Corona virus can also spread to toilet water, revealed

London: British experts have revealed that even the water touching the body of a virus infected with a virus can cause an outbreak.

In the UK, the situation became worsening due to the Corona virus. In addition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Health Minister’s Corona test also came out positive while the number of people affected so far has exceeded eleven thousand. Experts at Stanford University conducted a study on the spread and prevention of the Corona virus, which revealed that Cod is actually linked to SARS Cove 2.

Experts say the Corona virus can also spread by water. The study also revealed that corona survives for hours in the body’s body water.

The report says that drinking toilet water can spread the virus, which must be taken to prevent it.

Experts say the virus infects the human kidney and when it urinates, the virus is added to the water, which is capable of surviving up to 17 days. The report revealed that when the affected person uses water after discharge, it also becomes contaminated with the virus and joins the sewerage.

Alexandra, head of the research team, says, “It has come to our attention that if a person infected with the Corona virus uses water, it can be dangerous for everyone.”

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They said that we would have to make immediate arrangements to clean drinking water so that the virus contained in it could be removed immediately. He advised citizens to be careful about using water.


Corona Relief Package Welcomes by IMF

Islamabad: The World Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed Pakistan’s anti-Corona relief package.

The IMF’s Managing Director said that Pakistan has requested an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund to help fight the Corona virus under the Fund’s Rapid Financing Investment Program, under this program, Pakistan will be able to borrow its entire quota – about $ 2.76 billion, in two years, or $ 1.43 billion over a year.

Officials also said that Pakistan already has a $ 6 billion extension fund loan, Pakistan is committed to economic reforms, current conditions are challenging for the Pakistani economy, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s counter-Corona relief package is welcome, with this relief package. Affected families will be able to help.

The IMF also said that Pakistan has demanded immediate funds and Pakistan wants to use the fund for anti-Corona and relief activities. Hopefully, the IMF board will approve it soon. Cooperation will continue, hopefully Pakistan will achieve economic stability through reforms.


Corona rage continues in the world, death toll exceeds 24,000

Corona virus deaths in the world exceed 24,000, while more than 5 million 32,000 are affected.

Corona rage continues in the world, the death toll exceeds 24,000, and the number of victims has increased to more than 500,000 32,000. 712 lives were swallowed. The virus swallowed 365 lives in France and 13 in Australia.

In Germany and other countries including the Netherlands, the death toll from the virus has increased. Another 115 people have died in the UK. Fourteen percent of the coronary virus patients recovered from the disease. One hundred seventy people have died in Iran.

The United States came first in the number of affected patients, where the number of patients has exceeded 85,000. According to Governor New Jersey, about 250 cases are reported daily. Corona cases are decreasing in China. Only 3,936 coronary patients remain untreated in the country, and more than fourteen thousand people have recovered. The Corona virus has killed 3292 people in China.


The Corona Virus, the Danger of Gorilla Breeding

New York: Wildlife observers have revealed that the Corona virus could end guerrilla breeding.

According to a Washington Post report, US primary experts say that if the Corona epidemic is transmitted to a guerrilla animal, the entire species will be affected and then their population will disappear.

Experts say the guerrillas are exposed to the same dangers as humans, as the virus is likely to transmit to animals in the next few months.

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According to research experts, the structure and internal body of the guerrillas are very similar to that of humans, so they are more likely to be affected.

The African National Park of the Congo has banned entry of all people into the national park until June 1, following concerns by experts. It should be noted that there are about a quarter of the world’s guerrillas in the park.

According to the WWF, gorillas can die even if they have a seizure and a cold, as both diseases are infected with the corona virus, which is why people need to be removed from the guerrillas.
WWF Chief Executive Officer Paula Kahmbu says that we are working to save the Gorilla breed, every move to protect their generation will be appreciated and full cooperation will be provided.


PM orders release of arrested persons during lockdown

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to Anchor personnel said that we are making decisions according to our resources, that the war against Karuna can be won unitedly.

He said that given the impression that the government did not understand what was happening, Pakistan had never suffered such an outbreak. If there was a global outbreak of Corona, then called a meeting of the National Security Council immediately.

Imran Khan said that the National Coordination Committee was formed in the National Security Council, immediately closed the school and postponed PSL matches. , I said the bottom line should not go to full lockdown until a structure is created.

The Prime Minister said that in today’s meeting, it was decided that there will be no restrictions on the transport of goods, the procurement of goods will not be stopped throughout the country, there will be no ban on the transport of food items between the provinces.

He said that it was decided that there would be no restriction on factories producing food items. According to one method, such factories would be allowed to operate. We are trying to keep people from providing food items.

Imran Khan said that the Kronaviris are trying not to spread further. On the other hand, we are trying not to make people die of hunger; there is no ban on passenger transport, there is no ban on transport of food items.

