🐐 Eid Qurban Health for Tips

Eid Qurban Health for Tips.

1 Ginger Garlic Garlic Turmeric Pepper Coriander Mint Increase in the Meat of Women Affected by Harmons More Use red pepper and other spices by name.

2 If blood pressure is high by eating meat
Fennel, cumin, white cardamom, everyone’s coffee should be taken

3 If you get rashes on your body after eating meat, then immediately take rose leaf, cumin, white cardamom, green fennel, green coriander and coffee.

4 If you have indigestion after eating meat, then take celery, desi, mint, bay leaf and coffee.

5 If you have loose motion nausea after eating meat, then take a few drops of coffee with Cinnamon Lemon

6 After eating meat, if you have dysentery, grind turmeric flour, fennel or fennel, cumin, white turmeric powder and drink it.

7 After eating meat, if the piles start bleeding, then drink 2 cups of turmeric, cumin, white fennel, rose petal coffee and drink coffee immediately.

8 After eating meat, if ginger, mint, celery, desi coffee is taken as usual, then indigestion, belching, pain, bloating, loose motion, etc. will be protected.

9 After eating meat, if there is bleeding on the gums and the teeth ache, then salt, ginger and mustard oil are prepared and mixed on the gums.
If you have constipation after eating 10 meats, boil 8 10 grains of Manqa in half a cup of water, peel Manqa and drink water. Inshallah, constipation will end.
11 If small children are given only mint, cumin, fennel and cardamom coffee with meat, then there will be immediate relief.
Eat meat, but be careful, because you have your own stomach and don’t eat as much as you can digest. Be careful yourself and make others careful too.


Karachi: Pakistan showbiz industry couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain gave birth to a son.

Famous actor Iqra Aziz Give Birth a Son

According to the details, actor and host Yasir Hussain has shared this good news on the social networking website Instagram. Yasir Hussain wrote with a beautiful picture of the little hands of his newborn son that by the order of Alhamdulillah we welcome Kabir Hussain.

Showbiz artists and fans have started congratulating Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain on this good news.

It may be recalled that Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain were married in 2019.


LAHORE: Leading Pakistani fashion model Lara Madhuwal died in a traffic accident.

Pakistani Model Lara Madhuwal Died in Accident

According to media reports, 27-year-old Lara died in a traffic accident in Balakot.
A post shared on social media has also requested prayers for the actress’ forgiveness.
Social media users have expressed grief over the death of the young model.

It should be noted that Lara was from Lahore and her real name was Larib Madhuwal. Larib Madhuwal was famous for modeling in TV commercials and styling projects on Instagram.