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British company claims to make Corona diagnostic kit in 10 minutes


Mar 28, 2020

Preparations are underway for the fastest diagnosis of Corona virus in the world, with a British company claiming that their kit can diagnose the Corona virus in just 10 minutes.

While the deadly Corona virus is causing widespread outbreaks worldwide, the virus has given rise to new trends in the medical world. Various companies around the world are busy developing kits for the quickest diagnosis of the Corona virus. In the UK, too, some companies have claimed to manufacture the fastest diagnostic kits. Sunscreen Diagnostic, a British company, says it has developed a test that can verify the virus with 98 percent accuracy.

On the other hand, companies like Ireland and Japan are not far behind in this regard and they claim to have made a virus detection kit in fifteen minutes. According to an Irish company, they have developed a kit that costs only 15 instead of hours. Can provide test results in minutes. The company says its cut will prove to be a clinical weapon for the spread of the virus. Japanese experts are also involved in the preparation of the kits, and a private company in Osaka has also developed a 15-minute intravenous kit that will facilitate the diagnosis of the deadly virus.

It should be noted that the number of coronary virus deaths worldwide has exceeded 27,000 while the number of affected people is more than 5 lakh 94 thousand.


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