Coronavirus, death toll reaches around 34,000 worldwide.

Paris: Coronation killers are on the rise worldwide, with the deadly virus reaching 34,000 worldwide, and more than 7 million people have been affected.
According to the details Corona virus has not been stopped in the world, 183 countries in the world have been affected by the outbreak, and the death toll from the Corona virus has exceeded 33 thousand 6 hundred. The number of victims is more than 7,222 thousand. Italy has become its stronghold in Europe, and so far there have been more than 10,700 deaths from the virus in Italy. In Spain, Corona has taken toes and killed 821 in just one day, followed by a total of deaths in Spain. The number has risen to 6,803. Spain’s 86-year-old Princess Maria Teresa lost her life yesterday to the Corona virus.

123 more people have been killed in Iran. More than 260 people have lost their lives in Iran so far. There have been 292 more deaths in France and 108 in Germany. In the UK, there have been another 209 deaths from the Corona virus, while the number of victims has risen to 17089. In this regard, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the situation will only get worse. Gone.

Anthony Fouchi, a key member of the White House Corona Task Force and infectious specialist, alarmed. Anthony Fouchi says coronavirus disease in the United States is higher than any other country in the world. In the United States, between one million and twelve million people are infected with the virus.
The outbreak has affected more than 1,800 people in Japan while 55 people have lost their lives. Last month, 712 cases of the deadly virus were reported on a cruise ship near Tokyo, killing 10 people.

Worldwide, the number of people infected with the virus exceeds one million, while the situation in China is steadily improving.


Orange Fruit Friend of the heart, kidney and gastrointestinal

Fruit orange is one of God’s blessings grown in the hottest parts of the world; it is not only delicious, refreshing, but also very beneficial for health.

Stero fruit is very popular around the world and is included in this group of orange fruits. We also call it Sangatra.

Orange is specialized in combating heart, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases and barriers. Medical experts emphasize the need and use of humans of all ages, in view of its importance and efficacy.

This fruit is a combination of vitamin C, folate, thiamine and antioxidants.

This fruit is very beneficial for health mainly because of the high amount of carbohydrates and water.

According to medical science, fruit is also an important source of fiber and it provides minerals, especially vitamin C, folate, potassium and thiamine.

Medical research suggests that orange flavonoids are a particularly resistant factor to heparin heart disease. Experts say that orange juice can be used to dilute blood for up to four weeks. Similarly, the fiber in orange also plays an important role in reducing blood pressure.

Some medical studies suggest that it also helps protect the kidneys from stones.

Orange also eliminates iron deficiency in the body and boosts immunity.

Medical research on this fruit has proven that it relieves constipation and can help relieve gastric ulcer. However, it is important to follow the instructions of a qualified and expert doctor in this regard.


Corona virus kills three more in Punjab, bringing the total to 9

Lahore: Corona virus kills three more patients in Punjab
According to a spokesman for Primary and Secondary Healthcare, Kausar Parveen, 55, and Abdul Aziz, 70, were killed in Rawalpindi while Muhammad Akbar Jan, 42, was lost at Lahore Mayo Hospital.

 Spokesman Primary and Secondary Healthcare added that Kausar Parveen had returned from Saudi Arabia, was admitted to the hospital on March 27 while Abdul Aziz came from the UK and was admitted to the hospital on March 28. One patient has been killed in Lahore, 4 in Rawalpindi, 3 in Faisalabad and one in Rahim Yar Khan.

The spokeswoman for Primary and Secondary Healthcare added that people are being asked to stay at home and take precautionary measures.

Corona virus outbreaks have exceeded 1700 cases across the country. The highest number of Corona cases have been reported in Punjab where the number has increased to 638 while in Sindh Corona cases are 508, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 195, Balochistan 144 and Islamabad. In 51 cases, 6 in Azad Kashmir and 128 in Gilgit Baltistan have been reported. 32 people have been completely recovered from the Corona virus in Pakistan.


