Corona virus in china is different from the virus in Pakistan

Talking to the media talk show, Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman said that there is some variation in the structure of the virus in Pakistan, the corona virus in China is different from the virus in Pakistan.

He said plasma transfusion was still under observation, plasma transfusion was also performed in China while plasma transfusion was not fully used globally.

Dr Atta-ur-Rehman said that the cadet death data from coronavirus in Pakistan is different from the world, data from Corona virus in Pakistan is still underway, the number is increasing in the country at present but there will be a short wait.

He said that while social distance is what keeps us going, we have to strictly use masks and sanitizers for 3,4 months.

Earlier, Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist Dr. Tahir Shamsi said that China removed plasma from Corona patients and applied it to sick patients, China benefited from this experience and reduced the number of patients.

Dr Tahir Shamsi says that diseases like measles were treated in the same way, while diseases like Ebola and swine flu were treated with plasma.

He suggested that there are currently coronary patients in Pakistan who should have plasma, 80% of Corona patients will be better for plasma treatment, no one will be hurt by donating plasma, China has 200 mL plasma two to three times. The affected patients, while 600 mL plasma was applied to the affected people once and they are fine, we will try to apply 600 mL plasma once.