Decision to make Islamabad Prime Minister’s House a source of income instead of a university۔

PM House income instead of a university

According to sources, it has been decided to make the Prime Minister’s House a source of income instead of a university. Commercial activities will be started in the Prime Minister’s House. It has been proposed to hold local world food and cultural events in the Prime Minister’s House.

Sources said that a fashion show and other events will be held at the Prime Minister’s House. A proposal to generate revenue from the exhibition of vintage vehicles is also under consideration while PM House is also planning to offer for global and local corporate events.

According to sources, high level diplomatic functions and seminars will now be held at the PM House. The auditorium of the Prime Minister’s House will be able to rent two guest wings and a lawn.
The Prime Minister’s House has also been asked to form two committees on the use of commercial purposes.
The committees will work to maintain the security and discipline of the Prime Minister’s House.


Our vision is to eradicate poverty from the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan

Addressing the closing ceremony of ICEE in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the small section of the country has become the richest. Is included.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country had to take loans due to the richness of some people. The Pakistan has gone to the IMF 20 times.
He said that Pakistan used to be a fast developing country. He saw the country going down with his own eyes. He said that he wanted to take the country back on the path of development. Successful Pakistan program is going to be launched very soon. Under the program, one member of each family will be given technical training.

The Under successful Pakistan program, interest free loans will be provided. He said that a great revolution is coming in the housing sector. Yes, Karachi has become 40% slums. Slums in the cities are increasing.

PM Imran Khan said that establishing justice in the country will bring a big change. Rule of law will bring a big change in the country. In the past, banks did not give loans to build houses. He said that most of the employment in cities is related to construction sector. Promotion of construction sector will increase economic activities. Promotion of construction sector will increase national wealth. Besides, reforms are being introduced to improve tax revenue system.


Lahore: A phased implementation of uniform curriculum in Punjab province

A curriculum implementation punjab School

According to the details, the vision of a book of a nation by Prime Minister Imran Khan is being put into practice from today. Same curriculum will be implemented in all private and government schools of Punjab in the first phase from the primary level Has introduced uniform curriculum in public and private schools up to primary level.

Earlier, Punjab Education Minister Dr Murad Rass said that only Punjab Textbook Board books would be taught in religious madrassas. For the first time, a system was set up for online teacher training.

Regarding the opening of the educational institution, the provincial education minister further said that Corona SOPS would be strictly enforced in the educational institutions while only 50 per cent students would be allowed to be invited to the schools in a day.

It may be recalled that the Single National Curriculum will be implemented across Pakistan which will eliminate class divisions in the education sector. Province Punjab has become the first to implement the SNC.

It Noted Should be that all the schools, colleges and universities in Punjab have reopened on August 2 after the summer vacation. Due to the global epidemic, this time the new academic year in Punjab province is starting from August instead of April