Pakistan: Drink coffee once a day and stay safe from covid-19.

Drink Coffee Stay Safe covid19

According to a foreign news agency, medical experts have revealed that drinking coffee daily reduces the chances of contracting the corona virus.

US scientists claim that drinking a cup of coffee a day can prevent the deadly corona virus.

Scientists have tested it on 40,000 young British people, showing that a cup of coffee is useful in protecting one in ten people from the corona virus.

Scientists further say that coffee contains ingredients that improve human health and strengthen the immune system.


Islamabad: India’s double game was caught in Afghanistan.

India double Game Was Caught In Afghanistan

The ongoing clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces in Afghanistan have exposed India’s drama of playing a double game. On the one hand, negotiations with the Taliban and on the other hand, the supply of arms against them have exposed India’s nefarious aims.

According to reports, in the name of evacuation of diplomatic staff, two Indian C-17 planes arrived in Afghanistan. Apparently, the planes came to pick up their crew, but in reality both were loaded with weapons. To be used against.

These weapons were provided by India to the Ashraf Ghani government against the Taliban. According to the report, on July 10, an Indian plane carried 40 tons of 122mm cannon bullets in Kandahar, while on July 11, 40 tons of bullets were delivered to Kabul from another plane.
Weapons can also be seen unloading from Indian planes in Kabul and Kandahar

After such incidents come to light, it proves that the Indian is on the one hand singing the tune of negotiations while on the other hand he is busy stabbing the Taliban in the back.

Yesterday, Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar, Director General, Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistan Army, while talking about the situation in Afghanistan in a special transmission of a private news channel, said that India’s investment in Afghanistan is in good faith. Had it not been for the worries, today India seems to be sinking its investment in Afghanistan. Pakistan has made every effort to resolve the issue peacefully without a fight.


The United States has imposed sanctions on more companies in Russia, China and Iran.

United States

The US Department of Commerce says it has been blacklisted for violating sanctions.
Fourteen Chinese companies have been accused of engaging in anti-US foreign policy and anti-national security activities.

China’s Ministry of Commerce has criticized the United States for blacklisting 23 Chinese companies for human rights abuses.

The Chinese ministry says the inclusion of Chinese companies is a serious violation of international economic and trade laws and undue pressure on Chinese companies.
China will take necessary steps to protect legitimate rights and interests.