Saboor Ali started painting in Isolation

People around the world have been forced to close their homes because of the Corona virus, in which everyone is spending their time taking on new hobbies and fulfilling their different interests.

This time of isolation proved to be very beneficial for the well-known Pakistani actress, Saboor Ali, and he again took up his old hobby.

On social networking site Instagram, Saboor posted a picture of herself showing her painting.

With his picture, he wrote that sometimes it’s nice to be re-connected to the things you love.

Saboor says she’s been brushing again for almost a decade and some are scared, but nevertheless, it feels good to reconnect with forgotten things.

Later he also shared a painting of the finished painting which his fans liked and gave to his painting.


What things does Mahira Khan carry with her on the journey?

KARACHI: People resort to different things to make the journey enjoyable so that they can walk the path well.

Internationally renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan told fans on social networking website Instagram that she always had things to do while traveling.

The actress said that I have to leave a lot of important things in the journey, but for many years I always carry candles with me.

The expert said that she also carried with her the poetry collection ‘Talakhis and songs’ of renowned poet Seyar Ludhiani. The actress also asked her fans if you find these things funny.

Remember that savvy people and well-known individuals have kept themselves confined to their homes in order to be safe from the virus. Recently renowned actress Mahira Khan appealed to her fans to take care of those who are facing problems in Lockdown.

Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said in her tweet on social networking website Twitter that if you are able to spend a month without your work (or without getting paid), you have the power or the facilities. This war belongs to you more than anyone else.

It is to be remembered that Mahira Khan started his career in Pakistani drama and made his way to Bollywood by acting. He also worked with King Khan on the Indian film director.


British company claims to make Corona diagnostic kit in 10 minutes

Preparations are underway for the fastest diagnosis of Corona virus in the world, with a British company claiming that their kit can diagnose the Corona virus in just 10 minutes.

While the deadly Corona virus is causing widespread outbreaks worldwide, the virus has given rise to new trends in the medical world. Various companies around the world are busy developing kits for the quickest diagnosis of the Corona virus. In the UK, too, some companies have claimed to manufacture the fastest diagnostic kits. Sunscreen Diagnostic, a British company, says it has developed a test that can verify the virus with 98 percent accuracy.

On the other hand, companies like Ireland and Japan are not far behind in this regard and they claim to have made a virus detection kit in fifteen minutes. According to an Irish company, they have developed a kit that costs only 15 instead of hours. Can provide test results in minutes. The company says its cut will prove to be a clinical weapon for the spread of the virus. Japanese experts are also involved in the preparation of the kits, and a private company in Osaka has also developed a 15-minute intravenous kit that will facilitate the diagnosis of the deadly virus.

It should be noted that the number of coronary virus deaths worldwide has exceeded 27,000 while the number of affected people is more than 5 lakh 94 thousand.


Superpower America also succumbed to coronavirus

Washington: Superpower America also succumbs to coronavirus; the number of Corona victims exceeds 100,000 by 100,000, while the death toll is over 1701.
According to details, the number of coronavirus patients in the United States is steadily increasing, now the number of affected people has exceeded 1 lakh 4 thousand. The buses are being hit by the Corona Virus, a subsidiary of Mirrorington DC.

On the other hand, the US president turned his back on approving a $ 2 trillion aid package to support the economy and tackle Corona. He ordered not to work with the governors who rejected Corona’s measures. He said that the media and governors should be applauded for their actions.

Under the aid package, $ 500 billion will be distributed among the most affected industrial sectors, while $ 3,000 per person will be distributed to millions of families across the United States. In addition, $ 350 billion in loans to small businesses, $ 250 billion to help the unemployed, and $ 100 billion to health care, including hospital.

In addition, the number of unemployment allowance applications in the United States increased. According to US media, in a week more than 32 million workers applied for unemployment benefits. Unemployment welfare systems are under severe pressure in major US cities. The number of recent unemployment allowance applications in the United States is five times higher than the previous record.


Corona virus outbreaks, 29800 deaths, Italy tops

New York: Corona virus deaths worldwide exceed 29,800, while affected patients are recovering faster.

According to an international media report, the number of people affected by the virus has risen to 6,40,898 after the number of victims has increased to 29,848.

