera for selfies on the front, and a 3545 mAh battery.
Now let’s talk about TCL’s cheapest foldable smartphone which is priced at only 600 600 and if we calculate it in Pakistani Rupees also this price ( roughlyRs.).
TCL has not yet said when this foldable smartphone will be available to consumers in the request and in which country it’ll be first launched. Still, the Chinese company has claimed that it’ll be the world’s cheapest foldable phone.


Violent protests in Almaty, Kazakhstan, President Qasim Jomarat orders firing without warning.

Due to the violent protests in Kazakhstan, President Qasim Jomarat has ordered the firing without warning, according to a foreign news agency.

Kazakh President Qasim Jomarat says protests against petrol prices include internally and externally trained terrorists. The state of emergency has been brought under control with the imposition of a state of emergency.

The Kazakh president added that terrorists were still damaging private and government property. The army fired unprovoked shots and planned attacks on the army administration and government property under the guise of protests in the country.

Eighteen security personnel and 26 civilians have been killed in violent protests in Kazakhstan


The Prime Minister is the story of three years of economic success of the government.

We have inherited large revolving credit policy, anti-export policies, unstable financial conditions, less competitive business environment and lack of incentives for the private sector.

Presiding over a meeting of the Microeconomic Advisory Group in Islamabad today, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government’s Smart Lock Dawn policies and incentives for the construction industry, social security programs and small and medium scale industries. Subsidies for businesses have pushed the economy forward at a steady pace, which has been praised by international observers.

In 2018, the worst balance of payments crisis in Pakistan’s history is due to the economic crisis due to the crisis in the world market, high commodity prices and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, despite the direct and indirect effects on Pakistan, growth is expected to be above 4%. It is a great achievement.

The Prime Minister directed the concerned departments to coordinate and implement long term and short term plans for further improving the microeconomic condition of the country and improving the economic condition of the people.

Referring to the Corona situation, he said that Pakistan has performed exceptionally well against COVID as compared to other countries in the region.

The meeting reviewed the overall economic situation of the country, measures taken by the government to mitigate the effects of rising commodity prices on the common man and the achievements of the government in the last three years. Strong economic stabilization measures were taken after the successful tackle, which resulted in a 25% increase in exports compared to all the regional countries, even in the trial period of the Code. Tax revenue is at a record high with a 38% increase Currency has also increased by 27%.

The agriculture sector witnessed a decline in monthly revolving loans after successful IPP tariff agreements in the IT sector due to the government’s IT policy of record high profits of Rs. 950 billion for record income industries.

It was informed in the meeting that apart from the above, the government has fulfilled its promise of welfare state by launching the largest social security program in the country. Saved from

The meeting also discussed ways to pass on the effects of high global commodity prices to the general public. Proposals include increasing incomes, increasing the purchasing power of the people, focusing on the middle and low-income segments, and expanding the social safety net. Was included.

The meeting was attended by all the federal ministers and senior officials concerned.