New York Emergency enforcement in the US state due to Corona Virus

According to a foreign media report, New York Governor Andrew Como announced the imposition of emergency due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Talking to the media in Albany, ankara escort the governor of New York said that 22 new cases of corona have been confirmed, and the number of patients in New York has risen to 76.

He says there are 57 people from Westchester who have been tested and reports are yet to come.

The governor said I am afraid more people will be affected by the virus. According to media reports, 11 cases were reported from New York City on Saturday and were shifted to the hospital.

Andrew said: ‘We do not have a good system for testing; we have sent more than 100 tests to the New York Commission, so that more and more citizens should be tested so that we can know the nature of their illness.
In the United States, 17 people have been killed by the Corona virus

Earlier, the US president signed a $ 8.3 billion bill to protect the public from the Corona virus, after which the United States would buy modern machinery and start work on vaccination.


Karachi the death toll in a collapsed building in the city of quaid has risen to 20

 The bodies of the demolished building continued on the third day of the Gulbahar No. 2 flower lane in Rizwa Society on Thursday.

During the rescue operation, three bodies were recovered and the names of 55-year-old Amir Nayab and 24-year-old Tariq Ali were not disclosed.

The bodies were shifted to Abbasi for processing procedures, where they were handed over to the heritage after the MLO. The demolition of the building has reduced the death toll to 20 while the rescue operation is still ongoing. ۔

Earlier, the victims protested at Nazimabad No. 1 and demanded the Sindh government to pay compensation to the victims by taking strong action against the builders mafia.

The protestors were of the view that the illegal construction of the building was under the patronage of the Sindh Building Control Authority officers, that the matter should be investigated unlawfully and the people involved in every case should be brought to the role of the disbeliever.

Protesters demanded that the debris of the building be expedited because it is suspected that there are still people under the rubble. Police officials negotiated with the protesters and dispersed them.


Lahore Qalandars beat Quetta Gladiators by 8 wickets

LAHORE: In the 21st match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Lahore Qalandars defeated Quetta Gladiators by 8 wickets to win the event.
The color matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) are underway and in the 21st match of the event, Lahore Qalandars won the toss and invited the Quetta Gladiators to bat first. Quetta showed a disappointing bat and only Gladiators’ six batsmen returned to the pavilion by a mere 21 runs. On the occasion, Sohail Khan and Mohammad Nawaz formed a partnership of 29 runs to bring the team score to 50 runs.

Quetta’s 8th wicket fell on an overall score of 59. Fawad Khan scored 4 runs. Quetta’s 9th wicket fell at 93 runs. Sohail Khan was the top scorer with 32 runs. Zahid scored 19 runs. Similarly, the Quetta Gladiators team scored 98 for 9 in the stipulated 20 overs.
Summit Patel showed excellent bowling from the Lahore Qalandars and bowled out 4 for 5 with only 5 runs in 4 overs. ۔

Chasing a 99-run target, Fakhrman and skipper Sohail Akhtar started the innings for Lahore. Sohail Akhtar came out with 5 runs, while Fakhrman made 20 runs with 3 fours and 1 six. Mohammad Hafeez and Dunk took the team lead with 39 and 30 respectively. Qalandars achieved the desired target in 12 overs at a loss of 2 wickets. Muhammad Nawaz took both wickets from Quetta. Lahore Qalandars have won second event in the event. In terms of points, Lahore Qalandars is at the last place in the list, while Quetta Gladiators is fifth. In this event, Lahore team beat Quetta Gladiators in the event.

It should be noted that Peshawar Zalmai is second on the points table while Multan is the top Sultanz. Islamabad United is third, Karachi Kings fourth.
Remember that for the first time all the matches of Pakistan Super League are being played in Pakistan. A total of 34 matches will be played in 32 days in the PSL event. Out of which 14 matches will be in Lahore, 9 in Karachi, 8 in Rawalpindi and 3 in Multan.
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Peshawar Zalmi defeated Islamabad United by 7 runs under Dick Worth Louis

Rawalpindi: In the 20th match of the Pakistan Super League, Peshawar Zalmi defeated Islamabad United by 7 runs under Dick Worth Louis.

The 20th match of the Pakistan Super League was played at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium in which Peshawar Zalmi captain Wahab Riaz won the toss and invited Islamabad United to bat first. Luke Runner and Colin Monroe started the innings on behalf of the hosts, the runners fell to Rahat Ali after only six runs. Rizwan Hussain also proved to be the guest of the match. Col. Monroe formed a great partnership with captain Shadab Khan, during which both batsmen completed their half century.

 Monroe was out for 52 off 52 balls, followed by Colin Ingram, who supported Shadab Khan for more than 50 runs. Colin Ingram returned to Pavilion with 41 off 25 balls. Shadab Khan played a superb innings of 42 balls, including 4 sixes and 5 fours. On the other hand, Peshawar Zalmi, Hassan Ali, Carlos Brathwaite, Wahab Riaz and Rahat Ali took one wicket each. Thus, Islamabad United gave a target of 196 runs to Peshawar Zalmi.

