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Everyone in Islamabad will have to pay income tax and sales tax. Minister of Finance.


Jan 7, 2022 ,

Addressing the function, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that this is a huge milestone that the FBR has achieved. He was grateful to the provinces who have accepted it. There were difficulties in paying taxes to the people. A company had to submit sales tax returns to seven different agencies. Now such companies have got the facility to submit sales tax returns in one place.

Work is being done to improve taxes. This is a big step in this regard. How will the country develop if taxes are not collected in the country? German Finance Minister said that those who do not pay taxes do not have the right to vote. Using it will reach every taxpayer. In the next few days or weeks we will reach out to them and tell them how much their income is and how much tax they pay. Private auditors will also give them their tax and income. We will not harass anyone, no one will pay taxes, then action will be taken.

He further said that who knows how much money has been spent on utility bills and travel. Everybody knows that there are 18 trillion sales in retail out of which we get only 4 trillion. Out of the mini bill of Rs. However, he said that the series which was broken will be reconnected. If I remain in this position, everyone will have to pay income tax and sales tax. By borrowing, we are running our current expenses. How will we have development? Imran Khan is also a clean man. We only have to increase taxes in terms of GDP.


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