Karachi: Notification issued to make vaccination compulsory for students of class IX to XII.

Notification Issued vaccination compulsory for Students IX to XII.

According to the details, the notification issued by the Sindh Education Department has made it mandatory for all government schools and higher secondary schools to vaccinate students. The notification of vaccination has been issued for all the districts of Sindh.

The notification said that the administration of government schools should cooperate with the district health officer.

According to the latest figures released by the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), 3,838 corona cases were reported across the country in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of corona cases across the country to 11,60,119. Is .

The number of corona cases continues to rise across the country, with 118 people still dying in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 25,788.


Corona vaccine booster doses decided to be given to people over 12 years of age.

Covid-19 booster does

Sources said that corona booster vaccine will be given only to those who go abroad. For booster dose, the condition of specific vaccine of the respective country has to be proved. Overseas Pakistanis will get booster dose at the time of departure. Government officials going abroad will get booster dose. Businessmen going abroad will get single double booster as required.

According to sources, Pfizer vaccine booster should be given to 12 to 17 year olds. People above 18 years of age should be given booster of Synopham Pfizer Cyano Week. Booster dose will be given only at government vaccination centers. Vaccine fee will have to be deposited in the bank. Those who apply booster dose will have to show valid visa bank challan. Those who go abroad will be given single double booster dose.

Sources said that people with weakened immune system will not be given booster dose. People without ID card will not be given booster dose. Booster dose will be given only to those included in Namaz record. No booster dose will be given peoples suffering from chronic diseases suffering people from corona will be able to take booster dose after recovery.

According to sources, booster doses of two types of vaccines can be given to each individual. Partially vaccinated individuals will be given one or two booster doses. A third booster dose of corona vaccine will be prohibited. The booster dose will be imposed on the citizens of India at their own risk.


ISLAMABAD: Members of the Standing Committee on Defense of the Senate and National Assembly visited the GHQ and briefed the delegation on the security situation.

Senate and National Assembly Visited GHQ.

According to Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), the delegation was briefed on the situation on the borders and the efforts of the Pakistan Army for peace. Delegation had a long session with Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Pakistan Army had achieved exemplary success in the war against terrorism with the support of the nation. The Army Chief highlighted the importance of restoring peace in Afghanistan in the context of bilateral ties in the region.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) said that Pakistan’s Armed Forces have achieved unprecedented success in the fight against terrorism and normalization of the country with the cooperation of the nation. Alhamdulillah, despite the challenges today, Pakistan’s borders are secure and we are ready to deal with any situation.

In addition to the benefits of regional connectivity, the Army Chief highlighted the importance of restoring peace in Afghanistan for the region’s sustainable development.

“Army Chief reiterated the support and commitment of the Pakistan Army for the Kashmir cause and the Kashmiri people.” The world should know that without a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, peace and stability will remain a sham.
The session concluded with a united nation’s commitment to continue the fight against violent extremism.


The first case of death from Pfizer corona vaccine in New Zealand.

According to a foreign news agency, the first case of the death of the American company Pfizer with the corona vaccine has come to light.

The Vaccine Safety Monitoring Board says the woman died of heart muscle inflammation after the vaccination, while European officials say the benefits of the corona vaccine outweigh the harms.

It may be recalled that on June 25 this year, a warning was issued by Pfizer and Moderna regarding corona vaccines, according to which vaccines can cause abnormal heart diseases in young people.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FDA) said it was immediately adding a warning to the fact sheet of the Pfizer / BioNT (PFE.N) and Modern (MRNA.O) vaccines, which is linked to heartburn in young people.

The CDC’s advisers said that heartburn in adolescents and young people could be linked to vaccines, but that the benefits of these vaccines were far greater than the risks. The CDC said vaccinations Afterwards, the symptoms of patients with heartburn usually improve and they recover.

The top US Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that the effects on the heart are extremely rare.


Islamabad: Opposition parties in Pakistan do not have the capacity to understand the world situation Sheikh Rasheed.

Sheikh Rasheed Media press confress of afghanistan situation.

According to the details, the federal interior minister says that what the opposition sells? Their deal is sold out. Now the opposition will regret it and in 2 years NAB cases will be decided.

He said that the biggest politics of the world is taking place around Pakistan while Indian media is engaged in negative propaganda against Pakistan. Let the world not forget that 80,000 of our citizens were martyred.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the situation in Afghanistan is closely watched and the Pakistan Army struggled for peace while we have made thousands of sacrifices in the war on terror.

