PM orders release of arrested persons during lockdown

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to Anchor personnel said that we are making decisions according to our resources, that the war against Karuna can be won unitedly.

He said that given the impression that the government did not understand what was happening, Pakistan had never suffered such an outbreak. If there was a global outbreak of Corona, then called a meeting of the National Security Council immediately.

Imran Khan said that the National Coordination Committee was formed in the National Security Council, immediately closed the school and postponed PSL matches. , I said the bottom line should not go to full lockdown until a structure is created.

The Prime Minister said that in today’s meeting, it was decided that there will be no restrictions on the transport of goods, the procurement of goods will not be stopped throughout the country, there will be no ban on the transport of food items between the provinces.

He said that it was decided that there would be no restriction on factories producing food items. According to one method, such factories would be allowed to operate. We are trying to keep people from providing food items.

Imran Khan said that the Kronaviris are trying not to spread further. On the other hand, we are trying not to make people die of hunger; there is no ban on passenger transport, there is no ban on transport of food items.

The Prime Minister said that thank God, not a single Corona patient came to Pakistan from Pakistan, 70% of Corona cases in Pakistan came from Iran, sanctions on Iran are bad. Well, Iran sent Pakistanis because of their circumstances.

He said that there were quarantine problems in Tiffan, we have to move forward, we are doing our best, trying to control Karuna, lockdown has been done, we do not know it will happen after 2 weeks.

Imran Khan said that when China closed down, they brought food to people in homes, it is not infrastructure in Pakistan to deliver food to people’s homes.

The Prime Minister said that we are forming a youth volunteer force. Through the Citizens Portal, people will register themselves; from March 31, the youth will register on the Citizens Portal.

He said that in the fight against Corona we will need young people, through the Youth Force, will deliver food to people’s homes.

Imran Khan said that I am setting up a fund to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the beneficiaries will get direct money through the Emotion Program, and the beneficiaries will also be funded through the Karuna Relief Fund.

He said that Pakistan is the country in the world where people give the most charity, the name of the youth volunteer force will be called Relief Youth Tiger Force. Registration of charitable workers will be given to them.

The Prime Minister said that the economy has been affected by the Karuna virus all over the world, exports are falling all over the world, Pakistan’s exports were increasing but now they are being affected, the impact of the Karuna virus outbreak on foreign exchange reserves. Will be.

He said that Pakistan is in dire need of overseas Pakistanis at the moment. They will create an account in the State Bank in which Overseas Pakistanis will send money, Overseas Pakistan will send more and more money then our economy will be supported.

Imran Khan said that there was no shortage of food items, missed due to transportation, we are most at risk of making wrong decisions, people have started panic stocking.

The Prime Minister said that I am setting up a fund to prevent the spread of the Karuna virus through which funds will also be given to the needy. He also ordered the release of those arrested during the lockdown.