President Arif Alawi has entered the world of Tik Tok.

President Arif Alvi Entered in TikTok

President Dr. Arif Alvi also created an account on the video share application Tik Tok, which is in the process of being banned and lifted in Pakistan.

A statement from the President’s official Twitter account confirmed that Dr Arif Alvi has become a talker.
The question arose as to the creation of an account on the President’s application, which has been the subject of controversy in Pakistan due to its obscene and inappropriate content.

It is being asked why President Dr. Arif Alvi took this step.
The official tweet said that now the President has entered the world of tick tock.

The tweet further said that the President would issue messages on Tik Tak to promote positive trends in the new generation.
In his first video, the president can be heard saying that he is a dreamer in this country who sees a ray of light in everything.

He further said that Pakistan was becoming a sunshine for them. People reacted in different ways to the news of the President’s presence on Tik Tak. Some expressed happiness and expressed hope that now Tik Tak Pakistan. I will not close.

On the other hand, some people also satirized and criticized the President. Both the critics and the praisers of this announcement of the President are expressing their feelings very well.

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