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Corona virus can also spread to toilet water, revealed


Mar 27, 2020

London: British experts have revealed that even the water touching the body of a virus infected with a virus can cause an outbreak.

In the UK, the situation became worsening due to the Corona virus. In addition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Health Minister’s Corona test also came out positive while the number of people affected so far has exceeded eleven thousand. Experts at Stanford University conducted a study on the spread and prevention of the Corona virus, which revealed that Cod is actually linked to SARS Cove 2.

Experts say the Corona virus can also spread by water. The study also revealed that corona survives for hours in the body’s body water.

The report says that drinking toilet water can spread the virus, which must be taken to prevent it.

Experts say the virus infects the human kidney and when it urinates, the virus is added to the water, which is capable of surviving up to 17 days. The report revealed that when the affected person uses water after discharge, it also becomes contaminated with the virus and joins the sewerage.

Alexandra, head of the research team, says, “It has come to our attention that if a person infected with the Corona virus uses water, it can be dangerous for everyone.”

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They said that we would have to make immediate arrangements to clean drinking water so that the virus contained in it could be removed immediately. He advised citizens to be careful about using water.


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