The United States is leading the world in Corona virus-infected countries worldwide, where 9,551 new cases were reported today, after which the number of patients increased to 1,13,767.

In the US today, 207 coronary patients have died, after which the total number has reached 1,903, 2,666 patients are in critical condition.

Italy is at the top of the death toll from Corona where 889 patients underwent treatment today, after which the death toll rose to 10,23.

The total number of coronary cases in Italy is 92 thousand 472, of which 3,856 are alarming.

The death toll in Spain has reached 5,812, while the death toll in China has reached 3177, and the number of people seeking treatment in Iran has reached 2517.

French Prime Minister Edward Philippe has warned the public that in the first 15 days of April, the Corona virus is at risk of spreading so citizens should take precautions.

The situation is also alarming in the UK, where 260 people have died from Corona today while the number of patients has exceeded 17,000 after new cases were reported. The total number of deaths so far is 1019.


There are 12 thousand 218 suspected cases of corona virus in Pakistan: Zafar Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Assistant special health doctor Zafar Mirza has said that there are 12 thousand 218 suspected cases of corona virus in Pakistan while 11 people have died due to corona virus in Pakistan.

Special Assistant Dr. Zafar Mirza, Maid Yousuf and Chairman NDMA held a briefing on the deadly Corona virus, in which Chairman NDMA said that a team of 8 doctors from China had arrived in Islamabad. DMA has ordered 679 ventilators, ventilators from different countries will also arrive soon, Gilgit Baltistan had a special package from China, including 5 ventilators in this package. Karachi: Air throw gates for airports coming to Karachi Testing kits are available in 3 hospitals, etc., are being built new laboratories to increase testing efficiencies, new lybartrz lgnyky the total number would be 24.

He said that another ship will arrive at night with 15 ventilators and other goods. 30,000 kits have arrived in Karachi on the cargo ship.

Assistant Special Dr Zafar Mirza said that there were 12 thousand 218 suspected cases of corona virus in Pakistan while 11 people were killed due to corona virus in Pakistan. Full recovery is reported, the death rate in Pakistan is 0.78% while in Italy it is 10.55%.

He added that most of our quarantine centers are visitors, 7 thousand 180 people are present in different quarantines.

Madiyevsuf said March 14 that the National Security Committee decided to close the Central Border, Central Borders will remain closed for 2 more weeks, while evacuation will also be closed for 2 weeks. ۔


The number of coronary virus patients has risen to 1495 nationwide, 12 deaths

Islamabad: The number of confirmed cases of Corona virus has increased to 1495 across the country, killing 12 people so far.

According to details, the number of coronary virus confirmed patients reached 1495 nationwide, in the last 24 hours a further 79 patients have been confirmed corona virus.

According to official data, one patient was killed in the last 24 hours after which the death toll was 12, the condition of 7 patients is alarming and the number of healthy patients is 25.

According to the Health Department, there are 557 coronary patients in Punjab, 557 in Sindh, 469 in KP, 133 in Balochistan, GB 107, Islamabad 39, two in Azad Kashmir.

Chinese doctors’ experiences will be greatly benefited, Zafar Mirza said

Assistant Special Health Officer Dr. Zafar Mirza says that he has issued advisory on which corona test is authentic in the country and has stated that in case of any symptoms, it should be done.

He said that a delegation of 8-member Chinese doctors has arrived in Islamabad. China is helping Pakistan in this difficult time. Chinese doctors’ experiences will be greatly utilized.

Chairman NDMA is working on increasing the number of laboratories in the country

Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal said that 400 ventilators would reach Pakistan in the next one week.

He said that we are working on increasing the number of laboratories in the country. We are trying to increase the number of laboratories in the country from 40 to 50.

182 quarantine centers established across the country, ISPR

According to the ISPR, 182 quarantine centers were set up across the country, with troops deployed in Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalkot, Kail and Barnala areas of Azad Kashmir.

The DGISPR said that joint check posts and patrolling were being carried out in 34 districts of Punjab while all internal and external centers were being monitored in 29 districts of Sindh.

Lockdown needs public support: CM Sindh

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said Lockdown needed public support, focusing on its health services in Lockdown.

