Pakistan produces 18,000 figs annually.


About 18,000 quintals of figs are produced annually on the mainland of Pakistan while there is a demand of about 28,000 quintals of figs here annually. So to meet this demand we buy about 10,000 quintals of dried figs annually from Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

This is the reason why figs are so expensive in Pakistan that the common man cannot even think of eating them. To plant figs in rows at a distance of 10/10 feet and in these rows 10 /. Plants are planted at a distance of 10 feet, so about 435 plants can be planted in an acre.

Once planted, a fig plant gives full yield for 15 to 20 years. A fig plant is available in a nursery for about Rs. 50. Thus, the cost of planting can be around Rs. 22,000 per acre.
A plant yields at least 6 kg. This in way about 2600 kg or 65 quintals of fresh figs can be obtained from one acre. If the figs are dried then about 1430 kg can be obtained from clean dried figs. When it comes to the price of figs, dried figs are sold at retail at Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200 per kg.

But according to a recent market survey, the wholesale price of figs is Rs 500 per kg. If a farmer’s fig is sold at a minimum of Rs. 400 per kg, then the income of 1430 kg of dried fig is Rs. 570,000 per acre and if the fig is sold fresh without drying, its rate is at least Rs. It costs less than Rs. 100 per kg. According to this calculation, 2600 kg of fresh figs will be sold at Rs. 260,000. If we look, in terms of income, figs are in no way behind other crops or orchards.

If more and more people start cultivating figs, not only will they make a profit themselves, but Pakistan will not have to buy figs from other countries and this best fruit will reach every common man. Figs are the only fruit. The fig, which is called the fruit of heaven on earth, is the guarantor of healing and health.


President Arif Alawi has entered the world of Tik Tok.

President Arif Alvi Entered in TikTok

President Dr. Arif Alvi also created an account on the video share application Tik Tok, which is in the process of being banned and lifted in Pakistan.

A statement from the President’s official Twitter account confirmed that Dr Arif Alvi has become a talker.
The question arose as to the creation of an account on the President’s application, which has been the subject of controversy in Pakistan due to its obscene and inappropriate content.

It is being asked why President Dr. Arif Alvi took this step.
The official tweet said that now the President has entered the world of tick tock.

The tweet further said that the President would issue messages on Tik Tak to promote positive trends in the new generation.
In his first video, the president can be heard saying that he is a dreamer in this country who sees a ray of light in everything.

He further said that Pakistan was becoming a sunshine for them. People reacted in different ways to the news of the President’s presence on Tik Tak. Some expressed happiness and expressed hope that now Tik Tak Pakistan. I will not close.

On the other hand, some people also satirized and criticized the President. Both the critics and the praisers of this announcement of the President are expressing their feelings very well.


As a child, Javed Sheikh also stole money from home.

Famous Actor Javeed Shaikh

Speaking on a program on a state-run TV channel, actor Javed Sheikh said, “I was interested in working as a child. I had some friends in Rawalpindi with whom I watched movies. One day I wanted to become an actor.” But I stole my father’s soropa and got a ticket from the railway station and was waiting for the car.

I bought ludo from a pastry shop. Someone told my father that my father became suspicious. When he got home, he checked his money and found that it had stolen money.

My father took his friends with him and they reached the railway station looking for me. With a few minutes left in the train, my father grabbed me and took me home and beat me.


WhatsApp will be closed on mobile phones with specific apps.

WhatsApp Closed Specific App

According to the company, if you receive a message within the app stating that you are temporarily banned, it means that you are using a version of the WhatsApp that is not official and WhatsApp and support it. Does not

The account will be temporarily suspended and the user will be warned that their account may be terminated or not. Necessary steps will have to be taken to avoid this. ‘S account can also be closed permanently, but your app will continue to function as normal if the requirements are met.

The apps specifically mentioned are WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, but any such app that will be used as an alternative to the original WhatsApp will have its WhatsApp account suspended. Company says the use of these versions violates the company’s terms and conditions.

In addition, WhatsApp has announced that it is working on a feature that will allow people to send messages on WhatsApp without using their phone for the first time. Will be able to send

At the moment, the WhatsApp user needs to be connected to the phone, his desktop and web apps also need to be connected to the device.