US Congress has Preparations for Space Warfare.

rocket ship launching during daytime

Ken Calvert, a member of the Republican Party in the US Congress, has announced preparations for space warfare, stating that the US military will establish bases on the moon to counter Russia and China.

The chairman of the subcommittee on defense-related affairs in the US House of Representatives, Ken Calvert, expressed concern that China will deploy its troops on the moon, while Russia will place several ton-weight bombs in Earth’s orbit.

He said that this would be a direct threat, indicating that if any action were taken against Russia, Moscow would launch a bomb whose effects would destroy everything in the lower orbit of the Earth.

Congressman Calvert said that the US Air Force would also be activated, and discussions are ongoing to possibly station Air Force troops on the moon.

Ken Calvert said that by the end of this decade, it is possible that America will establish a military base on the moon.

According to American newspapers, in 2021, Russia and China announced their intention to establish an International Lunar Research Station.

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