Prime Minister Imran Khan established Corona Relief Fund

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has set up the Corona Relief Fund in view of the corona virus situation in the country.
Addressing the nation on the situation of Corona virus across the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the world is currently fighting the Corona virus and China was the most successful in this fight. If Pakistan had the same situation as China, we would have locked down the country, our problem is that 25% of our population is living below the poverty line, if we lock down and think of these poor. Lockdown would not have been successful if you had not.

He said that any war can only be won with the people. India locked down without thinking, today Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apologized to the people, people in India have taken to the streets because of hunger. It is a disease that does not differentiate between rich and poor, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also got corona virus.

He said that we have to fight this war strategy by looking at the situation, we cannot make tough decisions like lockdown, it cannot be fought only by resources. We have given a $ 8 billion relief package to the US. The relief package is $ 2 billion. Imran Khan set up the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund to deal with Corona and said that there would be no question of depositing money in the Corona Relief Fund.

He said that I am announcing the Corona Relief Tiger Force, whose volunteers will deliver food to the areas under lockdown, telling people how to quarantine themselves.

He further said that I want to say to the stewards that people will die because of you, there is no shortage of grain in the country.


Where Corona virus swallowed thousands of human lives worldwide corona also Eliminated evil and pollution on earth

coronavirus, mask, quarantine

Muhammad Mohsim

  1. Corona has drawn humans back to humanity toward the Creator, and humans to good morals.
  2. It has closed all the luxury centers around the world, closed theaters, nightclubs and bars, gambling and sexual misconduct, but interest rates have also been reduced.
  3. He reunited the families in their homes after a long separation.
  4. Also prevented strangers from kissing each other.
  5. It forced the World Health Organization to admit that drinking alcohol is forbidden and destructive so it should be avoided.
  6. It forced all health institutions to say that predatory birds, their blood-soaked animals, are destructive to human health.
  7. He taught man how to sneeze how to do the cleaning that our beloved Prophet Muhammad told us about 1450 years ago.
  8. He recognized the importance of human health by moving one-third of the military budget to health.
  9. He condemns mixing of both sexes.
  10. He told the rulers of some of the major countries of the world, including Russia, Britain, Italy, India, and Germany, what it meant to force people into homes and rob them of their freedom.
  11. He compels people to cry and seek forgiveness from God and to renounce disbelief and sin.
  12. He tore the heads of the proud tombs and dressed them like ordinary human beings.
  13. It minimized the poisonous gases and other pollution of factories in the world. These pollutants had polluted the gardens of the forest, the rivers and sealed the oceans.
     Filling with started. And the earth began to breathe
  14. He turned to those who believed in the technology of the Lord again and told them that your Lord is Allah.
  15. He tried to get the rulers to fix their prisons and prisons.
  16. And the greatest achievement is that it prevented people from associating with Allah by unifying them.

Today, in practice, it became clear how the virus, apparently a small germ, actually became a soldier of God rather than evil for humanity.
So people, don’t curse the Karuna virus! And do not think of such a punishment from Allah. The punishment comes upon the unbelievers. The trials come upon the Muslims. It has brought good news for you.
Do not underestimate measurement.

Avoid Illegal Profits Do not store.
Do not kill
Don’t buy interest.
Poor orphans do not eat the rights of the poor.
Do not oppress the oppressed, weak, old children and women, and on tongues.
Do not put envy and jealousy into your hearts for each other.
Do not be angry and scream
Don’t show one’s heart
Do not be discouraged
Don’t hurt anyone
Do not break one’s heart because God lives in the hearts.
Don’t make fun of someone’s poverty
Do not abstain from fornication and adultery.
Do not confer your rights on anyone or favor on anyone.
Don’t interfere in anyone’s affairs.
Poor girls get married more than widows and divorces.
Wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters should be given equal rights.
Parents Serve the Elderly Honor and Serve Them Most
Help the poor orphans, the widows, the poor, the needy, the poor

And as soon as this Corona virus comes, Insha Allah, it will go away as soon as possible.
Have a good hope Be a good person, sincerely seek forgiveness and pray.