Chief Minister Sindh said that the effort is to save the people of Sindh from the Karuna virus. People have to come with me to avoid the Karuna virus.

Usman Bazdar will be paid 1 month extra salary to doctors

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar said that doctors working against Corona would be given 1 month extra salary.

Sardar Usman Bazdar said that 4,000 families will be given Rs 4,000 in financial assistance, provincial taxes of Rs 15 billion are also being waived.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa UC manga has the highest number of patients

The number of Corona virus cases has increased in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s UC Manga, with 79 people confirmed the virus has been closed completely after the virus was confirmed.

Balochistan government decides to build a container-filled hospital

Government of Balochistan has decided to construct a hospital and relief center consisting of containers. The decision to construct a hospital and relief center was made under the direction of Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal. The container will consist of operation theater, isolation rooms and medical staff accommodation.


The young men of the Pak Army are assisting the the civil administration

The military and law enforcement agencies monitored movements across various international and external routes and four international borders, said Babar Iftikhar, director general of the Pakistan Army’s Public Relations (ISPR). Is going

DGISPR said that joint check posts and patrolling were being carried out in 34 districts of Punjab while monitoring of all internal and external centers was also underway in 29 districts of Sindh.

According to the ISPR, 182 quarantine centers were set up across the country, with troops deployed in Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Rawalkot, Kail and Barnala areas of Azad Kashmir.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said that a quarantine center has been set up for 600 people in Taftan area of ​​Balochistan. Similarly, a quarantine center with 805 tents has been set up in Chaman village.

According to the statement, the military personnel are providing support to the civil administration at the Quarantine centers set up at Lahore Express Station, Faisalabad Multan and Karachi.

According to the spokesman of Pakistan Army quarantine centers have been established in 10 districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. Transfer of 5 ventilators, masks, medical and testing kits, imported from China from Khunjerab pass through Pak Army helicopters, is underway.

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According to the DGISPR, 9 soldiers of Balochistan are serving young men in the areas of Auran, Chaggi, Lasbela, Kalat, Gwadar, Sibi, Khuzdar, Noshki. According to the DGISPR, the Pak army is serving in 26 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the Director General of Public Relations Department, 4,000 suspected cases were screened by the Pakistan Army.


Medical experts have revealed that the virus can transmit the virus to humans

Medical and research experts are investigating the causes of the virus transfer, before experts have shown that the virus can also be transmitted through piles, handles, cardboard boxes, currency, ATM machines, toilet water.

Nowadays, experts have discovered another cause of the spread of the Corona virus, saying even in the soles of shoes and shoes, the Corona virus can survive for up to five days.

According to British experts, the virus in slippers and shoes can last for five or more days, and in the meantime, when used by someone, they may be infected.

Experts said the virus has the ability to survive in all kinds of shoes and slippers, including clothing, rubber and leather, so be sure to clean it well before use.

Doctors say the shoelaces are the safest place for the virus because there are already bacteria in it.

Earlier, a research study was conducted at the University of Arizona in 2008, which found that the soles of the shoe contain 4 million 21 thousand bacteria and millions of viruses simultaneously.

Remember, experts have also previously stated that the Corona virus survives for several hours in the open air and on various metals or objects for three to five days.


Corona virus in pakistan is different from wuhan and iranian virus

According to details, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar directed to expedite coronavirus research activities. In this regard, 4 study groups have been organized by the University of Health Sciences and started research.

Usman Bazdar has also urged quick results for Corona’s response, experts say that the Corona virus in Pakistan is more valuable than the Wuhan and Iranian viruses.

Chief Minister Punjab ordered the manufacture of personal protection equipment, ie, the BSL Three Lab at Jinnah and PKLI.

Usman Bazdar says coronavirus should be treated scientifically, seeking permanent elimination, 200-bed field hospital wants to be established as soon as possible.

It is thought that the number of Corona cases in the country has increased to 1296 while the number of Corona virus deaths is 11 and 23 have been completely recovered from the Corona virus.

Punjab reported the highest number of 490 cases of coronavirus, while 457 in Sindh, 180 in KP, 133 in Balochistan, 107 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 39 in Islamabad, 2 in Azad Kashmir.