He said that Pakistan is becoming an important country in the region and PDM is playing lorry base lorry base Pakistan is a country with responsible nuclear power and is issuing 21 days and one month transit visas for those coming from Afghanistan. ۔

He further said that the Taliban has assured that the territory of Afghanistan will not be used against Pakistan.


2 youths martyred and 3 terrorists killed in cross-border attack on military post.

Two Youths Martyred 3 terrorists killed in cross border attack on Military post

According to the Pakistan Army Relations Department (ISPR), terrorists opened fire from across the border at a military post in Bajaur on the Pak-Afghan border.

According to ISPR, 3 terrorists were killed and 4 others were injured. Two Pakistani soldiers were martyred in the exchange of fire. He said that Afghan soil should not be used against Pakistan under any circumstances.


Welfare works hidden from public view.

Welfare work hidden from Public view

In order to alleviate water shortage in Balochistan during the last 3 years, 735 small and 7 medium level dams have been completed while work on 8 big dams has been started which will be completed by 2028/29.

1- Small / Local Dams Completed 735 dams will meet the water needs of the people of local villages and towns as well as meet the needs of animal husbandry and agriculture and will become a means of starting a business at the local level.

2- The completion of 7 medium level dams will facilitate the business of storing water and will generate cheap electricity and will be able to meet the need of cheap electricity.

3- 8 big dams started. The dam started in Lasbela will facilitate cultivation of 10,000 acres of barren land, increase power generation and irrigate the barren land as well as provide employment to the local people. The economy will be stabilized. After this difficult time, prosperity will be the destiny of a fertile country and nation, God willing.


Karachi Home Department sindh issues new order regarding covid-19 SOPs.

Karachi home Depart New SOP issues Regarding covid19

Commercial activities in Karachi and Hyderabad can continue till 8 p.m.

Markets and businesses in other districts of the province will remain open till 10 pm

Essential Commodities, Medicines and Vaccination Centers, CNG stations will be open 24 hours seven days a week.

The announced SOPs will also have to be implemented in 24-hour business

Will be Business completely closed in Karachi on Friday and Sunday

Business in Hyderabad will be closed on Friday and Saturday

Other districts in the province will have a holiday only on Fridays

Restrictions on indoor dining will continue in Karachi and Hyderabad restaurants

The Outdoor dining will be allowed until 10 p.m

50% indoor and outdoor dining allowed for vaccinators till 12 midnight

The consumers must carry a vaccination card to go to the restaurant

Law enforcement officers can check the cards at any time

Karachi and Hyderabad have a complete ban on indoor weddings

The event can accommodate up to 300 people in the open air until 10 p.m.

In other districts, a 400-person indoor, open-air event can be held for 200 people

Karachi shrines in Hyderabad will remain closed till further orders

In other districts, district administration and endowment officials have been given the power to decide

The cinemas across the province will remain completely closed

Religious, cultural, musical and sports activities are completely banned throughout the province

Only those who have been vaccinated are allowed to go to the indoor gymnasium

Public transport will also run at only 50% efficiency

There will be a complete ban on SOPs in public transport

Staff must be vaccinated

The sale of food and beverages on public transport is strictly prohibited

With the ban on SOPs in trains, 70% of passengers will be allowed to travel

Apart from Karachi and Hyderabad, amusement parks, water parks and swimming pools are allowed to open across the province.

Only public parks are being opened in Karachi and Hyderabad

The district administration is authorized to impose lockdown in a specific area

Masks must be worn in public places

Vaccinators have been banned from SOPs and allowed to travel

The sale of food items on domestic flights will remain banned


Lahore Women Safety App is a good initiative of Punjab Government and Police.

Punjab woman safty App has Launch

According to details, Punjab government and police have taken a good step against sexual crimes and violence against women. Punjab government spokesman Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that Women Safety App is a modern and appropriate initiative under the leadership of IG Punjab Inam Ghani. This app needed time to reduce such incidents.

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that the use of this app will eliminate uncertainty and insecurity among women. In case of emergency, women will be able to get help from the police by pressing a special button in the app. Women can seek guidance in other matters.

The Punjab government spokesman said that this app will improve the overall performance of the police. Protection of women and better guidance are the top priorities of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. Women are requested to use this app to protect themselves and their loved ones. Make sure

A few days ago, the Punjab government, in response to the rising incidence of harassment against women in the country, introduced the Women Safety App on mobile in collaboration with the IG Police. After just one click, the message and location of the emergency alert goes to the police highway police woman’s close relatives and other agencies.


