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What things does Mahira Khan carry with her on the journey?


Mar 28, 2020

KARACHI: People resort to different things to make the journey enjoyable so that they can walk the path well.

Internationally renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan told fans on social networking website Instagram that she always had things to do while traveling.

The actress said that I have to leave a lot of important things in the journey, but for many years I always carry candles with me.

The expert said that she also carried with her the poetry collection ‘Talakhis and songs’ of renowned poet Seyar Ludhiani. The actress also asked her fans if you find these things funny.

Remember that savvy people and well-known individuals have kept themselves confined to their homes in order to be safe from the virus. Recently renowned actress Mahira Khan appealed to her fans to take care of those who are facing problems in Lockdown.

Leading Pakistani actress Mahira Khan said in her tweet on social networking website Twitter that if you are able to spend a month without your work (or without getting paid), you have the power or the facilities. This war belongs to you more than anyone else.

It is to be remembered that Mahira Khan started his career in Pakistani drama and made his way to Bollywood by acting. He also worked with King Khan on the Indian film director.


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