Lahore Pakistan leading actress Maya Ali Coronavirus test report came out negative

On Instagram, Maya Ali posted an important message about the corona virus.

Lahore: Pakistan’s leading actress Maya Ali’s Corona virus test report came out negative

On Instagram, Maya Ali posted an important message about the Karuna virus, warning her fans of the outbreak.

“I went to the US to collect donations for Shaukat Khanum Hospital and returned to Lahore recently,” he said. Maya Ali recounted her horrific experience with the Corona virus, saying she could not sleep due to the virus and had suffered a lot of depression.

Maya Ali said, “I was having fun in the US but when I arrived at the Lahore airport, I was very scared because there was a full screening of the passengers. After I returned from the US, I did my Corona test, which I had to report. Day later, and my report came out negative

“After returning to Lahore, it was not an easy task to get the test done and then wait for the report. It was difficult for me to spend forty-eight hours and my sleep went away,” he said.
Maya Ali said, “I know this time is very difficult for Pakistan and for humanity, but we have to take the virus seriously and realize the people who earn daily wages.”

We have to think about the households where we earn and eat on a daily basis. Such people cannot conduct the tests themselves because the tests are very expensive. I appeal to the Government of Pakistan to send teams to the above mentioned houses so that they can have free tests. Maya Ali said, “This is not the time to disperse people. Insha Allah, we will take it soon.”

Maya Ali strongly urged her fans to follow the precautionary measures. Put yourself out there socially, not be rude. Avoid shaking hands, trust Allah and take all possible steps.


Pakistan Railways has decided to restrict train operations

Railway Department spokesman said that the implementation of restricting train operation will begin on March 25.

In a high level meeting chaired by Sheikh Rasheed in Lahore, it has been decided to restrict train operation. In the first phase, 10 passenger trains will be closed.

According to the railway spokesman, 134 passenger trains are currently operating in Pakistan. The department has also decided to cancel 8 trains that operate from Karachi, Sheikh Rasheed said, adding that it is not in my power to stop the entire train operation.

Corona virus, great offer to Sheikh Rasheed’s provincial governments

Sheikh Rasheed said that different trains with fewer passengers can be integrated, the Railway Department is doing all possible to protect the passengers and staff.

Sources said that the decision was taken to stop the trains at the request of the Sindh government, alternative arrangements would be made for the passengers who were suspended, the Pakistan Railways did not have enough money to return the fare.

Considering that another neglect of the Karachi administration had come to light yesterday, the railway staff was forced to work without masks and hand sanitizers. Checking traffic without unnecessary people also became a danger to the staff and passengers. No arrangements were made for the safety of passengers at the railway stations. Sources said the railway administration did not facilitate any clerk, washing line personnel, clerks, ticket checkers working without masks and sanitizer.