Hope guides man in the dark.

“Beautiful Hops beautiful Life

What is the greatest asset of life for any human being?
There are many answers to this question. Every human being can answer according to his temperament and need. That social relations and blood relations are the greatest assets of man, while in the eyes of one, true love for one’s existence will be everything.

One thing is for sure, there is a very basic need for more or less every human being. Hope is of any thought or ideology. If there is no hope, then nothing. If this wealth is lost, then life is also gone. There is nothing left in me. It is hope that keeps a person fresh, energetic and positive thinking even in difficult situations.

He who gave up hope was so ruined that he could not stand on his own two feet again.

Happy Life

Man of every age has been facing the difficulties of crises and confusions from different angles. Each age brings with it some specific complications. Dealing with these complexities in the best possible way requires extraordinary intelligence and hard work. Different types of confusions are faced in stages. This is by no means the most surprising thing.

Under the principles laid down by nature, every human being has difficulties. The world is the name of interaction and cooperation. When they collide with each other, some or the other confusion or confusion arises.

Yes! Controlling the senses in the face of any disturbing situation is an extraordinary test for man. In order to succeed in this test, man must have a lot, but above all, there must be hope. This is hope. Encouraging Man to Live With Dignity and Self-Esteem Have you ever considered that losing hope can lead to the loss of clear prospects? In many cases we see the dangerous and devastating consequences of losing hope Meet.

The clearest example in this case is health. Many people are frightened by even a minor illness and on the other hand there are many who fight even a major illness with full hope by giving up hope. Man cannot do everything that he can easily do. People who control their senses and do not panic even when they are suffering from a dangerous disease, eventually succeed in overcoming the disease.

Extreme frustration takes a person away from all possibilities. Those who sit on one side in despair have been seen in a situation where even what can be done easily cannot be done and small difficulties get bigger and worse in any unfavorable situation. Nature opens the door to possibilities for those who control the senses.
It is a heartbreaking fact that when a person is in the grip of severe despair, then darkness falls everywhere.

Nothing is visible and clear in such a situation. Our mind wants a positive attitude in order to function properly.If we decide that there is no possibility for us in any particular case and we fail, then we really Having a positive attitude is the key to dealing with a difficult situation. Positive
thinking From home to society, people face different attitudes.

On the one hand, there are people who only know how to be disappointed in words, and even their words only reflect and drip disappointment. On the other hand, there are some people who do not panic when they see any unfavorable situation, but decide to go ahead and face it, and above all, instead of worrying about problems and complaining about them, they Let’s talk about the solution. Such people find a way to reach the world of possibilities.

Allama Iqbal had said
Otherwise, despair is the decline of knowledge and mysticism
The hope of the believing man is in the secret of God
In the form of this one poem, Allama Iqbal has described the whole philosophy of living properly and finding the path to success.

Hope plays the most decisive factor in the lives of those who belong to the world of science and art. When they go out to find a solution to a problem, a candle of hope burns in their hearts and minds.

They start working on the hope that the problem will be solved. One or the other solution to the unfavorable situation will surely come out which will lead to complete success.

Hope keeps telling him that things are under control and can lead to success. It is the hope that turns the tide in the last moments of any match that you have seen in many cricket matches. Maybe a team lost the winning match in the last over. This is because the opposing team did not prefer to give up hope until the last over and continued to try. Many match decisions go to the last ball, it is called photo finish.

A shot on the last ball wins, or a wicket is lost on the last ball. A winning team loses a match. Pansa can turn the map. Even in football matches, sometimes the winner, the decisive goal, is at the last minute and everything changes. Spectators who watch the match reluctantly and uncertainly open up with last-minute hope.

All the beauty of life lies in the fact that you are not uncertain at any stage, even if the situation is very unfavorable, it is necessary to deal with things with positive thinking and not to lose hope at any stage. Leaving life requires us to have a positive attitude step by step. Just think that if the situation is completely unfavorable, if you lose hope, you also lose the possibility that nature has reserved for you.

Sometimes, even in the mids
a great crisis, the hope of survival leads a person to a certain position or action, which, with the help of a positive outcome, can do a lot of good.

That is why scholars have emphasized the point in every age that no matter what the circumstances, one should not give up. Hope is to keep alive. Hope is the only way to lead a person in darkness.

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That so Allah can change someone’s life through you.