Famous actress Nadia Hussain told women the secret of beauty.

Famous Actor Nadia Hussain

Actress Nadia Hussain says that she does not give up X-rays at all and also cares a lot about food but when I have to lose weight, I reduce some part of my diet.

The actress says about the beauty of her skin that I take great care of the skin care routine and even advise my clients the way the car is cleaned every day so that it is serviced after a few days so that Keep the car clean, as well as skin care.

If you don’t get the car serviced, it won’t last long, that’s the case with our skin.

Addressing the women, Nadia Hussain said that home care is very important even if you go to a parlor but you must take care of your skin at home. Skin care and weight loss should be a part of your routine. If you don’t take care of yourself, no matter how beautiful you are, your beauty will not be seen.


The United States cannot Exit from Pakistan۔


The United States cannot leave Pakistan is the most important part of American foreign policy, for three reasons: American writer Daniel in his book No Exit from Pakistan
I have written.

american Writer Daniel In his Book No Exit from Pakistan
  1. Pakistan is the only Islamic country whose nuclear program is huge. It can affect not only the region but also other countries of the world. We have to stop Pakistan from becoming the leader of Islamic countries.

2- Pakistan has a very large army with which it has to maintain relations so that its movements can be monitored.

3- Pakistan’s relations with China are very good and strong. Therefore, by establishing relations with Pakistan, the Chinese can be aware of the situation.
The author of the book has written in great detail about the tactics of controlling Pakistan over the years that politicians, civil and military bureaucrats, NGOs, journalists and media houses reveal national secrets at a nominal cost.

My brothers and sisters, these are the policies and tricks of Pakistan and the enemy of Islam. Which every patriot knows and recognizes. There are few people who do not feel any difference in sacrificing Pakistani interest for personal gain.

Allah Almighty is with Pakistan and the people of the past. Inshallah, this time all internal and external conspiracies will fail.
The keep our we eyes and ears open. And beware of the tricks of the enemy. Prime Minister Imran Khan is the first leader who is fighting for the survival and security of the country by keeping an eye on the internal and external enemies and has made it clear to the enemy. Now Pakistan is part of someone’s war. Will not be
We as a nation have to stand by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army for the survival and security of our country.