Former Sindh Chief Minister joins PTI.

Former Sindh CM Arbab Ghulam joined PTI

According to details, former Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim called on Prime Minister Imran Khan. After the meeting, he joined PTI. He said that he had discussed the situation in Sindh with the Prime Minister. The local leadership of the party has been assigned various responsibilities including coordination


London: Vaccination with various coronaviruses gives the body a better immune system.

Pfizer Moderna Astrazenica Vaccination

According to the details, a study has shown that different types of vaccines have better immunity, the results of the study said that it is better to give Pfizer and Vaccine astrazenica in the schedule of 2 doses, and three doses of Astrazenica. Gets better resistance.

The trials have shown that people who took two doses of AstraZeneca have a stronger immune response if given a third, booster dose of another vaccine.

According to the report, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines provide long-term immunity against coronavirus. One dose of Pfizer and the other AstraZeneca give more antibodies than the first Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

It should be noted that some countries are already using mixed doses, including Spain and Germany, where these young people are given Pfizer and Moderna MRNA vaccines as second doses, with Astrazinica as the first dose. Have taken

Some these countries have started using mixed doses after cases of blood clots came to light.