Successful experience of making cake with bee fat instead of cow’s milk

Brussels: Belgian research experts have tested the success of bees and insect fat making butter.

According to an international media report, kızılay escort the butter produced by Belgian experts used the fat of bees and other insects instead of cow’s milk.

Experts say that butter is not shared with others, but may be used as a substitute in the future.

Belgian experts say they wanted to see what eryaman escort features are found in the smallest organisms found on the planet, and how insect body fat can be used.

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According to the experts, they prepared and tasted butter by experimenting with the fat of thousands of bees and insects during the experiment, which did not taste bad.

Medical experts cited the reason for the experiment, saying: “Air pollution is affecting both vegetation and water, usually cow food is both a substance and a substantial amount of methane gas is present in both.”

According to experts, they caught the larvae of the flies and obtained its grease and prepared the butter, after which the cakes were also prepared.

Experts say that three quarters of the butter was prepared in the preparation of the cake, while a quarter of butter made from bees and other insects.

Experts also fed the cake to participants in the experiment, some of whom did not like the taste.

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According to the report of the news agency, Belgium is a country in Europe where the waffles are famous worldwide, but now butter will be used to make them environmentally friendly, with the help of cakes and biscuits. ۔


Syrah and Shahroz confirm divorce

The leading pair of Akistan showbiz industry, Saira Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari, parted ways.
According to details, the news of the separation of the well-known duo Shahruz Sabzwari and Sirah Shahruz has been circulating for several months last month.

Last night, Pakistan Showbiz industry actress Sirah Shahroz confirmed the news of her and Shahruz Sabzwari’s divorce on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app. And Shahroz has decided to break the marriage bond.
He added that our only hope in this difficult decision is to be our daughter and that the decision will enable us to become the best parent for our daughter and give her the love she deserves. The media both agree not to interfere with our personal lives during difficult times.
On the other hand, actor Shahroz Sabzwari also confirmed on Instagram and Saira’s divorce on Instagram, “Saira and I have decided to end our marriage, although it is very difficult but we will try for our daughter. Become the best parent so that they can get the love and respect they deserve. “
He has also appealed to the public and the media to take care of their privacy.
It may be recalled that prominent actors duo Shahruz Sabzwari and Syrah Yusuf have separated from each other after 8 years of marriage.


Just a few moments in Bismillah

Lamp Hassan sensation

I have also seen Allama Iqbal in public meetings, parties, invitations and meetings of the Punjab Council, but when it comes to his image, the first instance of his imagination that emerges on the screen of my imagination is his Najaf companions. Is a picture of

It is evening, they are wearing linen cloth on a bed in the courtyard of the closet. Wide-eyed chest, red and white complexion, eyes are trapped inside thinking more. Chairs are seated in front of the bed, people come and sit. There are all kinds of people, poets, leaders, members of the newspaper assembly, ministers, parliamentary secretaries, students, professors, maulvi. Some sit for half an hour, some an hour, but there are some who are comfortable sitting for hours. And will go home late at night.

The era of truth is going on. Scientific and political things are happening. Iqbal listens to everyone and says a half sentence in the middle. Those who start talking about the subject themselves, it seems that the flood is coming in. Talking in Urdu tends towards Punjabi. Sometimes a half English phrase comes on the tongue, but not at all confusing. Those who say that the heart descends.

I have ever found myself very close to them in their company, but I have often felt that they are far from me. There is rarely a moment that brings us closer to the world.

Their talk was not about knowledge and wisdom and philosophy and politics. He used to say jokes and pleasures. I have also heard them talk about music and kite racing. Among those who came to him were not only scholars but also those who had no knowledge.


Women’s T20 World Cup: Pakistan face defeat again

Sydney: The South African women’s team defeated the Pakistan team by 17 runs in the ICC Women’s Twenty20 World Cup match.
According to details, in the ongoing match at Sydney’s Showground Stadium, South Africa scored 136 runs while batting first, while the Pakistan women’s team scored 119 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in pursuit of the target.
Aaliyah Riaz scored 39 and Jiria scored 31 runs for Pakistan while Diana Baig took 19 for 2.
 Walworth scored 53 runs for South Africa, after winning the match. After winning this match, South Africa have reached the semi-finals.
Remember that victory in this match was necessary for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals.


PSL 5: Karachi Kings beat Islamabad United by 5 wickets

Karachi Kings defeated Islamabad United by 5 wickets in the 14th match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Karachi Kings completed their target of 184 runs in 18.4 overs. Sharjeel Khan and Cameron Delport scored 38.38, but Emad Wasim remained unbeaten on 32.
Earlier, Islamabad United had given Karachi Kings a target of 184 to win. Islamabad United scored 183 for 3 wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. Not out for 54, however, Monroe 1, Rizwan Hussain 22 and Ingram returned with 16 runs.
On the other hand, Karachi Kings’ Imad Wasim, Mohammad Amir and Umar Khan managed to take one wicket each.


PM launches business plan for Islamabad Blue Area

PM Launches Islamabad Blue Area Multi-Billion Business Plan
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says a multi-billion-dollar business plan for Islamabad Blue Area has begun, which will create many jobs.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a message on social networking website Twitter that today the Islamabad Blue Area multi-billion dollar business project has begun, which will create many jobs. Due to this project, the trend of foreigners towards investment in their country will increase. He said that similar mega projects would be started soon in Karachi and Lahore.