The Prime Minister said that thank God, not a single Corona patient came to Pakistan from Pakistan, 70% of Corona cases in Pakistan came from Iran, sanctions on Iran are bad. Well, Iran sent Pakistanis because of their circumstances.

He said that there were quarantine problems in Tiffan, we have to move forward, we are doing our best, trying to control Karuna, lockdown has been done, we do not know it will happen after 2 weeks.

Imran Khan said that when China closed down, they brought food to people in homes, it is not infrastructure in Pakistan to deliver food to people’s homes.

The Prime Minister said that we are forming a youth volunteer force. Through the Citizens Portal, people will register themselves; from March 31, the youth will register on the Citizens Portal.

He said that in the fight against Corona we will need young people, through the Youth Force, will deliver food to people’s homes.

Imran Khan said that I am setting up a fund to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the beneficiaries will get direct money through the Emotion Program, and the beneficiaries will also be funded through the Karuna Relief Fund.

He said that Pakistan is the country in the world where people give the most charity, the name of the youth volunteer force will be called Relief Youth Tiger Force. Registration of charitable workers will be given to them.

The Prime Minister said that the economy has been affected by the Karuna virus all over the world, exports are falling all over the world, Pakistan’s exports were increasing but now they are being affected, the impact of the Karuna virus outbreak on foreign exchange reserves. Will be.

He said that Pakistan is in dire need of overseas Pakistanis at the moment. They will create an account in the State Bank in which Overseas Pakistanis will send money, Overseas Pakistan will send more and more money then our economy will be supported.

Imran Khan said that there was no shortage of food items, missed due to transportation, we are most at risk of making wrong decisions, people have started panic stocking.

The Prime Minister said that I am setting up a fund to prevent the spread of the Karuna virus through which funds will also be given to the needy. He also ordered the release of those arrested during the lockdown.


PM announces establishment of Corona Relief Fund

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the establishment of Corona Relief Fund. He said that registration for Tiger Force will start from 31st March.

Talking to reporters, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we will have to take steps carefully, the government decided not to ban the transport of Goods, there will be no ban on Goods Transport between the provinces and the factories for food and drink will continue to work. Supply of food items throughout the country will not be stopped, every step we take has implications.

He added that the war against Corona cannot win a nation, the first case came with us in Italy and the US, virus spread by people gathering, there was no case in our country from China, there were cases from Iran coming from Iran. The number is 70%, there was no proper arrangement in Tufan. When the problem of Corona virus came, different attitude of the provinces came to the fore. In the case of the very poor, we should think and act on Lockdown’s decision.

He added that opposing the Coronas is not even a matter of US, the US has provided a $ 2,000 relief package for its citizens while our tax collection is $ 45 billion.
Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the establishment of Kakorna Relief Fund and said that we do not want people to have food shortages, China has locked down food in people’s homes, Pakistan has provided food to people in their homes. It is difficult now, youths are forming a force, they will spread this force all over Pakistan, registration for Tiger Force will start from 31st March.


The number of Corona virus patients in Pakistan has reached 1305

Islamabad: Corona virus has reached 1305 in Pakistan while 9 people have been killed due to corona virus across the country.
According to the spokesman, 440 people have been infected with Corona virus in Sindh whereas the number of Corona virus patients in Punjab is 422 and Balochistan has 131 Corona virus patients.

Spokeswoman Kamizid said that 27 people were affected by Corona virus in Islamabad while Corona virus has increased to 180 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan has 103 Corona virus patients and 2 in Coronation virus in Azad Kashmir. Done. 23 coronary virus patients recover

On the other hand, China has announced the sending of medical experts to Pakistan to deal with Corona. According to Chinese embassy preparing to supply medical supplies to Pakistan, China will assist Pakistan in setting up a temporary hospital for isolation. Seven hundred and fifty hotels have been booked.


Lahore General stores grocery stores will be open from 8am to 8pm chief Minister Usman Buzdar says

According to the details, a video link meeting of the Cabinet Committee for the Prevention of Coronation under the Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar was held in which measures were taken to prevent the treatment of the patients. The meeting also discussed issues related to the food supply chain.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister said that general store grocery stores would be open from 8am to 8pm, the decision would be implemented tomorrow.

He said that it was decided to allow the transport of Goods Transport, there will be a ban on passenger vehicles. He directed to tighten the checking system across Punjab including Lahore.

Sardar Usman Bazdar said that the SOPs should be identified by identifying sensitive areas related to Corona, limiting mobility in areas of Karuna case.

The Chief Minister said that the availability of essential commodities, including flour, was preparing an economic package for the poorest. He said that a committee headed by the finance minister will be briefed on the matter tomorrow.

Usman Bazdar said that the availability of kits for the Corona test should be ensured at all costs. He said that Pakistan appreciates the role of Army and Rangers. The services of doctors, nurses and para-medical staff are commendable.