From Peshawar Zalmi, Kamran Akmal and Imamul Haq started the innings. On the total score of 44, Immamul Haq returned the pavilion with 7 runs while Kamran Akmal scored 37 with 4 fours and 1 six. Benton was on the crease with 20 and Haider Ali 16 runs that stopped the match due to rain. Zalmai Peshawar scored 85 runs in 9 overs for 2 wickets. However, due to rain, the match could not be resumed and in the 9 overs Peshawar Zalmi needed 78 runs to win. Thus Zalmai defeated Islamabad United by 7 runs under Dick Worth Louis.

Peshawar Zalmi is second on the points table, while Multan is the Sultans. Islamabad United is third, Karachi Kings fourth and Quetta Gladiators fifth. The Lahore Qalandars are at last on the list.


Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are at the brink of Hindu ideology: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are at the brink of Hindu ideology, the intolerance will infuse other minorities as well.
In a statement on the social networking site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Hindutva’s Hindu ideology tells the world to target minorities, Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are targets of Hindu ideology, intolerance against minorities, target incidents. Growing up, the idea of intolerance will engulf other minorities as well.

I am constantly warning the world community that all minorities will one day embrace the racist ideology of Modi’s Hindu supremacy. Currently Muslims living in Kashmir and India are targeted but other minorities will also be subjected to intolerance and these growing attacks.
If this agenda of aggressionist supremacy is not stopped, then all India-based groups, including the Dalits, will be affected. As a result, the violence in the hands of these fascists will fade as the conflict unfolds. If immediate steps are not taken to address the situation, the consequences will be felt beyond the region.

He further said that if the agenda of aggressionist supremacy was not stopped then all the groups in India, including the Dalits, would fall victim to it, and as a result of the conflict there would be violence in the hands of the Pharisees, regardless of the need to address the situation. Will feel


Allama Iqbal Birth and education

Allama Iqbal was born in Sialkot on 7th November. Your father’s name was Sheikh Noor Muhammad. Your mother was a very good lady. He did his FA in Matriculation and Murray College Sialkot from Mission High School Sialkot. In Sialkot you came to a teacher like Shamsul Ulema Mir Hassan, whose feasting interest brought you the passion of learning Arabic Persian and Islamic literature. After FA you came to Government College Lahore where you got a teacher like Professor Arnold. After doing EMA philosophy you did some teaching duties at Oriental College and Government College. During this time you received a PhD degree from Munich University, Germany.

Iqbal is the poet of youth
In this way, Iqbal has addressed poetry by addressing people all over the world, but his hopes and aspirations are mostly associated with Muslim youth. He has taken up the responsibility of awakening the feeling of self in Muslim youth and invited the youth to look into their past. Iqbal is merciful to the hearts and craves the soul with the love of Islam. “Speech by Young Islam” is one of his poems.

Concept love
Their poetry can be helped to understand Iqbal’s concept of love. Of course, a letter by the name of Allama Iqbal (may Allaah have mercy on him): This word is used in a very broad sense, ie something. Love is the name of the desire to absorb and become an ingredient in us. In fact, the task of love is to confine the lover to the individual and give importance to his own place. ”In the days when Allama Iqbal (RA) was educated, the romance movement had become commonplace with us. Had affected Europe.

Allama Iqbal Rahmatullah studied the German philosophies of Nietzsche and the philosophy of Bergsan in France. He also studied the conditions of Ghazali (may Allah be pleased with him), Ibn Sina, Ibn Arabi and Rumi. When Ali returned from Europe, he took the responsibility of awakening the Islamic nation in a dreamless way. Iqbal says that love is the name of the last state of desire and desire. It is the source of life and a building force. If it crosses the paths of authority and meets the real witness, then the human soul is guided and sustained. The concept of the Qur’an is the love of the human self.

The pain is overwhelming, the pain and the burning desire
Do not give up on the place of the Lord


Pm imran khan said in a twisted way that flour will not spare the perpetrators of the chinese crisis

Pm imran khan No matter how powerful the crisis is, frustration is a disbelief The good times will come soon.

According to the details, PTI social media members met with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Prime Minister said that watching the mobiles Dreifache Penetration pornos in the morning, that crises will have to be made successful.

According to sources, the prime minister said that false news is spread deliberately against the government, social media should be criticized, but before attacking the government, confirm that the news is true or false.

Imran Khan said, “I am ready for crises all the time. Often our own people come to the propaganda of the media fax news. Investigation report on the flour sugar crisis will be made public. Don’t be

He further said that disappointment is unbelief. Good times will come soon.

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had briefed close associates to expedite the investigation report on wheat, flour and sugar crisis and said that no one involved in the crisis would receive an apology.

The Prime Minister said that the wheat faced criticism due to the Chinese crisis, not only will the report be brought to the fore but also the responsible people will be taken to the role of disbelief. Can’t allow.