Tokyo: Pakistan’s Mahur Shehzad dropped out of medal race in women’s singles badminton

Famous Badminton Mahur Shehzad.

Pakistans Mahur Shehzad has once again lost in the women’s badminton singles event at the Tokyo Olympics.

Mahur Shehzad, who represented Pakistan in the women’s badminton event at the Tokyo Olympics, also lost her second match in the women’s singles.

Mahur Shehzad lost 14-21 in the second game. In the match, Mahur Shehzad lost 21-14 and 21-14.

It may be recalled that in the first match, Mahur Shehzad was defeated by Japan’s Yama Gucci in the street set. In the match, Yama Gucci’s victory score was 3-21 and 8-21.