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Coronavirus, death toll reaches around 34,000 worldwide.


Mar 30, 2020

Paris: Coronation killers are on the rise worldwide, with the deadly virus reaching 34,000 worldwide, and more than 7 million people have been affected.
According to the details Corona virus has not been stopped in the world, 183 countries in the world have been affected by the outbreak, and the death toll from the Corona virus has exceeded 33 thousand 6 hundred. The number of victims is more than 7,222 thousand. Italy has become its stronghold in Europe, and so far there have been more than 10,700 deaths from the virus in Italy. In Spain, Corona has taken toes and killed 821 in just one day, followed by a total of deaths in Spain. The number has risen to 6,803. Spain’s 86-year-old Princess Maria Teresa lost her life yesterday to the Corona virus.

123 more people have been killed in Iran. More than 260 people have lost their lives in Iran so far. There have been 292 more deaths in France and 108 in Germany. In the UK, there have been another 209 deaths from the Corona virus, while the number of victims has risen to 17089. In this regard, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the situation will only get worse. Gone.

Anthony Fouchi, a key member of the White House Corona Task Force and infectious specialist, alarmed. Anthony Fouchi says coronavirus disease in the United States is higher than any other country in the world. In the United States, between one million and twelve million people are infected with the virus.
The outbreak has affected more than 1,800 people in Japan while 55 people have lost their lives. Last month, 712 cases of the deadly virus were reported on a cruise ship near Tokyo, killing 10 people.

Worldwide, the number of people infected with the virus exceeds one million, while the situation in China is steadily improving.


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